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Content outline

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  2. 2. Audience range from 13 – 25 Relates to them in their personal life they will then buy his music. His songs aren’t e targeted at people in relationships or ienc people that are single so everyone can relate to it. He has collaborated with other artists such as drake, his fans will become fans of The weeknd. t A ud Audience profie: This is Mervede, she is our model target audience. Mervede is 17 years old, she attends harrow college and she is currently looking for part time work.. e Mervede shops at her local retail storesTarg such as, JD, Topshop, H&M. She enjoys time out with her friends, going to the cinema to watch the latest films and eating at local restaurants such as nandos. The type of music mervede listens to is varied, she likes artists such
  3. 3. Equi p men t: Ca Prop mera s: ba , ligh proje lloon ts. ctor, s, sm proje ok Cost u ctor. e machi ne, l spel mes: kie as e r l it ) l ron- poss ik c ibly e an actu ardigan( dont le a if mind atard or l nice wo thats how lol) prev o you s Nara ocat ly one. ti iv e c Merv some ve: Adel lothi ng. ( ede- u rc e thing e- pr if y o tshir o t/ves kieron c vocative u remo t? an a n la cloth v d te i the p ed. (like just box r remov ng or e i er e the f ople on n he vid s after th /kieron- loor) he fl e oor e o we sh e shirt is aReso We w xcep owe t we ds colle ill b e won am with ge, t shooting t be on com his is in t h plete a go e dra and o crea control a d resou ma stud ting n r i any l d can b ce as we o at our ighin la h g eff ck out th ave ects e we n room eed.
  4. 4. Crew Crew : Fati wom ma - ents an , M Cam Dire erve era ctor, dy- Adel Chri e- P r s- Ed oduc itor a i re m Cast and : Kie er . nd Merv ron, ede Adel an d e, ChriRequCast s.
  5. 5. e edul Pl a n ni n g :2w Shoo ee ks ting: . Editi a ng: 2 pp one h -3 we week ct Sc ek sProje
  6. 6. e edul Pl a n ni n g :2w Shoo ee ks ting: . Editi a ng: 2 pp one h -3 we week ct Sc ek sProje