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PCTO10 Death And Digital Legacy


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Presentation given February 20, 2010
PodCamp Toronto

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If you passed away today, how would your online friends find out? Will your digital media stay online forever? Should logins and passwords be in your will? Has technology changed mourning? What are the issues for developers? Our lives are lived and documented online, it’s time to talk about the implications of death and digital legacy.

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PCTO10 Death And Digital Legacy

  1. 1. PodCamp Toronto - February 20, 2010 Death and Digital Legacy Presented by: Adele McAlear @AdeleMcAlear | @DigitalLegacy
  2. 2. Meet Mac Tonnies • Published Author • Futurist • Speaker • Blogger • Twitter faithful • Barista • Cat lover (Spook & Ebe) • Fascination for Mars • Fortean (interest in anomalous phenomena)
  3. 3. Mac’s Digital Footprint Frequent guest on audio podcasts,video shows and numerous blogs
  4. 4. Sunday, October 18
  5. 5. Absent
  6. 6. Discovery
  7. 7. Shock & Grief
  8. 8. Family
  9. 9. Saving Work
  10. 10. Paid Services
  11. 11. Online Income
  12. 12. Digital Files
  13. 13. Digital vs. Analog Life
  14. 14. Now what? ?
  15. 15. Where Are You?
  16. 16. What is Your Digital Legacy? -Blog posts -Tweets -Photos -Video -Research -Game accounts -Online Stores
  17. 17. What About Your Family? Does your family know about your life online?
  18. 18. Who’s Key Online? Who is important to you online? Who can inform your community?
  19. 19. Money In/Money Out Income Services Paid Services
  20. 20. Who’s Your Point Person? Consider appointing a Digital Executor to take care of your wishes. Let them know where to find your information.
  21. 21. Accounts/Passwords?
  22. 22. How to Hand it Over No Tech Low Tech Mid Tech Freemium Services
  23. 23. Start Today Talk to your family and friends about it. Today.
  24. 24. A Final Thought “Maybe death is a good time to go offline?” Sylvain Carle
  25. 25. Share Your Story Adele McAlear @DigitalLegacy Other: @AdeleMcAlear Blog: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Canada