Time & Task Management System For Accountants


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Want to know what your staff are working on? How productive they really are? If you have actually made money on your retainer fee? Then this software tool is the solution for you ...

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Time & Task Management System For Accountants

  1. 1. The Time & TaskManagement Systemfor Accountants
  2. 2. Why Use TaskMaster?For Staff:• Easily allocate tasks to your staff members.• Control what your staff are doing even if you aren’t in the office for the day.• Know exactly where you are at with each client.• More than 1 staff member can be allocated to a project.• Can be used by freelance staff as well.• No more time sheets – just quick and efficient online capturing of time.• Monitor their real productivity.
  3. 3. Why Use TaskMaster?For your Practice:• Easily monitor each clients profitability.• Justify increases based on actual number of hours documented.• Easily manage and monitor your businesses performance.• Automatically create invoices direct for work completed.• Works with Pastel, Quick Books & Omni Financial systems.• Locally developed and supported software.• Not tied into any contract.
  4. 4. What can you do?As the Administrator you can:•Create and manage your Employees•Create and manage your offering of Services and Tasks•Create and manage Clients•Create and manage Projects for Clients•View outstanding and completed tasks per Client•View outstanding tasks per client & per Employee•View client efficiency reporting – budgeted time vs. actual time reports.•Perform invoicing from completed tasks per month (charge full,charge different amount, carry forward)
  5. 5. What can you do?A Supervisor can:•Allocate tasks to Employees.•View each Employee and their tasks.•View allocated tasks (by client & allocated time).•Record their completed tasks (timesheet capture).•Re-allocate tasks to other employees should you need to.
  6. 6. What can you do?As an Employee:•View your allocated / scheduled tasks.•Complete timesheets as tasks are completed.
  7. 7. Structure – example 1 Service Payroll Grouping Service 1 Service 2 EMP 501 UIF Task 1.1 Task 1.2 Task 2.1 Email client Submit info Submit info
  8. 8. Structure – example 2 Service Client Servicing Grouping Service 1 Service 2 Monthly Bookkeeping VAT Returns Task 1.1 Task 1.2 Task 2.1 Bank Statement Creditors Recon Submit to SARS Input
  9. 9. How do I get started?It is an easy 3 step process:1. Tell us you want to go ahead – then fill out the form we send you to let us know what services you offer to your clients.2. You need to complete a monthly debit order depending on how many users your company has.3. Start loading your clients & watch your staff productivity and your profitability soar!
  10. 10. Can I afford this?Yes of course you can!• There is an upfront charge of R1000 for us to do all the admin setting up your account.• This also covers workbooks and 2 hours training with you and your staff.• There is a monthly charge of only R100 per user. (5 user minimum charge).• There is an annual charge from year 2 of R500. This makes sure that you are always working on the most up to date version of the software & don’t get left behind.
  11. 11. To re-iterate:Can you afford NOT to have this in your practice?• Your staff productivity will be measurable & accurate.• Small ad-hoc jobs can be billed out to the clients & not forgotten about.• There is the opportunity to up-sell ad-hoc services & easily allocate them & get them done.• Once a task is in the system – it is impossible to drop the ball.One extra invoice or one hour of your time saved each monthdoing admin – pays for the system!