Occupy Wall Street.


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This ppt was prepared to be displayed during a coloquio for the Subject "LANGUAGE II" at IFDC San Luis (Profesorado de Inglés).

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Occupy Wall Street.

  1. 1. OCCUPY WALL STREET MOVEMENT  A presentation for ENGLISH/ LANGUAGE  09 NOVEMBER 2011  Adela Pérez del Viso
  2. 2. WHAT O.W.S. IS: O.W.S. Is a leaderless resistance movement  With people of many colors, genders and political persuasions  They say they are the 99 % that will no longer tolareate the greed and corruption of the 1 %  They fight for dignity against neoliberal displacement “from East Harlem to Chiapas and beyond. “  They fight against house seizures due to morgage executions. 
  3. 3. WHAT ARE O.W.S. TACTICS? Use of “Arab Spring Tactic”  Encourage the use of nonviolence  Maximize the safety of all participants  They create “general Assemblies” everywhere (“in e.backyard, on e. street corner”)  They receive donations and pass them to the “disenfranchised by our society”. 
  4. 4. MANIFESTATIONS OF THE O.W.S.: Worlwide movement: Manifestations in Madrid, London, France, and even Japan.  In E.U.: “Occupy” everything: Occupy Edmonton; Occupy Dallas; “Occupy El Bario”; Occupy Mosier (very little town in Oregon with no more than 430 inhab.) There is a global arising also in Tunisia, Iran, Egypt.  They say : 1500 cities with the “occupy” mov. 
  5. 5. SOME IDEAS FROM THE O.W.S. MOVEMENT: They say e.o. has the right to occupy space safely.  We should empower real people to create real change from the botton up  We do not need polititians to build a better society.  Woman and Homosexuals: part of the movement devotes to fight harassment against them. 
  6. 6. ORGANS OF THE O.W.S. MOV: They say they do not have hierarchy or formalized structure.  “Spokes Council”: Moment to discuss ideas.  General Assembly.  Local elected officials and leaders from every community.  Partic.of labor union representatives and grassroots activists  Plus : Volunteers. 
  7. 7. ACTIONS TAKEN BY O.W.S. MOV. MEMBERS: Occupying public space, commencing at LIBERTY SQUARE, in Manhattan´s Finantial District.  Building tents/ Encouraging donations of food and clothes/ distributing clothes.  Guerrilla Gardening: occupat.of ill-used land to support communities and eco-system.  MARCHs from N.Y. to the WhiteHouse. Discussion about tax-cuts (they say t.c.benefit only to the richest 1 % ). (Highway) 
  8. 8. OTHER ACTIVITIES: Association with “PEOPLE OF COLOUR WORKING GROUP” (immigrants, workingclass members, Spanish working group, Labor outreach Committee and The Anti Racism Allies Group; Movement of JUSTICE IN EL BARRIO (immigrant and people of color-led , grassroots community organization that fighgniy) .  “Fun Exchange”. 
  9. 9. INTELLECTUAL SUPPORTERS: U.S. Army Veterans  Marine Veterans (one Marin, Scott Olsen, was injured by a Police bullet).  Slavoj Zizek  Noam Chomsky.  Cornel West. (phylosopher) 