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Anniversary ideas

  1. 1. GROUP 2  Ayodele, Sesan  Adelaja, Adedotun  Laniyan, Kehinde  Akinrodoye, Olajumoke  Durand, Modupe
  2. 2. LTC’S 25TH ANNIVERSARY!!! Footprint
  3. 3. RATIONALE  The theme Footprint was chosen to celebrate the company’s 25th because it celebrates our history (showing we have come a long way); recognizes movement ( where we are now) and promises to set a standard for all others to emulate (Our Future). We leave a mark wherever , whenever and however.  With this theme, we hope to showcase our Innovation, Creativity, & Strategy which the company is known for.
  4. 4. TIME LINE  The pre event stage will encompass a series of activities with two events involved.  6months celebration campaign – June to Nov
  6. 6. Pre-party events  The staff, clients, and the community. The main event  The staff, board of directors, clients, the business community, family& friends.  Post events Appreciation/ sustainnace
  7. 7. Pre-Event Activities
  8. 8. LT&C STAFF
  9. 9. PRAYERS
  10. 10. LTC’S PATRIOTS  Uniform dressing once a week starting from the month of June. Shirts (t-shirts, formular 1 shirts- with badges of client’s logos on them), ties, scarfs, blazers, etc This will be purchased by members of staff and worn mandatorily once a week to show team spirit and oneness.
  11. 11.  Staff retreat at a resort ( La Campagne Tropicana) in Lagos where everyone can feel free with each other and express their feelings. This will improve staff-management relationship.
  12. 12. BOTH WORLDS  A show full of colours This will be a cocktail event where LTC’s clients will be appreciated and entertained. This event will be an event of fashion and music . ( clothes will be styled in the clients colours ) This is to help boost agency/client relationship.
  13. 13.  Staff /Client tournament.. a Go-Kart event /or soccer event where the clients and staff can participate in for fun.
  14. 14. FACE OF LTC  In-house selection of models to be used by our various clients for their brands at a very competitive price.
  15. 15. CSR
  16. 16.  Visit of every member of staff to an orphanage where gifts will be given...  An art competition where students will be asked to draw or write on a particular topic and the reward will be half scholarship and a chance to work at LTC(internship or as a contract staff).
  17. 17. THE MOON WALK  Just like the Dance-athon; we will organize an event where people come to dance and the person who can dance the longest gets a prize…
  18. 18. DOCUMENTARY  A documentary will be made on how we work, what we do together(all the events we’ve had together) etc  A mini holographic drama will be put together to tell the story of how it all began.  Anniversary edition of the News letter.....
  19. 19. COUNTDOWN...  A countdown blown up ball in the sky...  A full page newspaper teaser Ad which will be blank showing “The Dawn of a New Era” This will also be on digital billboards which will countdown days to the event.  Inflatable aeroplane  Online
  20. 20. MASK THE PAST…  The very first event of our anniversary year where we re-live the 5th year anniversary event that took place  It will be a masquerade ball  Celebrating our past Our past clients, former staff, etc.
  21. 21. THE SURVIVOUR  This will take place on a selected beach where everyone will engage in fun activities and extreme sports e.g. rock climbing.  This event is strictly for LTC staff and everyone will get a chance to compete against each other.  There will be rewards for the best team player, etc.
  22. 22. THE MAIN EVENT
  23. 23. THE EVENT  The venue  Virtual Exchange  The invitation cards  Table bookings and reservations  The programme (Awards, Performances, speech)  Services
  24. 24. THE VENUE  Expo hall, Eko Hotel and Suites  Oriental Hotel
  26. 26. MEMORY LANE…
  27. 27. STRICTLY BY INVITATION  1000 copies of invitation cards will be given out and that will be the only pass into the event. Table booking and reservation  Guests will call in to book for tables which will go for 150-200 thousand naira (for ten people). Seat placement  There will be name cards on each table to maintain order and organization at the event.
  28. 28. THE WAIT  Cocktail while the guests arrive.
  29. 29. Our History… A holographic mini drama will take place on the stage on how it all began.  Awards will be given to members of the staff, clients and to brands that have made an impact in the society.  Performances- guest artist like Yemi Sax. Salsa dancers, traditional dancers.
  30. 30. THE SERVICES  Hostesses  Waiters  Security
  31. 31. COMMEMORATIVE ITEMS  The new blackberry play pad
  32. 32. LEAVE A LEGACY…
  33. 33. THE MUSEUM/ ART GALLERY  The opening of a museum and art gallery.  Here LTC will encourage artistic youths to send in various artistic artifacts that would be displayed. Their work will be put up for sale  In the museum, all our works (with the permission of our clients will be displayed to showcase our work and put the brands we work for in the spotlight
  34. 34. WHAT'S IN IT FOR US?  Generation of funds from those who send in their work.  There can be an online activation opportunity  This will serve as a sustenance means after our anniversary celebration.
  35. 35. LTC’S FOOTPRINTS MONUMENT  We can make this the largest monument in Africa.  The individual who can sculpt its miniature will be paid and his/her work will be placed in the museum.
  36. 36. TOP 25  An online activation where people send in creative top 25 articles, drawings, etc.  Qustions could be given out monthly and there will be 25 responses. E.g. what will be the top 25 logos of the future?
  37. 37. COSTINGS Items Costs per unit (N) Polo Shirts 2,000 F1 Shirts 12,000 (for the senior staff members) Blazers 25,000 (for the board members)
  38. 38. Venue Cost La Campagne Tropicana 2,000 per person Expo Hall, Eko Hotel Oriental Hotel
  39. 39. AWARENESS Ad Cost (- VAT) Billboard 750,000 (a month) 2,250,000 (3billboards) Thisday Newspaper 450,000 (a week) 2,700,000 (6weeks) Guardian Newspaper 478,920 (a week) 2,873,520 (6weeks)
  40. 40. THE EVENT Hostesses 12,000 per hostess Mobile bar 100,000 Dj (Neptune or Case) 250,000 Yemi sax 800,000