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Isu presentation


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Isu presentation

  1. 1. Main characters Pip  Protagonist Joe  Sister’s Husband Estelle  The girl who Pip loves The strange man  Met again with the great expectation
  2. 2. Brief summaryӦ A poor young boy who lives with his sister and his sister’s husbandӦ Meet a strange man in church and doesn’t know that this strange man is going to change his lifeӦ Ask to go to London with great expectationӦ Fall in love with Estella but not be togetherӦ The patron later dies and Pip lost all the money
  3. 3. Two EndingsEnding # 1:Pip and Estella meet on the streetEstella remarried a doctor“suffering had been stronger than Miss Havisham’s teaching and had given her a heart to understand what my heart used to be.”Ending # 2:Pip and Estella meet again in the house.They become friends.
  4. 4. ThemesSociety and classDreams, hopes and plansWealthFriendshipLoveInnocenceLies and DeceitTime
  5. 5. ThemesSociety and class Love  Pip and EstellaPip and EstellaPip and Joe Friends Pip and Joe
  6. 6. Quotation“it is the desire of thepresent possessor ofthat property that hebe immediatelyremoved from hispresent sphere of lifeand from this place,and be brought up as agentleman – in a word,as a young fellow ofgreat expectations.”(p.138-139)
  7. 7. Quotation"Which dear old Pip, old chap," said Joe,"you and me was ever friends. And whenyoure well enough to go out for a ride –what larks!" (3.57.19)
  8. 8. Comparisons and Contrasts Great Expectation vs. Great Expectation vs. Fifth Business HamletSimilarities 1. Class Difference 1. Struggle of Protagonist 2. Change of social state 3. Growth of ProtagonistDifference 1. Setting 1. Setting 2. Ending 2. Class Difference 3. Ending