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ADH pharma


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ADH pharma

  1. 1. Welcome Creative, Responsible, and ExperiencedADH Meetings & Events is a Chicago based meeting management and event planning firm. We effectively manage logisticssuch as venue procurement, contract negotiations, catering, dé h t t t ti ti t i décor, t transportation, entertainment, and audio visuall t ti t t i t d di iproduction, so that our clients are able to focus on the content, participants, sponsors, and invited guests. We work with avariety of clients such as corporate, pharmaceutical, non-profit organizations, and social clients.The ADH team also comes with extensive international experience. Each planner has lived in or worked on every continent p p ywith the exception of Antarctica. We offer producers who speak multiple language and understand cultural difference acrossthe globe, a benefit we find to be invaluable when when working around the world.Our carefully recruited, in-house planners have a minimum of 15 years experience in the field. Our team has worked incatering, d ti ti management, entertainment procurement, h it lit services, and audio visuall production prior t t i destination t t t i t t hospitality i d di i d ti i tojoining the ADH team giving our clients an advantage that few other firms can provide. ADH Meetings & Events 3712 North Broadway Street, Suite 337, Chicago, Illinois 60613, USA 1 Office: +1-312-265-9759 Fax: +1-312-265-9764
  2. 2. Our VisionADH Meetings & Events is a meeting management and event planning company like no other. We encourage a teamenvironment allowing us to optimize the planning and execution process for all involved. Our reputation is built on therelationships we’ve established over decades of work in the field. Be it vendor relations, contract negotiations, or clientpartnerships, we are committed to every aspect of program development. We strive to exceed our clients’ expectationsbecause we know our success comes only by presenting the clients’ ideas and concepts in the most extraordinary lightpossible. Our commitment to our clients’ needs makes ADH your ideal partner for all your meeting and event needs. Our Vision For our clients to view A M l ADH Meetings & Events as an integrall part of their team and a k component to the success f h d key h of any meeting or event regardless of size, location, or complexity. Our Mission To help our clients create, execute, and manage all meeting and event details while implementing environmentally sustainable materials, practices, and eco-friendly green principles throughout the planning and execution stages of their o thei programs. Our Values Superior client service, sophisticated project management systems, flexibility in design and execution, communication at all levels, cutting edge knowledge in multiple industries, commitment to technology, environmental sustainability, and responsibility to the community. ADH Meetings & Events 3712 North Broadway Street, Suite 337, Chicago, Illinois 60613, USA 2 Office: +1-312-265-9759 Fax: +1-312-265-9764
  3. 3. Capabilities pWe view every meeting as an integral part of a larger strategy to develop and enhance our client’s imagewithin their industry and increase ROI overall.• Advanced Database Software – We analyze all aspects of attendees’ meeting participation never missing an opportunity to cut costs for our clients.• Cost Effective AV Production – Flawless execution at a considerably lower cost than other meeting management firms.• Detailed Floor Plans – Complete, to-scale in 2-D and 3-D views eliminates any on-site surprises and is standard ADH procedure. on site• Working Knowledge of Industry Rules and Regulations – Specializing in the medical and healthcare industries.• Service Procurement & Reporting – Supplier analytics and fully customized reporting systems track all program details and document both program spend and savings. Comprised of knowledgeable and friendly staff, ADH’s professionals are available at all times to answer participants calls and emails. Our strong and proven commitment to client satisfaction and customer service is yet another advantage that distinguishes ADH from the competition. ADH Meetings & Events 3712 North Broadway Street, Suite 337, Chicago, Illinois 60613, USA 3 Office: +1-312-265-9759 Fax: +1-312-265-9764
  4. 4. ServicesAs a client of ADH you can expect to see the highest level of service and best managed meetings that drive down costs.With a focus on compliance, ADH’s meeting management protocols result in more efficient meetings, increased savings andreduced corporate risk.Streamline your company’s meetings and events by using ADH to procure all aspects of your company’s programs, including: Air Travel & Ground Transportation Audio-Visual Production Budget Management Centralized Billing Customized Reporting Creative Event Design Décor Staging Dé & S Dine A D Around & G d Group T Tours Entertainment Event Marketing Food & Beverage Gala Events Golf Tournaments Graphic Design & Branding Informational Materials Hotel Rooms & Meeting Space Off-Site Events Promotional Items & Awards Registration Site/Venue Sourcing & Negotiation Speaker & Talent Management Team Building Vendor Negotiations & Management VIP Management See true returns on your company’s meeting investments. ADH Meetings & Events 3712 North Broadway Street, Suite 337, Chicago, Illinois 60613, USA 4 Office: +1-312-265-9759 Fax: +1-312-265-9764
  5. 5. Medical Meetings gWe have worked with dozens of pharmaceutical companies and are registered Diversity Suppliers for many of them. ADHhas an immense level of experience with the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries. Our staff iseducated on the industries’ strict guidelines and keep up with the constant changes. We understand the intricacies of medicalmeetings which iis why we h ti hi h h have d di t d t dedicated team members who specialize iin M di l M ti b h i li Medical Meetings and th iindustries’ ever- d the d t ichanging codes.Additionally, we have partnerships with several excellent Medical Communications providers and Contract ResearchOrganizations.ADH customizes meeting services for any type of program such as: Advisory Board Meetings Clinical Investigator Meetings Conference Team Support & Satellite Events Dinner Meetings Educational Seminars Product Launches Roundtable/Expert Consensus Meetings Speaker Training Sessions Steering Committee Meetings ADH Meetings & Events 3712 North Broadway Street, Suite 337, Chicago, Illinois 60613, USA 5 Office: +1-312-265-9759 Fax: +1-312-265-9764
  6. 6. Registration & Travel Management g gADH Meetings & Events works closely with our preferred air travel and ground transportation providers blending globalpresence with local, flexible and personalized service, while at the same tracking participants along their travels to and fromthe meeting or event. Here’s how do we do it.Fully Integrated Database StructureADH utilizes advanced proprietary database software to analyze all aspects of attendees’ meeting participation and nevermiss an opportunity to minimize costs, providing you with greater control over your company’s meeting spend. Our robustmeeting data repository supports our comprehensive approach to meeting management – analyzing our accumulated dataof past meetings has taught us to spot trends in participant behavior (like cancellations) and make predictive adjustmentsminimizing the financial impact on our clients.Air Travel ManagementBenefit from peace of mind and documented savings when you turn your travel management over to us. ADH is wellequipped and perfectly poised to book your attendees’ air travel and ensure that your attendees comply with yourcompany’s travel guidelines. Backed by the reach and negotiating power of global partnerships, ADH is able to source thelowest daily prices on airfares. In fact, we guarantee that our agency will work to find the lowest fares available.Furthermore, we are able to monitor travelers’ activities from start to finish. We smoothly manage change while focusing oncustomer service balancing the financial impact and adhering to our client’s travel policy service, impact, client s policy.Ground TransportationEnjoy the convenience and savings of ADH managed ground transportation. Our local and global partnerships afford ourclients the highest level of service and equipment at the lowest possible cost. ADH Meetings & Events 3712 North Broadway Street, Suite 337, Chicago, Illinois 60613, USA 6 Office: +1-312-265-9759 Fax: +1-312-265-9764
  7. 7. Audio Visual Production and Graphic Design p gADH Meetings & Events is your full-service Audio/Visual stage Video Production and Graphic Designproduction source. Our team of AV professionals have expert With over three decades of video production and graphicfield experience designing stages, installing video screens and design expertise, we are able to work closely with our clientsprojection equipment operating cameras rigging lighting and equipment, cameras, from th very b i i f the beginning, t create th storyline th t will get to t the t li that ill tsound gear, and developing custom show setups tailored to your message across. Our video production team has diversethe specific needs of each individual client. experience in all genres. This gives us a unique ability to work within a range of budgets while scripting, shooting and editingWhether you are holding a small corporate board meeting, or your a large-scale product launch, we work with the very •B i Business t i i videos training id • Conference presentation videosbest people and equipment in the industry. We have close • Conference PowerPoint with embedded videosrelationships with our field production teams, whether • Event coverage and highlights videosdomestic or internationally, and are in constant communication • Video News Releases (VNRs)so that no creative or technical detail is overlooked. • Post-production editing, duplication and distribution Whether you want to produce an elegant professional video, a dynamic promotional video, a conference PowerPoint orAdditionally ADH produces detailed to-scale floor plans create a DVD with a custom menu – we have the experienceshowing placement of furniture, staging, audio visual, lighting and flexibility to help you achieve your vision. Add pictures,and sound, avoiding any last minute surprises. titles, tasteful graphics, subtle transitions, and engaging music. Work with a professional to improve the image of your videos then watch as your company’s image improves. ADH Meetings & Events 3712 North Broadway Street, Suite 337, Chicago, Illinois 60613, USA 7 Office: +1-312-265-9759 Fax: +1-312-265-9764
  8. 8. Destination Management Company g p y Making you look good is important to us!Having ADH Meetings & Events as your partner DMC will save you valuable time and money. Our long standingrelationships with local vendors and venues as well as our tremendous buying power only further your return return oninvestment.We understand the accountability you have for your meetings and events and as your supporting partner we are committedto i tit assisting you t reach your objectives and achieve your goals.. to h bj ti d hi lLet us offer the local expertise and connections you need to manage your event efficiently.Here are some of the benefits of working with ADH as your DMC:• One contact and payment to keep all the details in line and simple for you.• Knowledge of the finest local venues, caterers, décor, transportation and other event services.• On-going relationships with vendors to obtain the best quality, service and negotiations.• Creative ideas for special events, teambuilding and those challenging situations.• Access to and experience with the new, exclusive and unique venues and restaurants. ADH Meetings & Events 3712 North Broadway Street, Suite 337, Chicago, Illinois 60613, USA 8 Office: +1-312-265-9759 Fax: +1-312-265-9764
  9. 9. TradeshowsOur commitment to the environment drives us to spread the principles of sustainability throughout the exhibit industry. We offernothing b t th b t iin environmentall exhibit t h l thi but the best i t hibit technology and services and t k great pride iin b i th lleader iin eco-friendly d i d take t id being the d f i dlexhibit technology. From small portable displays to large island displays, the sky is the limit.To ensure that the booths are sustainable, ADH Meetings & Events uses up to 70% recycled aluminum,100% renewablebamboo, sorghum boards, stains and finishes that are low or free of VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), graphic fabrics andVelcro that are made of 100% recycled soda bottles, carpets that are made from 100% biodegradable polymer fibers, LEDlighting to reduce energy and heat, signage made from bio-degradable and FSC certified wood that is printable on 2 sides,and recycled glass shelving. Constantly innovating to best serve our clients and our environment. ADH Meetings & Events 3712 North Broadway Street, Suite 337, Chicago, Illinois 60613, USA 9 Office: +1-312-265-9759 Fax: +1-312-265-9764
  10. 10. Incentive TravelGreat incentive programs are not just a way to celebrate success in an exotic location, they are a proven investment in yourentire team that increase sales, improves employee or customer loyalty, rewards productivity, motivates your team membersand cultivates meaningful interaction between senior management and employees or your customers. Incentive programscreate an atmosphere of camaraderie and excitement that has lasting impressions far beyond any other motivational tool.With 20 years of experience producing motivational programs in numerous countries around the world, our expertise anddestination knowledge is second to none. We help you create the perfect incentive program whether in the US or elsewherearound the globe that drives performance inspires entices and delights your attendees Our incentive specialists work with performance, inspires, as an integrated part of your corporate team to develop a unique creative program that is truly a once in a lifetimeexperience for your attendees, regardless of the destination. ADH Meetings & Events 3712 North Broadway Street, Suite 337, Chicago, Illinois 60613, USA 10 Office: +1-312-265-9759 Fax: +1-312-265-9764
  11. 11. Team Building gDoes your company, or investors value “green” elements and sustainable practices? Have you figured out an effective wayto incorporate these ideals into company strategy AND gain value in return? Let ADH design a socially responsible teambuilding program for your employees. As a visionary in sustainability we incorporating charitable or green element into TeamBuilding Events allowing you to not only build your team but the global community as well.Charitable Team Building: Taking teambuilding and networking to another level as participants work together to help the localcommunity by completing an interactive charitable project.Green Team Building: Help replenish the planet and your team spirit with Green Team activities. Guests go beyond "reduce,reuse,reuse and recycle", to learn and experience methods to help preserve the world in which we live recycle live.Additional options are:Team Bonding: Capture the spirit of friendly competition with Team Bonding activities. Guests work together to achievegreater results and create team spirit with cheers of encouragement. Spontaneous, effortless and fun, these light-heartedactivities give a boost to company meetings and retreats.Workshops and Retreats: Discover the effects of Experiential Learning, activities with a purpose, and learn about the patternsof your group’s interaction. Participants engage in a series of professionally facilitated team challenges as they work togetherto achieve a desired goal. Our facilitators stimulate group discussion and moderate a debriefing during the program that isvery enlightening.Reception A ti iti C t an energetic, yet comfortable, atmosphere with thR ti Activities: Create ti t f t bl t h ith theme activities th t promote networking and ti iti that t t ki dinteraction. A great way to enhance theme parties and client receptions. ADH Meetings & Events 3712 North Broadway Street, Suite 337, Chicago, Illinois 60613, USA 11 Office: +1-312-265-9759 Fax: +1-312-265-9764
  12. 12. DécorADH Meetings & Events specializes in event décor and are experts at transforming event venues from simple rooms tosensational experiences. By integrating lighting, fabrics, floral and furniture we create memorable looks for every event.. Fromsmall touches to full blown themed events, even the simplest programs are enhanced with some type of décor. To make yourmeeting or event truly “pop” just add nice linen, some simple up-lighting or floral centerpieces. Many of the décor elementsare inexpensive and our designers always create with your budget in mind.ADH Meetings & Events designs with the environment in mind, creating décor from sustainable materials and using the latestin audio-visual technologies. From grand entrances to awe-inspiring event spaces, ADH Meetings & Events will help generateideas that will turn your vision into an experience so memorable your guests will never forget it. ADH Meetings & Events 3712 North Broadway Street, Suite 337, Chicago, Illinois 60613, USA 12 Office: +1-312-265-9759 Fax: +1-312-265-9764
  13. 13. Green Experience Change, Encourage Awareness, and Build Communities ADH Meetings & Events is committed to resolving environmental and social issues. We have a fully dedicated Green Compliance Officer whose commitment to sustainability goes far beyond recycling and purchasing green products, to reaching out to local vendors to help build the communities in which we work. We have developed the ADH Meetings & Event Green Standards - a set of standards that makes us a leader in an industry that can at times be wasteful and slow to change.In an effort to provide the highest quality ADH helps build communities by working p y gmeeting and event services at an with local vendors. We work to reduce waste by requesting our vendorsaffordable rate we have committed to dispose of excess materials in angreen and eco-friendly vendors who economical and eco-sensitive fashion.share these same principles. We encourage practices such asWe ask for change from those we work donating excess food or décor to localwith be it venues vendors or suppliers venues, suppliers. food shelters, hospitals and community organizations.ADH Meetings & Events uses creativemethods to implement alternative Our team also compels attendees to getenergy sources, green products, and excited about sustainability byresourceful waste management encouraging them to be a part of theprograms during the planning and solution. We encourage feedback oniimplementation stages of our programs. l t ti t f initiatives and can offer engaging on-site d ff practices when requested. ADH Meetings & Events 3712 North Broadway Street, Suite 337, Chicago, Illinois 60613, USA 13 Office: +1-312-265-9759 Fax: +1-312-265-9764
  14. 14. Diversity Supplier y pp ADH is ranked #195 of the "Top 500 Emerging Businesses" in the United States by Over 650,000 businesses y y were considered in this evaluation. In June 2008 the NGLCC, based in Washington D.C., certified ADH Meetings & Events as a LGBT Business Enterprise™ making ADH an official Diversity Supplier ADH Meetings & Enterprise Supplier. Events is currently registered with more than 200 companies including many Fortune 500s.. ADH Meetings & Events 3712 North Broadway Street, Suite 337, Chicago, Illinois 60613, USA 14 Office: +1-312-265-9759 Fax: +1-312-265-9764
  15. 15. A Selection of Clients ADH Meetings & Events 3712 North Broadway Street, Suite 337, Chicago, Illinois 60613, USA 15 Office: +1-312-265-9759 Fax: +1-312-265-9764
  16. 16. TestimonialsInvestigator Meetings“My experiences with Allyson encompass planning and execution of multiple investigator meetings conducted bothdomestically and globally. Most importantly, Allyson is the consummate professional who consistently met the needs of mymeeting attendees from the planning stage to getting them back home at meetings’ end. For my part, she made the task ofmeeting/event planning seamless for me. She has never said “no” to any request I have made in trying to schedulemeaningful, enjoyable events. Additionally, Allyson has the innate ability to anticipate needs making the experience for theevent sponsor such a pleasure.” h l ” - Vicki Higham, MSN/RN, Clinical Project Manager, AstraZeneca/GoreClinical Trial“I am writing this letter in support of Meredith Dodson. I have worked closely with Meredith for the past two years in theconduct of a large scale, multinational clinical trial. I am a cardiologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and HarvardMedical School and serve as one of the investigators of a mega-trial in cardiovascular medicine that is studying a novelanticoagulant for the treatment of a trial fibrillation the most common arrhythmia in the world Ms Dodson was one of the fibrillation, world. Ms.key people charged with organizing our international training of trial sites, physicians and study personnel, which was noeasy task. Our trial involved physicians, hospitals and clinics in six continents and over fifty countries. We have held overfifteen investigator meetings worldwide. I do not frequently write letters of support for individuals but I feel so strongly aboutMeredith’s superlative job that I compelled to recommend her with the highest enthusiasm. - Christian T. Ruff, M.D., TIMI Study Group, Brigham and Women’s HospitalInvestigator Meetings“As a small b A ll biotech company we appreciated A h d ADHs willingness to work with a meeting b d that would meet our needs, ll k h budget h ld dyet stay within our budget for the meeting. I was quite certain that the meeting would go well because of my previousexperience with Allyson Rinaldo. As US medical lead for the NXY-059 program I worked with Allyson on multiple occasions.We did both international and domestic meetings for the NXY-059 programs which was a global program with 32 countriesinvolved. Her organizational and problem solving skills were evident at those events and I knew as long as she was part ofthe ADH team, it had to be a good company. In the future I would have no reservations using ADH Meetings & Events againand I would recommend them to other Pharma companies who have complex meeting needs.” - Warren W. Wasiewski M.D., CMO, InfaCare Pharmaceutical Corporation ADH Meetings & Events 3712 North Broadway Street, Suite 337, Chicago, Illinois 60613, USA 16 Office: +1-312-265-9759 Fax: +1-312-265-9764
  17. 17. TestimonialsMedical Meetings“Allyson has planned and executed for me personally Meetings ranging from large Clinical Investigator and Speaker Trainingprograms to smaller, more intimate Advisory Boards and Roundtable/Expert Consensus meetings. We have done programstogether, domestically and internationally, and on both the R&D (clinical development) and commercial (marketing) sides ofthe business ” business.. - L. Scott Tutak, Sr. Professional Education Manager, Shire USClinical Trials“I am writing to express our complete satisfaction with the wonderful services provided to EPI-Q, Inc. by Allyson Rinaldo overtwo years’ time. For both of the meetings that she assisted us in planning and presenting, our interactions with Allyson and herteam and the results of the programs have been wonderful and are truly appreciated I have enjoyed working with Allyson appreciated.and definitely plan on seeking her assistance again in the future.” - Cheryl Brewster, MHA, Director, Health Outcomes, EPI-Q, Inc.International Investigator Meeting“This is a letter of recommendation for ADH Meetings & Events. I had the pleasure to work with the ADH team recently foran international Investigator Meeting held in Prague We had to coordinate participation for individuals in 10 countries and Prague.the outcome was extremely successful. Some of the strengths of ADH team that they were considerably less expensive thanother planners, flexibility in all things, including contracting and billing, allowing for a very easy partnership and able to complywith FDA, oAG, OIG and PhRMA guidelines, which was apparent in the planning of the meeting and following the meetingwhen providing the needed certification of training and participation for all attendees.” - Joyce E. Gaudieri, MS, RN, PNP, Global Project Manager, INC Research. ADH Meetings & Events 3712 North Broadway Street, Suite 337, Chicago, Illinois 60613, USA 17 Office: +1-312-265-9759 Fax: +1-312-265-9764