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Synergize Course Brochure Unleash Personal And Professional Effectiveness


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Details of an innovative 3 day programme delivered by Synergize Coaching that will unleash your personal and professional effectiveness. A must attend for those looking to achieve their best.

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Synergize Course Brochure Unleash Personal And Professional Effectiveness

  1. 1. synergize new possibilities, no limits.    The Leader in Tailored Executive Education     Unleashing Your Personal and Professional Effectiveness   The definitive 3 day programme that enables you develop the expertise and confidence to ensure New for  you achieve your personal and professional goals. 2009  synergize                                                                 
  2. 2. Unleashing Your Personal and Professional Effectiveness Participants receive Pre‐Course material and exercises that prepare  them for the programme ensuring they get maximum benefit from the  three days At the end of the programme participants will be highly motivated to  developing themselves personally and have a clear and precise personal  mission statement and clear path as to how to begin to achieve this. A whole day is all about you and dedicated to your personal  development At the end of the programme you will be able to effectively interact  with everyone around you and manage sucessful personal and  professional relationships Dates: 2nd – 4th February, 2009 Hendon Hall Hotel, London. 16th – 18th March, 2009 Crowne Plaza Hotel, Heathrow, London. £795.00 plus  Please call 0870 803 3438 for  VAT per  additional venues and dates  delegate  synergize                                                                 
  3. 3. Motivation Interactive, DVD and use of modern  Modern and Exclusive  technology to enhance your learning  Learning environment  At the end of Day 2 of the programme, participants will be highly motivated  in their ability in developing interpersonal skills and how it can help them in  their roles. At the end of Day 3 participants will be able to bring all aspects of the first  two days together and create a comprehensive action plan for the future. Participants look at areas they are neglecting the most in their personal and  professional lifes and reflect, discuss and participate in actvities and exercises  that help them discover what they can do on a daily basis to bring more  balance to these areas. All participants receive comprehensive training materials and a free  ‘Personal Effectiveness Workbook’  synergize                                                                 
  4. 4. The Inside Out Approach Part of Middlesex  University’s Work Based  Learning Management  Development Programme Identify  Values Be clear on  Know what  your roles  you want to  and achieve  Be, Do and  them Have Become  Plan and  Proactive  Priotize  rather than  effectively Reactive synergize                                                                 
  5. 5. Innovative Learning Call our booking  hotline now.  0870 803 3438  Limited Places  available.  Effective Personal Management • Learn about the '3 Ps' of Personal Victory  From Effectiveness to Greatness • Participants will spend time in learning the strategies that will help them move  from effectiveness to greatness and management to leadership The Inside Out Approach • Participants will be introduced the concept of Personal Effectiveness being the  first step to Managerial Effectiveness and Leadership Greatness and the ‘Inside‐ Out’ Approach Tribute/Personal Mission Statement  • In an extremely energetic and fun way participants will be introduced to the  concept of writing tribute statements  and personal mission statement and  participate in activities to get the building blocks to do both. synergize                                                                 
  6. 6. Skills that ensure lasting postive impact Coaching Skills for Sucess • Participants learn using interactive methods, the power of questions in Coaching  and empathic listening • Learn the details and apply various coaching models used effectively by executive  coaches worldwide  A new way of Thinking • Strategies to bring lateral and new thinking in personal and business strategy • New innovative ways to generate creativity in business meetings and workshops Discover You • Understand use of the DISC personality profile analysis and use effectively in  personal, managerial and business relationships Group and Individual Coaching sessions • Analyse your Priorities Wheel Your experienced • Job Performance Wheel synergize coach is  • Management & Leadership Wheel fully trained on  • Managment Competencies Wheel accredited  programmes  endorsed by the  Institute of  Leadership and  Management   From  360o  Effectiveness  (ILM)  Leadership to Greatness Self Renewal  Refreshments  Strategies and Full Buffet  Lunch served  each training  day.  synergize                                                                 
  7. 7. Moving up from Independence to Inter‐dependence Participants will learn the skills to unleash the hidden  potential of those who work for them, alongside them and  those who they report to in a professional capacity. The Language of  Constructive  The Power of  Emphatic  Encouragement Feedback Questions Listening Time management ‐ but not as you know it Participants will learn how to develop a Personal Effective Time  Mangement Tool that is specific to their individual styles and  circumstances Identify  Values Personal Goal  Goal Setting Planning Tool Plan Daily Plan Weekly synergize                                                                 
  8. 8. Listen to Experienced Leaders share their experiences Fantastic! Awesome!  Nothing like I’ve ever  experienced before.    David Williams, Head of Business Development, Middlesex University, Hendon, UK.    Synergize is an inspirational coaching and training   organization. Their commitment and passion for empowering people to become leaders is a rare commodity. They approach every project with the highest degree of integrity and the preparation and organization ensure a superb quality to everything they do and this course was no exception.    Elaine Wilkins, Coaching Skills Consultant, Catalyst Coaching, London.    “This programme has more than exceeded my expectations and met all my needs and it’s just what  my staff need. Looking forward to working with Synergize and making this the core of our Learning  About synergize  and Development Strategy for 2009 and beyond”  Sailesh Siyani, Head of Customer Service, National Express UK.  synergize                                                                 
  9. 9. synergize is a leader in tailored executive education for organisations around the globe. Our world- class management training capabilities work alongside you to explore your organisation’s needs and objectives and respond to your real business issues through a range of innovative learning solutions. At the heart of everything we do is the belief that individuals are the architects of their own development rather than passive recipients of learning. We introduce the concepts and skills of lifelong learning and self-managed development, so that any development initiative becomes part of a continuing process. Other Courses we offer  People Management People Management Skills for New Supervisors & Team Leaders Personal Development Facilitation Skills for Managers Assertiveness and Self-Confidence Development Developing Your Personal Impact and Building Productive Relationships Interpersonal Effectiveness for Managers Dealing with Stress and Conflicting Needs An Introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming Time and Priority Management Management Communications Senior Level Communication Skills Workshop Writing Effective Reports Speaking and Presenting with Confidence Negotiation Skills Workshop for Managers Writing for Results Influencing and Persuading for Managers - With an Introduction to Negotiation Speaking in Public with Authority and Confidence Perfecting Your Presentation Skills Negotiation Skills Strategy & Change An Introduction to Strategy Effective Change Management Finance & Project Management Recruitment & Development Leadership Effective Management & Leadership Styles Leading High Performing Teams Contact Us:   0870 803 3438  synergize