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Slideware Against Slideware


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Slideware Against Slideware

  1. 1. Picture from ToastyKen at
  2. 2. Pictures from ToastyKen & Gabriel Dieter at
  3. 8. Note: “Take Heart” is a figure of speech. Neither speaker nor artist condones actually taking any hearts, and the audience does so at its own discretion.
  4. 12. Picture from “T” altered art at
  5. 14. Picture from r8r at
  6. 16. If I’m supposed to remember my key points and present them while keeping the audience interested, why not use an interesting PowerPoint and give the audience something to look at that focuses them on my topic? And also, why am I watching a PowerPoint about how bad PowerPoint’s can be?
  7. 19. Picture from at
  8. 20. Picture from r8r & Gabriel Dieter at
  9. 21. Special Thanks to cloeffler11 at Whitworth, for the amazing drawings.