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Addition of Vectors | By Head to Tail Rule


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Addition of Vectors | By Head to Tail Rule.
On this presentation i describe all about addition of vectors with head to tail rule with graphs and pics. Read and learn about addition.

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Addition of Vectors | By Head to Tail Rule

  1. 1. Topic Addition of vectors by head to tail rule
  2. 2. By: Muhammad Adeel
  3. 3. vector?
  4. 4. vector?  A vector is a quantity that has both magnitude (size) and direction
  5. 5. Addition of vectors  To add or subtract two vectors, add or subtract the corresponding components.  Let u → = 〈 u 1 , u 2 〉 and v → = 〈 v 1 , v 2 〉 be two vectors.  The sum of two or morevectors is called the resultant
  6. 6. Addition of vectors *vector can be add by following ways…. (i) Head to tail rule (ii) Rectangular components method (iii) Parallelogram method (iv) Triangular method
  7. 7. Head to tail rule  Head to Tail method or graphical method is one of the easiest method used to find the resultant vector of two of more than two vectors. Choose a suitable scale for thevectors so that they can be plotted on the paper. Draw representative line of vector such that the tail of coincides with the head of vector .
  8. 8. Head to tail rule  Consider two vectors and acting in the directions as shown below: