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Media kit-fall1-2011


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Media kit-fall1-2011

  1. 1. Reviews and Giveaways Media Packet Fall 2011 INSIDE THIS ISSUE: About AprilAbout April 1 Married for over 26 years withStats 2 three children, Brandon 26, Justin 23 and Aerial 20. I am headed to aWhy Video Review 2 30 Acre Farm to live out my dreams of farming for my food andReview & Giveaways 3 incorporating livestock into the mix. I cannot get enough time inSponsorship 3 the garden or in the kitchen.Advertising 3Editorial Schedule 4 I love to travel, garden, cook read and produce DIY Projects. I am passionate about being home and learning and growing every day while engaging with my readers and working with brands connect- ing and building relationships. I was Corporate Downsized from the IT World in 2005, I decided to not go back to a traditional posi- tion and started working as a brand Ambassador connecting consumers with each brands unique products through sam- plings, trade show events and Special points of Guerilla Events. interest:  Why Have a Video Review and Giveaway? About Aprils Lifestyle Show Aprils Lifestyle Show repre- also through our YouTube adult children who have not  Advertising sents companies through Social Channel. You get double ex- yet left the nest and well you Media Marketing. We can posure harnessing the creativi- get the picture. Review your product in an ty that videos can produce.  About honest and down to earth Plus the power of what Video way, we also can offer our marketing truly is. Aprils Life-  Editorial Schedule readers a chance to win your style Show is all about our life product and get to know you at home. My love for cooking better through a Giveaway. quick and easy recipes, gar-  Sponsorship We are now offering to do dening, planting, homesteading, Video Reviews and Giveaways cleaning, organizing, raising
  2. 2. Aprils Lifestyle Show Statistics Site Traffic Social Media Continued Google Page Rank 4 Networked Blogs 272 Alexa Global 34,211 #20 in Top 50 Gardening Blogs US Rank 7,752 GFC 1243 Google Page Views 11,776 You Tube Subscribers 1450 Unique Visitors 5,286 You Tube Friends 8000 Social Media Technorati Authority 107 & 97 Facebook Friends 1537 Caption describing picture or graphic. Facebook Fan Page 1207 Twitter Followers 3677 Email/ Feedburner Subscribers 1467 Triberr Reach 533,010 Klout 64 Why Do A Video Review and Giveaway  Users tend to click on Videos far attention span. works with SEO and web ex- more than a 125x125 advert. posure. Videos are being Video advertising is a great way  Attention shared online 24x7 you can for your brand to stand out Video holds our attention, 3 submit a Video to YouTube, from your competitors, by minutes tops verses reading Tube Mogul will kick it out to offering and presenting your paragraphs we get the point all of your Video sharing sites. business in a different way. We faster. You can share it on Facebook, the user like  Networking is Twitter and other networking to see some- becoming more sites and overnight your video thing new and What Does A Video and more im- is everywhere on the web. different, Review Do For You? Why portant online watching a especially now in creative video Have Me Do A Video 2011 soon enough holds our Review? to be 2012 it About April April is my celebrity, TMZ news on the moment deliv- beauty, fashion and heck no food ered to my „my touch‟ I may be a blog. I love sitting in front of the Country Wanna Be Farm Girl dar- television at night after I have been ling but I still love everything that is reading or writing and chill. I am up and coming, I am always willing looking for Brand Ambassador to try. April Re- work on the Red carpet my friends. views the newest programs and Fly me to the moon and I will rep- movies that are out right now. resent you. I love fashion , beauty and magazines at the check out stand that are over priced, I getPage 2 MEDIA PACKET
  3. 3. FALL Page 3Product Review & Giveaways Review Free With $50.00 Minimum Product. Giveaway Free with $50.00 Mini- mum Product. Sponsor will pay all  200-350 Advertorial Post Pro- shipping and postage to winner. vided from Sponsor $25.00 2 Links Reviews and Giveaways will be concluded within two weeks of All Sponsored Posts are Shared Via receiving the product and will in- Facebook, Twitter and any Social clude at least a 350 word post Media Outlets to there fullest. with all your Social Media links and Photos. OtherAdvertising Services 125x125 $30.00 Monthly  Video Reviews & Giveaways Minimum $50.00 for a 3 1/2 468x60 Top Left Banner $50.00 Minute Review and or Givea- Monthly way with Product. 728x90 Leaderboard $75.00  Brand Ambassador Monthly Representing your Brand through Blog Posts, Social Me- 200-350 Sponsored Post $25.00 2 dia, Conferences, Offline Pro- ties and will Travel to repre- Links motional Events, Twitter Par- sent your brand. Training through Video Presentations.Sponsorship OpportunitiesA Sponsorship For Aprils Lifestyle  Gold Sponsorship -$125.00  Silver Sponsorship- $100.00Show or April in- Monthly. This includes one Monthly. 2 Blog Posts up tocludes one blog post per month Press Release and Two Blog 350Words, 125x125 Advertis-(more depending Posts up to 400 ing on Sidebar, Facebook andon package) A Words. One weekly Twitter Shout Outs Weekly.button on my side- Facebook and Twit-  Bronze Sponsorship- $50.00bar 125x125 or a ter Shout out. Your “Social Marketing One Blog Post up to 350banner, your busi- Logo above the fold. Words, one 25x25 Advertisingness Logo will be eliminates the Company Logo on Spot. One Facebook anddisplayed above my Twitter back-the fold. Social middleman, providing ground for one Tweet Shout Out.Media Exposure. brands the unique Month. opportunity to have a direct relationship with their customers” - Bryan Weiner CEO at Digital Agency 360i
  4. 4. 2011 Editorial Schedule Blog Posts I post Daily if not Twice Daily Guest Posting Once A Week April Decheine I Guest Post Once a Week I submit Arti- cles to relevant sites. Book Reviews At Least Twice A Month Video Reviews & Givea- At My Discretion. April Decheine ways 23122 Guarani ST NW Twice A Month with around Giveaway Events Saint Francis, MN 55070 at least 100 participating Phone: 763-614-4898 blogs. E-mail: Video Tutorials Twice A Month Social Networking This is done throughout the day. REVIEWS AND GIVEAWAYSAffiliationsBlog & Social Media BoostersBusiness2BloggerSheSpeaksMomCentralMom Spark MediaMom Bloggers ClubSocial FabricMamaBzzTechnorati MediaFlokka