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Gisruk2013 addy edit2

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Gisruk2013 addy edit2

  1. 1. Fieldtrip GB: Creating acustomisable mapping and data capture app for the HEFE community Ben Butchart ( Addy Pope (
  2. 2. Fieldtrip GB - OverviewHome Screen Save maps for use offline
  3. 3. Authoring tool: Form Builder Create your own data collection form and deploy it to your phone
  4. 4. Authoring tool: Record Viewer Search and filter records Export as GML / geo JSON and collate data
  5. 5. Challenges developing data capture apps• Relatively high cost• Rapid advances in technology…, so can become redundant quickly• Multiple operating systems• Mobile Network signal coverage is patchy – urban focus.• Versatile apps for data collection…do not allow apps to be ‘branded’ … - proliferation of standalone apps could create clutter• Users expect apps to be intuitive and have high usabilityRoy, H.E., Pocock, M.J.O., Preston, C.D., Roy, D.B. & Savage, J. Tweddle,J.C. & Robinson, L.D., (2012) Understanding Citizen Science and Environmental Monitoring, UK Environmental ObservationFramework, 29/01/2013)
  6. 6. Fieldtrip GB Open data mashup• Strategi • Land-Form PANORAMA • Natural England• Vector Map District • OpenStreetMap
  7. 7. Why Fieldtrip GB needs its ownmap?Fieldtrip GB OpenStreetMapGoogle Maps EDINA Openstream
  8. 8. Mashup Issues 1: Partial labels out ofscale Strategi labelling optimized for 1:250,000 scale causes conflicts out of scale
  9. 9. Mashup Issues 1: Manual LabelCorrection
  10. 10. Mashup Issues 2: Label Alignment VMD (beta) water features point labels only
  11. 11. Mashup Issues 3: Urban vs. Rural 1 mapping stack to cater for both urban and rural environments Mapserver 6.2 Masking
  12. 12. How it all works
  13. 13. Architecture Client Architecture • PhoneGapMap GENERATION ARCHITECTURE • OpenLayers• OpenStack private cloud• Apache Web Server• Mapserver 6.2• Mapcache seeder Why PhoneGap?• PostGIS • OpenLayers map library more versatileSERVICE ARCHITECTURE • Easier to implement custom forms • Lower cost of delivering to multiple• Apache web server platforms• Mapcache (Tile cache) Data storage outsourced (Dropbox)• Python WSGI (PC API)• Citrix Netscaler load balancer• VSphere VMWare (SUN X4150 cluster)
  14. 14. Future Direction: Embracing The Sensed World WebWe are planning… Sensed World Web• Make your own app. [ “a condition where as humans we begin to enhance our own human senses and connect• Capture map and annotate. those senses to networked databases” ]• Photo sketch capture. Butchart, B (2012) Towards a Sensed World Description Language,[Butchart]Sensed_World_Web_AR_Standards.pdf,• Augmented Reality captures. Sixth International AR Standards Community Meeting, Geneva.• Strike and dip measurements.• Ambient noise capture.• 3d point cloud capture. but you decide….
  15. 15. THE Fieldtrip GB TEAMBen Butchart ( project manager)Addy Pope ( product design)Murray King ( engineer)George Hamilton (engineer)Panos Terzis (engineer)Michael Koutroumpas (engineer)Tim Urwin (GIS / cartography)Fiona Hemsley-Flint (GIS / cartography)Jackie Clark (graphic design) Come and have a play with the app at the EDINA stand

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