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FieldtripGB - data capture simplified


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Fieldtrip GB is an app for Android and iOS which enables users to collect data against quality cartographic background maps. It's custom data capture forms allow users to collect exactly the information they need to support their research and export the data in a useable format.

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FieldtripGB - data capture simplified

  1. 1. Fieldtrip GB – a bespoke datacapture app to support fieldtripsEDINA – University of Edinburgh
  2. 2. What does it do? All the key features: Capture information Images Audio Text Location High quality background maps Saved maps for use “offline” Custom data collection forms Manual location correction It’s Free!
  3. 3. The BasicsDownload: maps andview captured records.Login: to a DropboxaccountMaps: view online mapsor saved ones offline Data: basiccapture forms and GPStrackingSync: Uploads anddownloads captureddata from Dropbox
  4. 4. Why does Fieldtrip GB needits own map?Fieldtrip GBOpenStreetMapGoogle MapsOS OpenData
  5. 5. The Mapping Strategi Vector Map District Natural England OS Street View Land-Form PANORAMA OpenStreetMap
  6. 6. Urban vs. RuralQuality Mapping in alllocations: One mapping stack for bothurban and rural environments Mapserver 6.2 Masking
  7. 7. Why save maps to thephone? No need to be online toview maps Streaming maps uses dataallowance Maps load faster frommemoryOffline MappingPreview Map:Shows the detailof the mappingfor your location.Zoom Levels:Set the number of zoomlevels you want to download
  8. 8. Authoring tool and drop: Easy to use formbuilder
  9. 9. Custom FormsEasy data management: Consistent terms Single data structure Set increments aid estimates Reduced errors consistent errors at least!
  10. 10. Capture Data the location: Urban canyons can confusethe GPS Remote data entry fromhilltops can be carried outFill in the form: Drop down menus are quickerthan typing Sliders can also speed dataentry
  11. 11. Edit & ShareEasy Data Sharing: Sync to upload data Filter data by form name Visualise your data on abasemap Edit collected data Export tokml, GeoJson, csv, wms* Share maps throughDropbox
  12. 12. Workflow•Get a new Dropbox account to share with your team•Download Fieldtrip GB to your devices1.Before you start•Log into the Authoring Tool•Create a custom form and save it2. Design your form•Get the team to log into the Dropbox account•Use Sync to get the form on their devices3. Share the form•Collect data using the form•Manually correct remote points or in urban canyons4. In the field•Connect to WiFi•Get the team Sync to upload the data5. Back indoors•Log into Authoring Tool•Filter by form name and edit points if needed6. Manage your data•Export to a KML file, GeoJSON, CSV or WMS•Map the points in Google Earth, OpenLayers or a GIS7. View the results
  13. 13. How it all works Cloud APIDropBoxFlickrGoogleDrive?SecureHE/FE?Your Cloud SpaceEDINA ServicesCustomFormsRecordViewerPublishRecordsAuthoringToolFieldTripGB
  14. 14. ArchitectureService Architecture:• Apache web server• MapCache (Tile cache)• Python WSGI (PC API)• Citrix Netscaler load balancer• VSphere VMWare (SUN X4150cluster)Map Generation Architecture:• OpenStack private cloud• Apache Web Server• MapServer 6.2• MapCache seeder• PostGISApp Architecture:• Data storage outsourced• PhoneGap• OpenLayersWhy PhoneGap?• OpenLayers library more versatile• Easier to implement custom forms• Lower costs
  15. 15. Future Directions:We are planning… Capture map and annotate Photo sketch capture Augmented Reality captures Strike and dip measurements Ambient noise capture 3D point cloud capture Dichotomous Keys you decide…
  16. 16. Questions?
  17. 17. The Fieldtrip GB Team Ben Butchart ( Project manager) Addy Pope ( Product design) Murray King ( Engineer) George Hamilton (Engineer) Panos Terzis (Engineer) Michael Koutroumpas (Engineer) Tim Urwin (GIS / Cartography) Fiona Hemsley-Flint (GIS / Cartography) Jackie Clark (Graphic Design)