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Email newsletters

  1. 1. Email NewslettersAdrienne RoyerApril 4, 2012
  2. 2. Who is on the Internet?Name Source: Pew Internet &Department Life Project AmericanDate
  3. 3. E-mail Still King • Email is still the major player on the Internet • According to Pew Internet, 92% of online adults use email, and 61% use it every day.Name Source: Pew Internet &Department Life Project AmericanDate
  4. 4. Email vs. SocialName Source: 2012 eNonprofits Benchmark Study (NTEN &Department Services M+R StrategicDate
  5. 5. Effective Solicitation Channels From charities/nonprofits with established relationship •% say appropriate solicitation channel •rank ordered by very important Source: Show Me the Money: Reaching Donors Across Generations, Care2 2010NameDepartmentDate
  6. 6. Select the Right Email System • Do you have an email program? • Outlook or Gmail is not an option • Select the best email service for your organization’s needs. • Can run between $0 to $100,000+ per yearNameDepartmentDate
  7. 7. Establish Goals for the Newsletter Why are you writing it? • Share information • Connect with clients • Raise money • Advocate for a cause • Develop a community among stakeholders • Sell a product or service • Reinforce your brand Where do you want traffic from the e-newsletter to go? • Blog • Website • Fundraising page • Facebook or another social networkNameDepartmentDate
  8. 8. Establish Goals for the Newsletter How often will you send the newsletter? • Weekly • Monthly • Quarterly Do you have a source for stories and photos? *What is the editorial process?*NameDepartmentDate
  9. 9. Develop an Email List Do you have an email list? • Website sign-ups • Intake forms • Event information • Donor or client information • Newsletter list • Response card in next mailing • List matching service Do all of your publications/marketing materials include website and email sign up information?NameDepartmentDate
  10. 10. Create an Email Policy Share your intentions • How often will you email them? • What will you email them? • Will you send out emails on behalf of another organization? Privacy concerns • Let subscribers know your email policy about sharing or renting your list. Post your email policy • Always include your email policy near sign up forms or an some place that’s easy to find on your website.NameDepartmentDate
  11. 11. Design a Good Template •Pick a template with strong graphics and lots of pictures •Make sure content and stories are scannable. •Always test on a variety of email clients and browsersNameDepartmentDate
  12. 12. Design a Good TemplateNameDepartmentDate
  13. 13. Design a Good TemplateNameDepartmentDate
  14. 14. Design a Good TemplateNameDepartmentDate
  15. 15. Design a Good TemplateNameDepartmentDate
  16. 16. What email systems are used?Source:
  17. 17. Coding Issues • Emails are based on HTML. • Unlike websites, each email service handles HTML differently. • A newsletter developed by the same EMS can look differently in Outlook compared to Gmail. • Use basic HTML with tables and clean CSS. • Provide “view online” links. • Use alt-tags with images.NameDepartmentDate
  18. 18. Coding IssuesName Source:
  19. 19. Writing for the Newsletter Establish a unique voice • Is it formal or conversational? • Written from a individual or organizational perspective? Be Consistent • Be consistent with delivery times, verb tenses and voice Writing Styles • Don’t write in press release • Keep sentences short with active words • Write on a 6th-8th grade level • Ok to use one-sentence paragraphs • Keep news articles to under 200 words or provide a jump link to a webpageNameDepartmentDate
  20. 20. Write for the Web Watch the hype • Be honest and realistic • Write from a news perspective Include actionable items with news updates • Events • Petitions • Videos • Photos • Opportunities to take action offline Provide value to your readers • What is special about your newsletter that subscribers can’t get anywhere else?NameDepartmentDate
  21. 21. Follow the Law In 2003, the CAN-SPAM law was passed to cut down on unsolicited emails All emails must comply with the following practices: • The subject line is not misleading and advertisements are clearly labeled as such • The email headers, sending email address and other identifiers in the headers have not been tampered with in order to conceal your identity • The body of the email contains a valid physical address for the sender • The email contains a functioning opt-out mechanism, and opt out requests are honored within 10 business days of receipt of that request.NameDepartmentDate
  22. 22. Be a Good Email Neighbor • Allow people to opt-out • Send an introduction email to new members • Rather than sell or lend a list, send an email on behalf of another organization with a short introduction from a person who will be familiar with the subscriberNameDepartmentDate
  23. 23. Be a Good Email Neighbor • Use Double-Opt in Source: rticles/business-articles/email- marketing-double-opt-inNameDepartmentDate
  24. 24. The most important part of an email • Subject lines are the most important part of an email • Spend 2-3x the amount of time developing a subject line as you spend on drafting the email • Open rates vary by industry from 14% to 25%. • 25% open rate is optimal.NameDepartmentDate
  25. 25. Best Times to Send •Send Emails Tuesday – Thursday and Sunday Source: Mail ChimpNameDepartmentDate
  26. 26. Best Times to Send • Launch emails between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Source: Mail ChimpNameDepartmentDate
  27. 27. Mobile & Social Network Integration •Always include plain text version for mobile devices •Keep HTML designs clean and simple for tablets and smart phones •Provide links to share via social networks •Include links to your own social networks •Provide ways to sign up on website and social network profilesNameDepartmentDate
  28. 28. Mobile & Social Network IntegrationNameDepartmentDate
  29. 29. Metrics & Evaluations • Open Rate • Click Thru Rate (CTR) • BouncesNameDepartmentDate
  30. 30. Email Newsletters Adrienne Royer April 4, 2012 Questions? Email: Twitter: @AdrienneRoyer Pinterest: AdrienneRoyer