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AdDuplex Windows Phone Statistics Report - May, 2016

The old number one is back. We take a closer look at Windows 10 Mobile devices and builds. There’s one country where Lumia 950 almost broke into top 10.

All of this and device stats from US, France, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, India and Brazil in this edition of AdDuplex Windows Phone Statistics Report.

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AdDuplex Windows Phone Statistics Report - May, 2016

  1. 1. AdDuplex Windows Phone Device Statistics Report – May, 2016 May 16th, 2016 Compiled by Lijana Juozaityte and Alan Mendelevich
  2. 2. Windows Phone Statistics Report The old number one is back. We take a closer look at Windows 10 Mobile devices and builds. There’s one country where Lumia 950 almost broke into top 10. All of this and device stats from US, France, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, India and Brazil in this edition of AdDuplex Windows Phone Statistics Report. 2 May 16th, AdDuplex
  3. 3. Data Source This report is based on data collected from around 5,000 Windows phone apps running AdDuplex SDK v.2 (and higher). The raw data analyzed was collected over the day of May 16th, 2016 (UTC time) unless otherwise stated. We have made every attempt to consolidate different reported phone model names under their canonical retail model names, but it is possible that some of the rare model name variations were not accounted for. AdDuplex is the largest cross-promotion network for Windows Phone and Windows Store apps and games empowering developers and publishers to promote their apps for free by helping each other. AdDuplex was established in January 2011 in Vilnius, Lithuania. As of May 2016, more than 10,000 apps actively use AdDuplex to gain more visibility.
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  5. 5. Windows Phone Devices Worldwide May 16th, AdDuplex After a month on top of the list Lumia 535 is back to number 2. If we had to venture a guess for the reasons this happened, we’d say that last month was the first since official Windows 10 upgrade became available for the 535 which resulted in higher owner activity in apps as well. Now, when the novelty has worn off, it’s back to “normal”. The only other global news this month is that Lumia 625 has moved down the chart to #9 and is now behind Lumia 435 and 640 XL. 5 NOKIA Lumia 520 12.2% MICROSOFT Lumia 535 11.7% NOKIA Lumia 630 8.9% MICROSOFT Lumia 640 8.1% NOKIA Lumia 635 6.8% NOKIA Lumia 530 4.8% MICROSOFT Lumia 435 4.4% MICROSOFT Lumia 640 XL 3.9% NOKIA Lumia 625 3.7% NOKIA Lumia 920 2.6% Other 32.7%
  6. 6. Windows Phone Manufacturers May 16th, AdDuplex No significant changes in the manufacturer chart. The only thing worth mentioning from the “Other” group is that Acer is now right behind BLU at #6. We’ll see if they manage to jump out of the other slice in the following months. 6 NOKIA/Microsoft 97.10% HTC 1.02% SAMSUNG 0.57% HUAWEI 0.27% BLU 0.26% Other 0.78%
  7. 7. OS Versions – Worldwide May 16th, AdDuplex On the OS side Windows 10 Mobile is growing slowly but steadily and has gained another 1.2% since last report to cross the 10% mark. This grows comes in part from WP 8.1 upgrades (- 0.3%) and some old WP7 phones being replaced with new Windows 10 models (- 0.9%). Windows Phone 8 devices are “stable” at 7.5% for whatever reason. 7 Windows Phone 8.1 78.8% Windows 10 Mobile 10.4% Windows Phone 8.0 7.5% Windows Phone 7.x 3.3%
  8. 8. Windows 10 Native Devices vs. Upgrades May 16th, AdDuplex 8 Let’s break down Windows 10 devices into those that came with Windows 10 Mobile from the factory and those that were upgraded from Windows Phone 8.1. As you can see less than a quarter of Windows 10 phones are from the Lumia x50 line. The single most popular Windows 10 Mobile device is Lumia 535 (not surprisingly). However, Lumia 550 is not that far behind. Note: this chart is based on Microsoft/Nokia devices only. Windows 10 Native 22.82% Upgrades 77.18%
  9. 9. Windows 10 Insider vs. Official Builds May 16th, AdDuplex 9 Another angle to look at Windows 10 devices is comparing those running the official “stable” builds of the OS with the ones in the Insider program. 14.4% of the Windows 10 Mobile users are in the Insider program with the vast majority running the official builds. Note: this chart is based on UWP apps only since earlier versions report build numbers in a slightly different fashion, which made it hard to process. Official builds 85.59% Insider builds 14.41%
  10. 10. Windows Phone Devices – US May 16th, AdDuplex 10 MICROSOFT Lumia 640 27.8% NOKIA Lumia 635 25.4% NOKIA Lumia 521 4.5% NOKIA Lumia 630 3.0% NOKIA Lumia 920 3.0% HTC One (M8) 2.8% MICROSOFT Lumia 640 XL 2.8% NOKIA Lumia 520 2.8% MICROSOFT Lumia 435 2.6% NOKIA Lumia 1520 2.1% Other 23.3% Not much has changed in the US chart. Just a few movements in the middle, lower end of the top 10.
  11. 11. Windows Phone Devices – France May 16th, AdDuplex 11 NOKIA Lumia 635 18.4% MICROSOFT Lumia 640 12.1% MICROSOFT Lumia 535 8.3% NOKIA Lumia 520 8.1% NOKIA Lumia 625 5.4% NOKIA Lumia 1320 5.3% NOKIA Lumia 830 4.8% NOKIA Lumia 530 4.4% NOKIA Lumia 735 4.1% MICROSOFT Lumia 435 3.6% Other 25.4% It’s been a while since we covered France in December. Lumia 635 is still at the top. However there’s a new number two. Not surprisingly Lumia 640 has moved up the chart to claim the second spot basically swapping places and market share numbers with former leader Lumia 520. The other interesting, even if minor, change is that higher end models of the past (930 and 925) are completely off of the top 10 list now.
  12. 12. Windows Phone Devices – Germany May 16th, AdDuplex We’ve covered Germany in January and there are some notable changes this time around. The first 2 spots are still the same (Lumia 630 and 640) however Lumia 535 has swapped with 930 to claim the third place. The difference is just 0.1% though. The same it was 4 months ago, but in the other direction. Another thing to note is that Germany is the only country we’ve covered so far, where Lumia 950 came close to top 10. We’ve expanded the chart to include 11 models to accommodate for that. 12 NOKIA Lumia 630 13.0% MICROSOFT Lumia 640, 12.8% MICROSOFT Lumia 535 8.3% NOKIA Lumia 930 8.2% NOKIA Lumia 925 5.1% NOKIA Lumia 530 5.0% NOKIA Lumia 520 4.7% NOKIA Lumia 830 4.3% NOKIA Lumia 920 3.8% MICROSOFT Lumia 640 XL 3.2% MICROSOFT Lumia 950 3.1% Other 28.4%
  13. 13. Windows Phone Devices – Poland May 16th, AdDuplex Poland has been one of the Lumia strongholds historically and that’s the reason why we try to cover it quite often. Unfortunately it looks like Microsoft is missing an opportunity to capitalize on a loyal market as new models are nowhere to be seen in the top 10. Lumia 550 is at #21 with other x50s occupying spots below it. That said, Poland has a new number 1 in Lumia 640 so it looks that there’s some Lumia momentum still going on there. 13 MICROSOFT Lumia 640 14.6% MICROSOFT Lumia 535, 14.5% NOKIA Lumia 735 8.0% NOKIA Lumia 630 6.6% NOKIA Lumia 520 6.5% NOKIA Lumia 635 6.4% MICROSOFT Lumia 532 4.8% NOKIA Lumia 625 4.7% MICROSOFT Lumia 640 XL 3.3% NOKIA Lumia 920 3.0% Other 27.5%
  14. 14. Windows Phone Devices – Ukraine May 16th, AdDuplex It’s been 2 years since we’ve covered Ukraine, but with their win in Eurovision it feels like a good reason to revisit the country‘s Windows phone landscape. It doesn’t make much sense to compare the chart to 2 years ago. Suffice to say that only 2 phones are still on the list. This time around Lumia 640 is on top of the chart, like in many other countries across the world. It is followed by 630 and 535 all within sub- 1% range from each other. 14 MICROSOFT Lumia 640 12.0% NOKIA Lumia 630, 11.0% MICROSOFT Lumia 535 10.7% NOKIA Lumia 520 7.9% MICROSOFT Lumia 430 6.8% NOKIA Lumia 710 4.1% NOKIA Lumia 530 4.0% MICROSOFT Lumia 532 4.0% MICROSOFT Lumia 640 XL 3.9% NOKIA Lumia 730 3.3% Other 32.2%
  15. 15. Windows Phone Devices – India May 16th, AdDuplex India is another country we used to cover regularly since it was always the one where new Nokia models entered the top 10 first. Unfortunately it looks like these days are over and Lumia 550 is at #27 only. As for the rest of top 10 it looks almost identical to last month. 15 MICROSOFT Lumia 535 22.4% NOKIA Lumia 520, 12.5% MICROSOFT Lumia 540 9.3% NOKIA Lumia 730 7.6% NOKIA Lumia 630 6.4% MICROSOFT Lumia 640 XL 5.8% NOKIA Lumia 625 4.5% NOKIA Lumia 720 3.2% NOKIA Lumia 525 3.0% NOKIA Lumia 530 2.9% Other 22.4%
  16. 16. Windows Phone Devices – Brazil May 16th, AdDuplex Lumia 710 is finally off the chart in Brazil. That’s basically everything there’s to say about the changes in the country since February. 16 NOKIA Lumia 630 16.4% NOKIA Lumia 520, 14.1% MICROSOFT Lumia 535 12.7% MICROSOFT Lumia 435 9.2%MICROSOFT Lumia 640 7.4% NOKIA Lumia 530 7.4% MICROSOFT Lumia 640 XL 6.0% MICROSOFT Lumia 532 4.7% NOKIA Lumia 730 4.3% NOKIA Lumia 635 3.1% Other 14.8%
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    Jun. 15, 2016

The old number one is back. We take a closer look at Windows 10 Mobile devices and builds. There’s one country where Lumia 950 almost broke into top 10. All of this and device stats from US, France, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, India and Brazil in this edition of AdDuplex Windows Phone Statistics Report.


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