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AdDuplex Windows Phone Statistics Report - January, 2016


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Holiday sales seem to have had little effect on the Windows Phone device landscape and there are no surprises here.
Of all the devices running a version of Windows Phone, almost ten percent have the Windows 10 Mobile OS.

We look in detail at Germany, Italy, Poland, Indonesia and Argentina.

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  • I do not see any mention of the Lumia 950 or 950XL, which had strong sales over the holidays. Even if they are embedding in the "other" category, I would've expected at least a mention of them.
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AdDuplex Windows Phone Statistics Report - January, 2016

  1. 1. AdDuplex Windows Phone Statistics Report – January, 2016 January 22nd, 2016 Compiled by Lijana Juozaityte, Matt Lacey and Alan Mendelevich
  2. 2. Windows Phone Statistics Report Holiday sales seem to have had little effect on the Windows Phone device landscape and there are no surprises here. Of all the devices running a version of Windows Phone, almost ten percent have the Windows 10 Mobile OS. We look in detail at Germany, Italy, Poland, Indonesia and Argentina. 2 January 22nd, AdDuplex
  3. 3. Data Source This report is based on data collected from 5,298 Windows Phone apps running AdDuplex SDK v.2 (and higher). The raw data analyzed was collected over the day of January 22nd, 2016 (UTC time) unless otherwise stated. We have made every attempt to consolidate different reported phone model names under their canonical retail model names, but it is possible that some of the rare model name variations were not accounted for. AdDuplex is the largest cross-promotion network for Windows Phone and Windows Store apps and games empowering developers and publishers to promote their apps for free by helping each other. AdDuplex was established in January 2011 in Vilnius, Lithuania. As of January 2016, more than 10,000 apps actively use AdDuplex to gain more visibility.
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  5. 5. Windows Phone Devices Worldwide January 22nd, AdDuplex This month we see a continued increase in the popularity of the Lumia 640 which is up 1.0%. There are other increases for the 435, 535 and 640XL who are all up 0.3%. The 520 remains the most popular device in use globally but its share of the market continues to decline and this month is down 1.1%. 5 NOKIA Lumia 520 12.9% MICROSOFT Lumia 535 11.7% NOKIA Lumia 630 8.6% NOKIA Lumia 635 7.4% MICROSOFT Lumia 640 6.3% NOKIA Lumia 530 4.6%NOKIA Lumia 625 4.5% MICROSOFT Lumia 435 3.8% MICROSOFT Lumia 640 XL 3.3% NOKIA Lumia 920 3.0% Other 34.0%
  6. 6. Windows Phone 8 & 10 Manufacturers January 22nd, AdDuplex Blu has also overtaken Huawei to be the fourth most popular manufacturer. Correction: last month we’ve failed to acknowledge a new reported manufacturer name for Microsoft (MicrosoftMDG) and lumped these devices with Other rather than Microsoft/Nokia. So, considering this, even though the numbers for Microsoft/NOKIA remain the same, it actually means that the market share has dropped slightly (was a bit higher than reported last month). 6 NOKIA/Microsoft 96.97% HTC 1.21% SAMSUNG 0.59% BLU 0.27% HUAWEI 0.26% Other 0.70%
  7. 7. OS Versions – Worldwide January 22nd, AdDuplex As mentioned last month, Windows 10 Mobile is now running on more devices than WP8.0. The changes this month are: WP 7.x is down 0.5% WP 8.0 is down 0.4% WP 8.1 is down 0.1% Win 10 is up 0.7% The changes suggest that the growth in Win10 usages are being driven more by new devices than Insider upgrades. 7 Windows Phone 8.1 77.7% Windows 10 Mobile 9.5% Windows Phone 8.0 8.4% Windows Phone 7.x 4.3%
  8. 8. Windows Phone Devices – US January 22nd, AdDuplex The only position change this month is again from the 435 as it rises two places to fifth with a share increase of 0.3% The biggest share change is again from the 640 which has gained 1.7% since last month. The biggest loss of share was from the 521 which has lost another 0.8%. 8 NOKIA Lumia 635 30.9% MICROSOFT Lumia 640 18.2% NOKIA Lumia 521 5.2% NOKIA Lumia 630 3.8% MICROSOFT Lumia 435 3.6% NOKIA Lumia 520 3.5% NOKIA Lumia 920 3.3% HTC One (M8) 3.0% NOKIA Lumia 530 2.6% NOKIA Lumia 928 2.4% Other 23.6%
  9. 9. Windows Phone Devices – Germany January 22nd, AdDuplex The same devices make up the top ten as they did in November but with a small change in order. The 640 has overtaken the 930 to become the second most popular device and the 530 has climbed two places too. The other big changes are 630 down 0.6% 925 down 0.5% 920 down 1.1% Other up 2.3% 9 NOKIA Lumia 630 13.5% MICROSOFT Lumia 640, 10.6% NOKIA Lumia 930 8.9% MICROSOFT Lumia 535 8.8% NOKIA Lumia 925 5.9% NOKIA Lumia 530 5.5% NOKIA Lumia 520 5.4% NOKIA Lumia 920 4.7% NOKIA Lumia 830 4.1% NOKIA Lumia 625 3.4% Other 29.3%
  10. 10. Windows Phone Devices – Italy January 22nd, AdDuplex Since November the Lumia 820 has fallen form the top ten and been replaced by the 640XL. The biggest increase in share has been by the 640 which has added 1.7% and is now more popular than the 625. The 520 has seen a decline in share of the same amount. The largest other changes are: 630 down 0.8% 535 up 0.9% 530 down 0.5% Other up 0.8% 10 NOKIA Lumia 630 14.9% MICROSOFT Lumia 535, 12.5% NOKIA Lumia 520 8.1% NOKIA Lumia 635 7.4% MICROSOFT Lumia 640 6.9% NOKIA Lumia 625 5.8% MICROSOFT Lumia 640 XL 4.0% NOKIA Lumia 530 3.6% NOKIA Lumia 735 3.5% NOKIA Lumia 920 3.3% Other 30.0%
  11. 11. Windows Phone Devices – Poland January 22nd, AdDuplex There have been some large changes here in the three months since we last looked in detail. The 535 is still the most popular device but it’s share has increased by 2.1%. There’s an even bigger percentage increase for the 640 which remains the second most popular device. It has gained 3.9%. The other large changes are for the 520 (down 2.1%), the 625 (down 1.2% and the ‘Other’ category (down 2.4%). The 640XL is a new entry and it replaces the 530. 11 MICROSOFT Lumia 535 16.6% MICROSOFT Lumia 640 13.0% NOKIA Lumia 735 7.7% NOKIA Lumia 520 7.0% NOKIA Lumia 630 6.7% NOKIA Lumia 635 6.0% NOKIA Lumia 625 5.7% MICROSOFT Lumia 532 4.4% NOKIA Lumia 920 3.5% MICROSOFT Lumia 640 XL 2.7% Other 26.7%
  12. 12. Windows Phone Devices – Indonesia January 22nd, AdDuplex We last looked at Indonesia in April 2015. The shape of the pie chart has changed little since then but the notable difference is the switch in first and second places. The 535 is now the most popular device having gained 8.2% share. Slipping to second place is the 520 which is down by the same amount. Amongst the other changes, the popularity of the 640XL is most noteworthy as it is more than four times as popular than the 640. 12 MICROSOFT Lumia 535 29.8% NOKIA Lumia 520, 22.0% NOKIA Lumia 625 6.8% MICROSOFT Lumia 430 5.3% MICROSOFT Lumia 540 4.8% NOKIA Lumia 620 4.5% MICROSOFT Lumia 532 2.3% NOKIA Lumia 720 2.2% MICROSOFT Lumia 640 XL 2.1% NOKIA Lumia 530 2.0% Other 18.3%
  13. 13. Windows Phone Devices – Argentina January 22nd, AdDuplex Much has happened in the five months since August 2015 when we last looked at Argentina. The 520 has seen a big drop in popularity and is down 5.6%. There are new entries in the top ten for the 640, 435 and 735. The 535 and 530 have seen the biggest growth, 1.8% and 2.9% respectively. Despite running the 7.X version of Windows Phone the 710 is still holding on in seventh place but is down 2.4%. The other remaining devices in the top ten have seen a loss of share but the ‘Other’ group has more than doubled gaining 6.7%. 13 NOKIA Lumia 635 20.8% NOKIA Lumia 520 14.1% NOKIA Lumia 630 11.5% MICROSOFT Lumia 535 10.7%NOKIA Lumia 530 8.1% MICROSOFT Lumia 640 7.1% NOKIA Lumia 710 4.3% MICROSOFT Lumia 435 3.9% NOKIA Lumia 735 3.3% NOKIA Lumia 620 3.3% Other 12.7%
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