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AdDuplex Windows Phone Statisctics, November 2014


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November 2014 report on the state of Windows Phone device ecosystem.

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AdDuplex Windows Phone Statisctics, November 2014

  1. 1. AdDuplex Windows Phone Statistics Report –November, 2014 November 24th, 2014 Compiled by Lijana Juozaitytė, Matt Lacey andAlan Mendelevich
  2. 2. Windows Phone Statistics Report This is the newest issue of AdDuplex Windows Phone Statistics Report. This month we see the number of devices running Windows Phone 8.1 overtake the number running 8.0 & 7.X combined. Overall, we see more devices starting to eat into the dominance of the Lumia 520 and the 630 & 635 are the most popular of the newer devices. There are lots of new devices starting to fill the “other” slot. This includes three previously unknown devices that are manufactured by Microsoft/Nokia. 2 November 24th, AdDuplex
  3. 3. Data Source Thisreportisbasedondatacollectedfrom5,005WindowsPhoneappsrunningAdDuplexSDKv.2.TherawdataanalyzedwascollectedoverthedayofNovember24th,2014(UTCtime)unlessotherwisestated. Wehavemadeeveryattempttoconsolidatedifferentreportedphonemodelnamesundertheircanonicalretailmodelnames,butitispossiblethatsomeoftheraremodelnamevariationswerenotaccountedfor. AdDuplexis the largest cross-promotion network for Windows Phone and Windows Store apps empowering developers and publishers to promote their apps for free by helping each other. AdDuplex was established in January 2011 in Vilnius, Lithuania. As of November 2014, more than 9,000 apps actively use AdDuplex to gain more visibility.
  4. 4. Windows Phone Devices Worldwide November 24th, AdDuplex While the Lumia 520 still dominates and represents more than 1 in 4 Windows Phone devices in use, there are no big changes here this month. We are continuing to see an increase in the number of variety of different devices in use and this is highlighted by the “Other” continuing to grow each month. This month by another 2%. Fun fact: TOP 18 devices are all made by Nokia/Microsoft. 4 NOKIA Lumia 52026.3% NOKIA Lumia 6257.2% NOKIA Lumia 6307.1% NOKIA Lumia 9205.4% NOKIA Lumia 7104.9% NOKIA Lumia 6204.0% NOKIA Lumia 5213.9% NOKIA Lumia 9253.5% NOKIA Lumia 7203.4% NOKIA Lumia 8002.9% Other31.4%
  5. 5. Windows Phone 8 Manufacturers November 24th, AdDuplex The “Other” manufacturers see another slight increase this month but the overall breakdown stays largely unchanged. 5 NOKIA94.99% HTC3.11% SAMSUNG1.14% HUAWEI0.62% Other0.14%
  6. 6. OS Versions –Worldwide November 24th, AdDuplex With new devices all running 8.1 and more devices that originally ran 8.0 being upgraded, more than half of all Windows Phones are now running version 8.1 of the OS. 6 Windows Phone 8.150.8% Windows Phone 8.033.5% Windows Phone 715.7%
  7. 7. Windows Phone Devices –US November 24th, AdDuplex The Lumia 635 see a 3% growth this month and that matches the loss of the 521. The Lumia 52Xs and the 63Xs dominating the top 4 spots. Matching the worldwide trend, those devices outside the top 10 have increased by 2.5%. 7 NOKIA Lumia 52122.0% NOKIA Lumia 52012.0% NOKIA Lumia 63011.4% NOKIA Lumia 6356.7% NOKIA Lumia 9206.2% NOKIA Lumia 8225.3% NOKIA Lumia 9284.5% NOKIA Lumia 10203.5% HTC 8X3.4% NOKIA Lumia 9253.3% Other21.7%
  8. 8. Windows Phone 8.x Operators –US November 24th, AdDuplex AT&T, T-Mobile and MetroPCShave all, once again, lost market share to Verizon and cricket who have each grown by 1.5% 8 AT&T29.7% T-Mobile19.3% cricket18.5% Verizon16.4% MetroPCS6.9% Family Mobile3.5% Other5.7%
  9. 9. OS Versions –US November 24th, AdDuplex In the US they’re a bit behind the global trend as they still have more devices running 8.0 than 8.1. As many US users would attest most likely the carriers are to blame for that. 9 Windows Phone 8.047.5% Windows Phone 8.146.6% Windows Phone 76.0%
  10. 10. Windows Phone Devices –Brazil November 24th, AdDuplex In the 2 months since we last looked at Brazil, the Lumia 520 has lost over 8% market share and that’s gone to the Lumia 630, which has grown by 3.5% and the “other” devices which have grown by 4.6%. 10 NOKIA Lumia 52035.8% NOKIA Lumia 71017.4% NOKIA Lumia 6308.9% NOKIA Lumia 7207.6% NOKIA Lumia 8004.1% NOKIA Lumia 6253.9% NOKIA Lumia 6203.2% NOKIA Lumia 9253.0% NOKIA Lumia 8203.0% NOKIA Lumia 9202.6% Other10.4%
  11. 11. Windows Phone Devices –Spain November 24th, AdDuplex The 520 is still dominant in Spain with 41.6% of the market. As in other countries the 635 is now the third most popular device but the 800 still holds on near the bottom of the top 10. 11 NOKIA Lumia 52041.6% NOKIA Lumia 6259.6% NOKIA Lumia 6358.4% NOKIA Lumia 7105.7% NOKIA Lumia 9255.1% NOKIA Lumia 5303.7% NOKIA Lumia 9203.6% NOKIA Lumia 8003.0% NOKIA Lumia 6302.7% NOKIA Lumia 6102.6% Other13.9%
  12. 12. Windows Phone Devices –France November 24th, AdDuplex The Lumia 635 has become very popular over the last few months and is now the 3rdmost popular device in France. The 1320 has also gained popularity enabling it to overtake the Lumia 925 and the HTC 8S. 12 NOKIA Lumia 52033.1% NOKIA Lumia 62513.8% NOKIA Lumia 63511.1% NOKIA Lumia 13205.3% NOKIA Lumia 9255.0% NOKIA Lumia 9203.9% HTC 8S3.6% NOKIA Lumia 5302.9% NOKIA Lumia 6102.6% NOKIA Lumia 8202.2% Other16.5%
  13. 13. Windows Phone Devices –Italy November 24th, AdDuplex Italy repeats the global pattern. The market share of the Lumia 520 is down a few percent. In contrast, the Lumia 630 and the “other” devices have gained a few percentage points. 13 NOKIA Lumia 52023.5% NOKIA Lumia 63010.4% NOKIA Lumia 62510.0% NOKIA Lumia 8207.0% NOKIA Lumia 6105.9% NOKIA Lumia 9205.9% NOKIA Lumia 6205.6% NOKIA Lumia 8005.1% NOKIA Lumia 9254.5% NOKIA Lumia 7103.5% Other18.6%
  14. 14. Windows Phone Devices –Russia November 24th, AdDuplex Russia continues to stand out by the range of devices in use and the fact that the 520 isn’t as dominant in its market share as it is in other countries. 14 NOKIA Lumia 52014.9% NOKIA Lumia 6309.2% NOKIA Lumia 6256.9% NOKIA Lumia 9206.5% NOKIA Lumia 8006.1% NOKIA Lumia 7205.6% NOKIA Lumia 6204.7% NOKIA Lumia 8204.4% NOKIA Lumia 9254.3% NOKIA Lumia 7104.1% Other33.3%
  15. 15. Windows Phone Devices –Indonesia November 24th, AdDuplex Smaller and cheaper devices are dominating in Indonesia where they collectively account for more than 92% off all devices. 15 NOKIA Lumia 52039.2% NOKIA Lumia 62511.2% NOKIA Lumia 6208.7% NOKIA Lumia 7206.4% NOKIA Lumia 7105.5% NOKIA Lumia 6104.9% NOKIA Lumia 9203.8% NOKIA Lumia 8003.2% NOKIA Lumia 5102.7% NOKIA Lumia 6302.0% Other12.5%
  16. 16. Windows Phone Devices –Australia November 24th, AdDuplex The Lumia 520 is still holding onto it’s approximate 25% market share. Meanwhile the 920 has lost a third of its market share and the 530 & 630 have entered the top 10 at the expense of the 800 & 1520. 16 NOKIA Lumia 52024.7% NOKIA Lumia 62512.2% NOKIA Lumia 9208.2% NOKIA Lumia 10207.3% NOKIA Lumia 9306.9% NOKIA Lumia 13206.7% NOKIA Lumia 5304.2% NOKIA Lumia 9254.2% NOKIA Lumia 6303.5% NOKIA Lumia 8203.1% Other18.9%
  17. 17. New Windows Phones spotted It has been a while since we last did a deep dive into our logs to look for what’s coming to the stores near you in the future. Here’s what we have found this month: • Microsoft/Nokia RM-1069, RM-1070, RM-1071–yes, most of the new devices we see report either Microsoft or Nokia as the manufacturer. This one is a low-end 480x800, 4” phone seen mostly in Asia. Based on the resolution this looks like something with actual (non-software) buttons; • Microsoft/Nokia RM-1072, RM-1075–something mid-range with 5” 720p seen mostly in Finland; • Nokia RM-1078–480x854 (unknown screen size), seen exclusively on Sprint in the US; • Microsoft/Nokia RM-1062, RM-1063, RM-1064, RM-1065–that’s a new 5.7” phablet and judging by the spread it isn’t far from release. We’ve seen it in Finland, US (AT&T) and some Asian countries. But if you are waiting for a new flagship phablet you will most likely be disappointed. This one sports a 720p screen which makes it a likely follow-up to the Lumia 1320, not 1520. 17 November 24th, AdDuplex