addSIM | Connectivity (R)Evolution in Less than Five Slides


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The addSIM is multi:
it´s a hardware: on top of your SIM
it´s a software: adds software, services, even another OS
it´s global connectivity, for telephony, internet, telematics
it´s additional storage owned by the provider (maybe you!)
it´s a platform for mobile services: mobile money, Social Media, Location Based Services, Digital Health,
it´s naturally international: the global to local performance is perfect for international organizations.

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addSIM | Connectivity (R)Evolution in Less than Five Slides

  1. 1. partof >> addSIMThe addSIM is Multi: ü  it´s hardware: a film on your SIM card, ü  it´s software: adds software, services, even another OS, ü  it´s additional wireless & global connectivity for telephony, internet, telematics, ü  it´s additional storage in phones, owned by the provider (maybe you!), ü  it´s a provider-neutral platform for mobile services: mobile money, Social Media, Location Based Services, Digital Health, .. ü  It´s also about money: make or save money on a large scale.
  2. 2. Consumers benefit from better rates, more and better services. Entire Value ChainThe addSIM as the very start of a value chain for many industries. is made for.. Businesses reach & monetize consumers directly. 6 billion >> For any phone. No need to change device. No need to change SIM card.
  3. 3. addSIM is MultiThe addSIM lifts telephony, mobile internet and wireless telematics on a new level: >>edition 20.08.13 21:37 Additional Autonomous Connectivity The 2nd access is provider-neutral and is owned by the publisher: •  customer itself (banks, news corporations, travel services. SM- & LBS provider) or •  service provider (NSP´s & ISP´s) •  Works in any phone and reaches maximum audience (not smart phones only) Global to Local Performance •  The included international network (MvNO) allows total control of services, rates. •  Perfect for international businesses <> global products, like Google products, LBS, SM, mobile money, travel, .. •  40 countries: incoming calls for free + no roaming-fees for global telematics. Makes Money •  The shared revenues program allows to benefit from the usage of the addSIM directly & lie-time. •  The addSIM is a platform for 3rd party services: Creates inter-active, managed mobile POS kiosks. •  The addSIM is wholesales and distribution ready. Next Level Securities •  Direct access to users phones (VPN security). •  The new internal storage belongs to the publisher and includes OTA real-time control. •  Own the customer: The addSIM allows to connect customers directly: as pre- and postpaid. Not´s: •  Not another APP or virtual SIM: AddSIM´s software and service applications work on OS-level. •  Not another SIM-adapter, like dual-SIM or SIM-jacket or similar. •  Customer does not have to change phone or an existing SIM card.
  4. 4. addSIM Affects MassmarketsSeveral industries and tens of thousands of businesses gain fresh revenues and value streams: >>edition 20.08.13 21:37 Target Industries Money Umbrella Solution for Mobile Payment & Banking •  The addSIM can contain own plus any mobile payment-solution, like Google Wallet, ISIS, M- Pay, Visa, Master Card, PayPal, .. •  The new internal storage is vital and unique to secure credit card & bank account details. •  Works everywhere and worldwide without NFC: the secure, international real-time connectivity simplifies payment everywhere for any shop. SM It´s “Skype” 3.0 •  but inclusive connectivity = total mobile, cheaper and richer featured. •  addSIM can turn any phone into a xyz phone without changes for the users: Google-phone, facebook-phone, iPhone LBS Mobile POS in Any Phone •  Newspapers can self-mobilize content: FAZ, Times, Time, Financial Times,.. •  Mobile content services can add the net directly and worldwide: twitter, yahoo,.. •  Mobile service provider can add the net directly, for navigation, advertisement, Internet of Things,.. Travel One Platform to Serve and Monetize Globally •  35-90 % less costs for international telecommunications. •  Tool for the travel industry to monetize and control directly: customers and things. ..more •  Government | international administrations | digital health | NGO´s | automotive
  5. 5. CONTACT Jörg von Brandis | +49 1761 532 0000 | end more at