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This is a sample of content audit. As a part of content strategy, content audit could help you to find out what is the quality of your content, how is your content structured and what types, styles and topics your content covered.

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Content Audit sample_Travelzoo Homepage and Mobile App

  1. 1. Content Auditing Travelzoo Hong Kong Homepage & App
  2. 2.  Usability catastrophe Imperative to fix this before product can be released  Major usability problem Important to fix, so should be given high priority  Minor usability problem Fixing this should be given low priority  Cosmetic problem Need not be fixed unless extra time is available on project Severity Rating
  3. 3. Description: • Label is applied by user to predict what is the contents of session. Clear and straight-forward label help user to identify what they need immediately. • “Local Deals” is ambiguous that couldn’t tell user what are included in this section. Short-Term Recommendation: • Add a mouse over popup and describe what is contain in this section. • For example, “提供世界各地旅遊優惠”. Long-Term Recommendation: • Consider changing the label into e.g., “ 限時優惠”, “熱搶優惠”. Ambiguous Label
  4. 4. Description: • Web user usually scan the contents of webpage to figure out which is relevant to their interest. • Any description on webpage should be abstracted and easy for scanning. • The description of travel package is redundant and not easy to scan. • For example, “超豪歎慳 54%!上海 3 天套票極上 Four Seasons 住宿體驗會員獨家半價延住”, this one is about package. “首爾來回機票出發日期任 揀夠彈性起飛至年尾賞紅葉季適用”, this one is about ticket. User need to identify different offers by themselves. Short-Term Recommendation: • Highlight the keyword of description to specify the offer’s type and the feature. (Please check example 1) Long-Term Recommendation: • Consider reorganize the description, emphasize few items including price, offer type and offer feature. (Please check example 2) Redundantand trivial description
  5. 5. Example 1
  6. 6. Example 2 套票:上海FourSeasons三天 機票:首爾日期彈性任揀 Details could be revised to provide more relevant information. Price Type Feature
  7. 7. Description: • Label is applied by user to predict what is the contents of session. Clear and straight-forward label help user to identify what they need immediately. • There are 3 labels, “Best Deals”, “Local Deals” and “Travel Deals” which have similar meanings that could confuse users. User would find difficulty to identify them from one another. Short-Term Recommendation: • NA Long-Term Recommendation: • Rename the labels to present the feature of each. For example: • “Best Deals”: “Best” is too generic and we need call-to-action word such as “Limited”. • “Travel Deals”: This is a travel app and “Travel” is redundant. Since the offers are worldwide, consider using “Worldwide”. Ambiguous Labels 
  8. 8. Description: • No matter clicking “Best Deals” or “Local Deals”, it ended up to bring user to the same search page. User would be confused that if they click the right link. • Different labels contain same destination page that fails to help user to explore various contents. Short-Term Recommendation: • NA Long-Term Recommendation: • Separate the destination page of 2 labels. Different Labels end up the same page (Inappropriate structure) 
  9. 9. Description: • Mobile users scan thing quicker than website. They intend to get the things needed immediately. If they can’t get what they need, they would leave and never come back. • After clicking “Best Deals”, another page shows up and ask for narrow down the result. This page contains no content and is redundant for user. Short-Term Recommendation: • Add a popup showing the search criteria (Please check example 3) Long-Term Recommendation: • Redesign the page and present some hot, limited deals in the page. Meanwhile, including a navigation bar for user to explore deals of different locations. (Please check example 4) Page contains no content
  10. 10. Example 3 海外 澳門 短線豪華遊 香港
  11. 11. Example 4 Hot Pick 海外 澳門 短線豪華遊 Some hot pick deals for user to review. Navigation bar for user to slip to different categories.