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Leadership Development Training


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WorkSmart are specialists in Leadership development and training programs. We offer the world’s most researched and proven leadership development solutions and assessments.

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Leadership Development Training

  1. 1. Home About Us WorkSmart Services FREE WorkSmart Mini-course Bookstore Free Assessments Workshops Ar cles Contact We are Australias only Cer fied Masters of The Leadership Challenge™ WorkSmart offers the worlds most researched and proven leadership development solu ons. Our solu on includes a complete system — assessments, training and accredita on, coaching and follow up systems. Wnkhraduswrotf aaeikngesou o te t s ko The mark of this programmes success is that we edrheemn laep vlp e? sid o t are actually using the language in our daily leadership roles. A 2005 study conducted on 94 large companies (avg. annual income of $17.4 billion) by researcher and — CEO, Eli Lilly Australia author Richard Roi discovered that companies applying the 5 Leadership Challenge® Prac ces (as measured by the LPI 360), achieved: Excellent - very useful for 1. An average stock price growth of 204% in 10 years me personally. Inspiring and 2. A net income growth of 841% confron ng. Probably the best course I have ever a ended. Companies ranked as having weak transforma onal leadership prac ces achieved: Extremely well presented. — Manager, SAI Global 1. An average stock price growth of 76% 2. A net income decrease of 49% We are truly delighted with Lets face it, poor leadership is just too expensive to ignore. Even good leadership is too expensive to the progress we have made ignore. Another independent research study showed that extraordinary leaders (top 10%) earned up to strategically and behaviourally 6 mes more profit for their business than average or good leaders in the same business (as measured as a result of the programme. by 360° feedback). And the irony is that great leadership is SIMPLE... and it CAN BE LEARNT. — CEO, Nutrime cs If you are like our clients, you want leadership development that delivers real results for your business. You want leadership development that has a direct, posi ve impact on talent a rac on and reten on. You cannot buy loyalty in You want training and coaching that does not waste your leaders precious me and resources. You want our knowledge economy - you something simple, clear, measurable and doable. You want to work with a leadership development have to earn it, and this company who will challenge you and help you grow, who will live what they teach and who understand programme covers how to do what it takes to really transform. You want results. just that. Great work! So how do you measure on the 5 Leadership Challenge® Prac ces? — Director, BOS Interna onal We want you to be able to find out easily, risk free and cost free. If you qualify under our criteria you can take the full version of the worlds most researched leadership 360° for free this week, and be debriefed by one of our world class leadership coaches - also for free. This is the exact same 360° Richard Roi used in his study above. Its called the LPI 360° (Leadership Prac ces Inventory) and is See the results we backed by 25 years of research and data from over 3 million leaders. WorkSmart administer it in Australia and New Zealand. achieved with one of our Australian clients This premier leadership assessment will tell you how you (or your nominated manager) rank against click here more than 250,000 leaders around the world, showing you whether your leadership is poor, good or extraordinary. Then we will help you pinpoint exactly what you need to prac cally do to take your leadership to the next level. And its all totally confiden al. The LPI 360° is faster to complete than any other leading 360° in the Australian market, is considerably less expensive and it has more proven rela onship to profitability than any other 360° on the planet. It also comes with an extraordinary resource base behind it. From coaching and debrief instruments, to online follow up tools to full training (all on exactly what it measures). Do you qualify to take the LPI 360 for free? Click here... © 2 0 1 2 W o r k S m a r t converted by