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Career Advice at Michael Page International


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Career Advice at Michael Page International

  1. 1. Michael Page Employment Index Quarter 1, 2012 New ZealandWorldwide leaders in specialist recruitment Michael Page Interational
  2. 2. Key findingsThe domestic economy is likely to receive a positive impact from thegrowth of the broader Asia Pacific region, as well as the strength of the NZdollar, with some 43% of survey respondents indicating this will have apositive affect on the local trading environment. This is expected to keep aconsistent level of business activity across most industries, with more thanhalf of the respondents anticipating that market conditions will remainsteady. However, the strength of the New Zealand dollar is also having anegative impact on businesses that primarily export their goods andservices to international markets
  3. 3. With the majority of companies surveyed for this report (76%) predictingthey will maintain their current headcount, a further 15% of employers planto increase staff numbers in the first quarter. Of those growing headcount,some 57% of companies are expecting to make considerable increases ofbetween 5-10%. More than half of employers will focus their hiring activityon revenue-generating roles, as they work toward improving businessactivity levels and profit margins. This is followed by positions in supportareas such as human resources, marketing and finance. Recruitment activitywill be highest for both mid and graduate levels across these functions, asthese professionals will be an integral part to supporting business goals inthe new year.
  4. 4. bAs job opportunities become available for the most skilledprofessionals, it will be important for companies to implementstrategies to effectively retain their best people. The majority of surveyrespondents will be placing a major or moderate focus on staffretention, while 37% cited this as a key concern within their business.Some 43% of companies will offer opportunities for training and careerdevelopment, followed by another 24% that will award increases onbase pay. Further to this, employers will be working toward engagingtheir best talent through other financial and non-financial incentivesincluding transparent communication, a supportive companyculture and bonuses.
  5. 5. b MethodologyThe Michael Page Employment Index provides a snapshot of hiring andbusiness confidence trends for the white-collar employment market inNew Zealand. The online survey is distributed quarterly to a group ofmore than 1,600 senior human resources professionals and hiringmanagers. The report is predictive and focuses on anticipated trends forthe quarter ahead, rather than an analysis of historical employment datasuch as job advertisement numbers. Respondents work across a range ofprofessional sectors and are surveyed on a standard set of employmentindicators, as well as a selection of topical questions to reflect currentmarket developments.
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  11. 11. Domestic conditions are expected to remain stable in the first quarter of 2012. The strong New Zealand dollar is predicted to have a positive affect on domestic business activity, while it is likely to have a negative impact oncompanies involved in the export markets. Attracting andretaining staff remains high on the radar for New Zealand employers with 37% of respondents citing this as their key business concern over coming months.
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  17. 17. Office Address• Auckland Level 17 191 Queen Street Auckland, New Zealand Tel + 64 9 354 8100 Fax + 64 9 354 8101
  18. 18. About Michael Page InternationalMichael Page International is a leading professional recruitment consultancyspecialising in the recruitment of permanent, contract and temporary positionson behalf of the world’s top employers. The Group operates through 156 officesin 32 countries and has over 5,300 employees worldwide. First establishedin London in 1976, we’ve been bringing job seekers and employers together formore than 30 years. Our presence in the Asia Pacific region extends acrossChina, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, India, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.