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Gems & jewellery industry5


Published on is an online jewellery retail brand that specializes in diamonds and solitaires at a very unique price range and offers unmatched choices to customers in the category. We offer the best deals in IGI/GIA certified loose diamonds. The unique pricing strategy adopted us distinguishes ourselves from the rest of the players in the market. Our prices are 5-15% lower than other online stores and up to 40% lower than offline stores, with product range starting from Rs. 3000. Besides, we also provide made to order services within a selected budget range. We have been featured in various mainline media like ET, Hindu, TOI, Indian Express , Financial chronicle etc.
Best offers on diamond Jewellery. Certified by international gemological laboratory and hallmarked gold. All at reasonable prices at .

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Gems & jewellery industry5

  1. 1.               SWOT Analysis Market Overview- Domestic Market Overview- Export Market Overview- Luxury Value Chain Analysis Demographic clusters in India Factors Impacting G&J industry Porter’s Five forces in jewellery industry Key demand drivers Government regulations and support Budget 2012-13 Impact Key Players Future Outlook Recent News and its implications Visit| Premium Online Jewellery Store
  2. 2. Growing spending power Catalyst effect of organized players  Visit| Premium Online Jewellery Store
  3. 3. •Indian Consumer Segment •Shift in pattern of consumption •Increasing acceptability & affordability of diamond jewellery • Increased value addition Visit| Premium Online Jewellery Store
  4. 4. No. of households (millions) Income Brackets (US $ 2005 2016 P 2025 P Aggregate Disposable Income (US $ Bn) Income Brackets (US $ 2005 2016 P Visit| Premium Online Jewellery Store 2025 P
  5. 5.    By 2025 Indian Middle class will reach 41% of the population from 5% in 2005, creating a sizeable urban middle class. This will create fast paced and exciting opportunities for firms in the consumer & retail space India’s current per capita annual disposable income is expected to grow by 8-13% from the current level of Rs. 32,299 till 2016 Rising income levels with population increase will lead to an overall increase in consumer spending and shift in consumption basket of consumers from the basic products to more aspirational ones like gems and jewellery Visit| Premium Online Jewellery Store
  6. 6. Patterns of consumption will shift rapidly towards discretionary spending Impact: •More discretionary expenditure as a result of increased income would support greater demand for Gems & jewellery •Also we can see an increase in savings and investments and gold being one of the most sought after investment instrument , predicts a growing demand for gems and jewellery industry Visit| Premium Online Jewellery Store
  7. 7.      Expansion of organized retail improves competitiveness and ultimately customer satisfaction Currently organized retail has a penetration between 5-7% but this is expected to grow in the next few years Branded jewellery in India can now be seen as a developing phenomenon Though the major brands pulling the organized market have now reached a critical point and are looking for more opportunities to grow Compared to other categories jewellery is quite lucrative inVisit| Premium Online terms of financial returns Jewellery Store
  8. 8. Visit| Premium Online Jewellery Store
  9. 9.     Increasing acceptability of diamond jewellery which earlier was lesser accepted in India due to factors such as myths associated with diamonds being unlucky in certain instances and the higher cost of diamonds Diamond as fashion statement for affluent to differentiate themselves from others wearing traditional/gold jewellery Increased affordability because of greater participation of women in workforce and hence increased disposable income for couples aiding change in lifestyle Value addition from processing to jewellery: Though India processes a large number of diamonds, most of them are re-exported after polishing. There exists scope to increase value addition through setting into jewellery (jewellery fabrication Visit| Premium Online Jewellery Store