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Professional Blog Presentation

  1. 1. Professional BlogJoyce Valenza: by Addie Sullivan
  2. 2. • Teacher-librarian and writer• One of the most well-known experts in the school library field• Award-winning blogger: • Edublog Award, “Lifetime Achievement Award 2011” • 2011 finalist for the “Best Librarian/Best Library Blog” AwardWho is Joyce Valenza?
  3. 3. To inform school library media specialists about importantnews, new professional tools, and current trending topics intheir field.According to Alice Yucht’s three types of blogs, this is a“Practical / Purposeful” blog because it includes many linksto useful tools, sites, and professional information.Purpose
  4. 4. • Librarians• School Library Media Specialists• Educators• Readers of School Library JournalCommunity
  5. 5. • Important new information for library media specialists • Creative Commons materials • An online course on how to improve online search skills • Link to AASL’s “Best Websites for Teaching & Learning”• Research and news in the field • Research on technology & multitasking • Research about importance of libraries & librarians in education• New technology tools: • Noodle Tools updates • Meograph • Google features • MentorMob • Beeclip EDU • Mightybell • eduClipperContent Coverage
  6. 6. The archive is extensive and covers ever month from June2007 through present-day (August 2012). On the right sideof the page, you can click on some of the tags from recentposts, use the drop-down menu to select a category, or usethe other drop-down menu to select a month/year in thearchives.Archive
  7. 7. Many sources and materials cited, but here are a few…• Adventure of Library Girl (Jennifer LaGarde):• Alone Together: Why We Expect More From Technology and Less From Each Other, by Sherry Turkle• The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains by Nicolas Carr• Adam Bellow: eduTecher• AASL Forum List: Resolution that School Libraries and Librarians are Critical to Educational Success• AASL’s Top 25 Websites for Teacher and LearningMaterials Read & Cited
  8. 8. • Professional but conversational tone• Well-written, engaging, easy-to-understand language• Well-edited, free of spelling and usage errors• Hosted on the School Library Journal website• Objective, bias-free postsLanguage & Bias
  9. 9. • Meograph (from July 24, 2012 post) • Digital storytelling tool • Specially made for stories focusing on time and place • Allows user to use maps, images, videos, links, a timeline, etc. to tell a story• Google Search by Image (July 21, 2012)• Mentor Mob• Beeclip• Mightybell• eduClipper• NoodleTools updatesWhat did I learn?What will I use?
  10. 10. The Never-ending Search is an essential blog for schoollibrary media specialists and any educator interested ininformation literacy, technology, reading, and other topicsrelating to school libraries.Valenza’s blog provides practical, useful information tokeep you up-to-date! Read it and share with your fellowteachers – they will love you for it!Conclusion