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1st semester review part 4


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Published in: Spiritual
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1st semester review part 4

  1. 1. GothicThe quest for heightand light!
  2. 2. Ambulatory and radiating chapelsAbbey Church of Saint-DenisSaint Denis, France1140-1144• EARLY GOTHIC• Carolingian basilica “unfit” forroyalty converted into marvelousGothic church• Rib vaults on pointed arches• Lux nova
  3. 3. Round vs. pointed arches
  4. 4. West facade of Chartres CathedralChartres, Francebegun 1134, rebuilt beginning 1194
  5. 5. Old Testament queen and two kingsjamb statues, doorway of Royal PortalChartres CathedralChartres, Franceca. 1145-1155
  6. 6. Chartres CathedralChartres, Francebegun 1134rebuilt beginning 11941194 - Chartres PART II
  7. 7. Virgin and Child and Angels(Notre Dame de la Belle Verrière)choir of Chartres CathedralChartres, Franceca. 1170stained glass16 ft. x 7 ft. 8 in.
  8. 8. Rose Window and lancetsnorth transept of Chartres CathedralChartres, Franceca. 1220stained glassrose approximately 43 ft. in diameter
  9. 9. South façade of Notre Dame CathedralParis, Francebegun 1163, nave & flying buttresses ca. 1180-1200, remodeled after 1225
  10. 10. Robert de Luzarches, Thomas de Cormont,and Renaud de CormontWest facade of Amiens CathedralAmiens, Francebegun 1220HIGH GOTHIC FACADEKing’sGallery
  11. 11. Visitationjamb statues of central doorwaywest facade of Reims CathedralReims, Franceca. 1230
  12. 12. interior of the upper chapelSainte-ChapelleParis, France1243-1248Rayonnant (radiating)Style
  13. 13. Virgin and Child (Virgin of Paris)Notre-DameParis, Franceearly 14th century
  14. 14. West façade of Saint-MaclouRouen, Franceca. 1500-1540
  15. 15. Blanche of Castille, Louis IXand two monksdedication page (folio 8 recto)of a moralized Biblefrom Paris, France1226-1234ink, tempera and gold leaf on vellum15 x 10 1/2 in.
  16. 16. Virgin of Jeanne d’Evreauxfrom the abbey church of Saint-DenisSaint-Denis, France1339silver gilt and enamel27 1/2 in. high
  17. 17. Gerhard of CologneCologne CathedralCologne, Germanybegun 1248
  18. 18. Death of the Virgintympanum of left doorway, south transeptStrasbourg CathedralStrasbourg, Franceca. 1230
  19. 19. Eckehard and Utastatues in the west choirNaumburg CathedralNaumburg, Germanyca. 1249-1255painted limestone6 ft. 2 in. high
  20. 20. Virgin with the Dead ChristRöttgen Pietàfrom the Rhineland, Germanyca. 1300-1325painted wood2 ft. 10 1/2 in. highPietá = pity in Italian