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Lamar EDLD 5352

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. E-RATEThe Schools and Libraries Universal Service Program Anglethia D. Collins EDLD 5352 March 06, 2011 Click to Enter
  2. 2. Points of Discussion• What Is It?• Who Is Eligible?• How Does It Work?• Example of Services• Local Technology Plan• Summary• Resources
  3. 3. What Is It?• The E-Rate Program provides a discount for schools and libraries for acquiring telecommunication services.• Eligible school and libraries can receive up 90% discount on Internet access and connections necessary for implementing technology in the classroom.
  4. 4. Who Is Eligible?• Examples of Eligible Schools: – Public school: as defined within the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. – Non-Public schools – Private schools – Charter schools• Examples of Non-Eligible Schools: – Home school programs – Institution of Higher Education – Private Vocational Skills Schools
  5. 5. Who Is Eligible? (cont.)• Eligible Libraries – Public Libraries – Private Libraries – Research Libraries that: • Make publicly available library services and material suitable for scholarly research an not otherwise available to the public.• Ineligible Libraries – Academic Libraries (unless their budget is completely independent)
  6. 6. How Does It Work?• E-Rate discounts are based on economic disadvantaged and geographic location.• E-Rates are determined by a sliding scale formula based on economic disadvantaged student population.
  7. 7. Examples of Services• Eligible • Ineligible – Basic phone service – Content – Leased data circuits – Training – T-1, 56kbs, ISDN lines – Software – Dial-up lnternet access – Direct Internet connections – E-mail – Wireless connections
  8. 8. Technology PlanThe campus technology plan for Woodville High School funds a replacement cycle for pc/laptops annually.Our campus technology plan provides staff development training for teachers to who need to reach Level 3 of minimum competencies and integrations of technology into instruction.
  9. 9. Summary• The goals of the Technology Plan for all campuses are to reach and maintain Target Tech classification levels.• Encourage effective integration of technology resources and systems with teacher training and curriculum development.• Increase involvement of all stakeholders in 21st century technology environment. Home
  10. 10. Resources s/sl/pdf/E-rate-Overview.pdf Home