IA Community (Summer 2010)


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Presented as part of the University of Washington Information Architecture Institute (INFX 598) on June 25, 2010.

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  • IA Community (Summer 2010)

    1. 1. COMMUNITY How are we staying connected? Who’s doing what? Where and when can you find us? June 25, 2010 - IA Institute, UW iSchool Michael Adcock - @PimpIA
    2. 2. WHO AM I? • IA/UX Designer • 2008 MLIS Grad, UW Information School • 10years of software development experience in Seattle area • Freelancing and looking for a job. :-) • michaeladcock.info
    3. 3. WHO AM I, REALLY?
    4. 4. PERSONAL LEARNING NETWORK • People as information sources • Curate your collection of contacts and let them feed you information • Periodically share your own findings (links, blog posts, etc.) • Engage and connect people to each other and to helpful information http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personal_Learning_Networks
    5. 5. MAIN SOURCE? (Pointers to articles, blog posts, book releases, samples, current practices and trends, fascinating conversations, jobs, amusing banter, and psychological support!)
    6. 6. WHO’S WHO • Rather than list a bunch of books or links, I wanted to introduce you to people. • I’mtrying not to play favorites or pimp out friends, but obviously this list is biased. • These folks are “thought leaders” and love to share and collaborate. • Please don’t think of them as rockstars! :-)
    7. 7. STEPHEN ANDERSON Focus: Design Psychology Location: Dallas, TX Twitter: @getmentalnotes Blog: blog.getmentalnotes.com Books & Presentations:
    8. 8. FRED BEECHER Focus: Axure Prototyping Location: Minneapolis, MN Twitter: @fred_beecher Blog: evantageconsulting.com Books & Presentations:
    9. 9. DAN BROWN Focus: Documents and Artifacts Location: Bethesda, MD Twitter: @brownorama Blog: blog.greenonions.com Books & Presentations:
    10. 10. LEAH BULEY Focus: Working Solo, Sketching Location: San Francisco, CA Twitter: @ugleah Blog: ugleah.tumblr.com Books & Presentations:
    11. 11. CHRISTIAN CRUMLISH Focus: Social Interfaces, Play, Banjos Location: Oakland, CA Twitter: @mediajunkie Blog: mediajunkie.com Books & Presentations:
    12. 12. WILL EVANS Focus: Gaga, Expletives, Leadership Location: Philly, PA Twitter: @semanticwill Blog: blog.semanticfoundry.com Books & Presentations:
    13. 13. JOHN FERRARA Focus: Leveraging Game Design Location: Philly, PA Twitter: @ferrarajc Blog: playfuldesign.ning.com Books & Presentations:
    14. 14. NICK FINCK Focus: Mobile UX, Community Location: Seattle, WA Twitter: @nickf Blog: www.nickfinck.com/blog Books & Presentations:
    15. 15. THOM HALLER Focus: Content, Clear Communication Location: Washington, D.C. Twitter: @thomhaller Blog: thomhaller.posterous.com Books & Presentations:
    16. 16. WHITNEY HESS Focus: Evangelism, Inspiration Location: New York, NY Twitter: @whitneyhess Blog: whitneyhess.com/blog Books & Presentations:
    17. 17. ANDREW HINTON Focus: Contexts and Connections Location: Charlotte, NC Twitter: @inkblurt Blog: www.inkblurt.com Books & Presentations:
    18. 18. DAN KLYN Focus: Teaching, Architecture Location: Hudsonville, MI Twitter: @danklyn Blog: wildlyappropriate.com Books & Presentations: IA course
    19. 19. LIVIA LABATE Focus: Planning IA Summit 2011 Location: Philly, PA Twitter: @livlab Blog: livlab.com/thinkia Books & Presentations:
    20. 20. PETER MORVILLE Focus: Search Location: Ann Arbor, MI Twitter: @morville Blog: findability.org Books & Presentations:
    21. 21. JEFF PARKS Focus: Interviews and Podcasts Location: Ottawa, Canada Twitter: @jeffparks Blog: jeffparks.ca/index.php/blog/ Books & Presentations:
    22. 22. ERIC REISS Focus: Customer Service, Business Location: Copenhagen, Denmark Twitter: @elreiss Blog: www.fatdux.com/blog Books & Presentations:
    23. 23. LOU ROSENFELD Focus: Publishing, Search Analytics Location: Brooklyn, NY Twitter: @louisrosenfeld Blog: louisrosenfeld.com Books & Presentations:
    24. 24. DONNA SPENCER Focus: Design Games, IA Patterns Location: Canberra, Australia Twitter: @maadonna Blog: maadmob.com.au Books & Presentations:
    25. 25. JARED SPOOL Focus: User Research, Usability Location: North Andover, MA Twitter: @jmspool Blog: www.uie.com/brainsparks Books & Presentations:
    26. 26. DON TURNBULL Focus: Quantitative IA Location: Austin, TX Twitter: @donturn Blog: donturn.com Books & Presentations:
    27. 27. RUSS UNGER Focus: UX Process, Career Mentoring Location: Chicago, IL Twitter: @russu Blog: www.userglue.com/blog Books & Presentations:
    28. 28. TODD ZAKI WARFEL Focus: Prototyping Location: Philly, PA Twitter: @zakiwarfel Blog: zakiwarfel.com Books & Presentations:
    29. 29. DAN WILLIS Focus: Anything Shiny, Taking Risks Location: Washington D.C. Twitter: @uxcrank Blog: dswillis.com/uxcrank Books & Presentations:
    30. 30. CHRISTINA WODTKE Focus: Strategy, Leadership Location: Palo Alto, CA Twitter: @cwodtke Blog: www.eleganthack.com Books & Presentations:
    31. 31. LUKE WROBLEWSKI Focus: Web Form Design Location: Silicon Valley, CA Twitter: @lukew Blog: www.lukew.com/ff Books & Presentations:
    32. 32. INDI YOUNG Focus: Mental Models Location: San Rafael, CA Twitter: @indiyoung Blog: none Books & Presentations:
    33. 33. CONFERENCES Winter Spring Fall
    34. 34. LOCAL FOLKS • Dave Ballantine • Noah Iliinsky • Kris Bell • Aaron Louie • Rachel Elkington • Samantha Starmer • Nick Finck • Andrew Szydlowski
    35. 35. LOCAL ACTIVITES IA Meetup 2nd Tuesday Refresh Seattle Periodically InfoCamp Fall
    36. 36. UW PROFESSORS Bob Boiko : XML Terry Brooks : Web Design, Creativity Mike Crandall : OMGWTFBBQ Trent Hill : Thesaurus Construction Sam Oh : Ontologies, Metadata Judy Ramey : Usability Testing Jacob Wobbrock : HCI, Interaction Design
    37. 37. FREEBIES • Whitney Hess’ UX Designer Resources • Nick Finck’s book list • Andrew Hinton‘s amazing Linkosophy • Dan Klyn’s IA course materials • Dan Willis’ UX Deathmatch Video • Russ Unger’s Career Workshop
    38. 38. THANKS! Michael Adcock - @PimpIA