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Fringe IA (InfoCamp Seattle 2013)


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Presented at InfoCamp Seattle on October 12, 2013.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Fringe IA (InfoCamp Seattle 2013)

  1. 1. InfoCamp Seattle 2013 Michael Adcock @adcockm #FringeIA #infocampSEA
  2. 2. Sketchnotes! @adcockm #FringeIA #infocampSEA
  3. 3. Understanding IA @adcockm #FringeIA #infocampSEA
  4. 4. Understanding IA @adcockm #FringeIA #infocampSEA
  5. 5. Understanding IA @adcockm #FringeIA #infocampSEA
  6. 6. #ReframeIA at the 2013 IA Summit “Architect” vs. “Builder” “Meaning” (Do we discover it, create it, or both?) @adcockm #FringeIA #infocampSEA
  7. 7. IA as Scientific Discovery “Discovery should come as an adventure rather than as the result of a logical process of thought.” - Theobald Smith @adcockm #FringeIA #infocampSEA
  8. 8. IA as Scientific Discovery "...intuitions always appear at the fringe of consciousness, not at the focus.“ "...the great scientist must be regarded as a creative artist and it is quite false to think of the scientist as a man who merely follows rules of logic and experiment." @adcockm #FringeIA #infocampSEA
  9. 9. IA as Scientific Discovery “…the most difficult mental act of all is to rearrange a familiar bundle of data, to look at it differently and escape from the prevailing doctrine.” - Professor H. Butterfield @adcockm #FringeIA #infocampSEA
  10. 10. Tools and Structures Tools for discovering Meaning yet Structures to create Context @adcockm #FringeIA #infocampSEA
  11. 11. A quick example… As some of you may know, I’m a mashup fanboy. I commissioned Titus Jones to produce a mashup for this “Fringe IA” session. @adcockm #FringeIA #infocampSEA
  12. 12. A quick example: feedback @adcockm #FringeIA #infocampSEA
  13. 13. A quick example: feedback “This was awesome... I love when you do shit like this... something I would have never thought of. That's a very powerful tool for audio collaboration. It would be cool if different people/users could add comments (almost like soundcloud lets you select a time in the track, and add your comment?) Regardless though... I really liked being able to read your feedback at each point in the song. Very cool. ” - Titus Jones @adcockm #FringeIA #infocampSEA
  14. 14. A quick example: presentation @adcockm #FringeIA #infocampSEA
  15. 15. Ok, but what do I do at work? @adcockm #FringeIA #infocampSEA
  16. 16. I’m here: @adcockm #FringeIA #infocampSEA
  17. 17. Company Background • SaaS solutions for libraries • Electronic Resource Management • Bibliographic & publisher metadata @adcockm #FringeIA #infocampSEA
  18. 18. Our Goals • Relationship Management • • • • Advise and Assist • • • • • • Advocate for clients Advocate for internal departments/groups Advocate for a solution Offer historical perspective Treat problems as a means of discovery, not a way to impose a solution Connect people to subject matter experts / tools / information Research and provide answers Facilitate understanding Be Proactive • • • Make it easier to handle similar problems in future Anticipate and solve before clients even ask, escalations occur, or a crisis happens Ask/answer better questions of the data/information we already have @adcockm #FringeIA #infocampSEA
  19. 19. Our Backgrounds Nancy Michael • • Joined Serials Solutions about a year and a half ago • Was a software engineer for 10 years doing all sorts of stuff using all sorts of programming languages • Earned an MLIS degree from UW in 2008 • Has held project management roles and UX designer roles • Currently identifies as an information architect, is very active in the IA community, and sometimes speaks at conferences Has been at the company “forever”, and built up the Support group • Worked directly with folks all over the company, and mentored several people • Knows about a lot of the weird issues that our products and services have (historical knowledge) • • Knows who knows what – if she doesn’t have the answer she can often point you to someone who does (connector) Seasoned in customer support and management @adcockm #FringeIA #infocampSEA
  20. 20. Fine, but what do I do at work? Here’s an example: Given nearly 1000 client configurations stored in multiple XML and JSON files, “migrate” the information over from an old technology to a new implementation. @adcockm #FringeIA #infocampSEA
  21. 21. RTA Migration Oh, and by the way: Some files are for legacy/inactive clients. @adcockm #FringeIA #infocampSEA
  22. 22. RTA Migration Oh, and by the way: Some files are for legacy/inactive clients. Some files are for trial/demo clients. @adcockm #FringeIA #infocampSEA
  23. 23. RTA Migration Oh, and by the way: Some files are for legacy/inactive clients. Some files are for trial/demo clients. Not sure how many clients must be migrated. @adcockm #FringeIA #infocampSEA
  24. 24. RTA Migration Oh, and by the way: Some files are for legacy/inactive clients. Some files are for trial/demo clients. Not sure how many clients must be migrated. It’s NOT a matter of “mapping” or “copying”. @adcockm #FringeIA #infocampSEA
  25. 25. RTA Migration So, um… yeah. Can we do that? @adcockm #FringeIA #infocampSEA
  26. 26. RTA Migration: Approach We needed a tool to help us understand. Something that could put all this stuff in a meaningful context. I decided to use a TiddlyWiki, and build onto it. @adcockm #FringeIA #infocampSEA
  27. 27. RTA Migration: Resulting Tool @adcockm #FringeIA #infocampSEA
  28. 28. RTA Migration: Resulting Tool @adcockm #FringeIA #infocampSEA
  29. 29. RTA Migration: Resulting Tool @adcockm #FringeIA #infocampSEA
  30. 30. RTA Migration: Resulting Tool Under the hood: @adcockm #FringeIA #infocampSEA
  31. 31. RTA Migration: Resulting Tool @adcockm #FringeIA #infocampSEA
  32. 32. RTA Migration: Resulting Tool @adcockm #FringeIA #infocampSEA
  33. 33. RTA Migration: Resulting Tool @adcockm #FringeIA #infocampSEA
  34. 34. RTA Migration: Resulting Tool @adcockm #FringeIA #infocampSEA
  35. 35. Other tools: Google Refine @adcockm #FringeIA #infocampSEA
  36. 36. Other tools: Gephi @adcockm #FringeIA #infocampSEA
  37. 37. Other tools: Gephi @adcockm #FringeIA #infocampSEA
  38. 38. Other tools: Gource @adcockm #FringeIA #infocampSEA
  39. 39. Other tools: D3 @adcockm #FringeIA #infocampSEA
  40. 40. Other tools: RAW @adcockm #FringeIA #infocampSEA
  41. 41. Final Thoughts Freedom to experiment and play is needed. Sometimes we need to be tool builders to solve certain problems. We could learn some things from the realm of scientific discovery. @adcockm #FringeIA #infocampSEA
  42. 42. Thanks! "What you must understand, is that as scientists we must embrace every possibility. No limitations, no boundaries, there is no reason for them.“ - Walter Bishop U.S. Army Research Headquarters, 1986 @adcockm #FringeIA #infocampSEA