ADCentricity ADNational Media Kit


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ADCentricity ADNational Media Kit

  1. 1. Toronto  |  New  York  |  Calgary    |  London    |  |    
  2. 2. Toronto  |  New  York  |  Calgary    |  London    |  |    ADCentricity   is   a   loca=on-­‐based   solu=ons  company   that   provides   a   suite   of   products  and   services   that   drive   consumer  engagement   by   selling   and   delivering  relevant,  contextual  and  targeted  content  to  all  types  of  loca=on-­‐based  digital  media.      ADCentricity   has   worked   with   top   agencies  and   brands   across   North   America   including;  Starcom,   OMD,   Zenith,   Toyota,   American  Express,   General   Motors,   Samsung,   P&G,  Coca-­‐Cola   and   Roche.   Our   industry  partnerships   include;   Computer   Sciences  Corp.,   MDC   Partners,   The   Neilson   Company  and  Environics  Analy=cs.  ADCentricity  services  over  100  loca=on-­‐based  digital   media   networks   represen=ng  250,000+  digital  media  assets,  in  over  71,000  venues,   delivering   billions   of   consumer  impressions  each  day.  Media  Includes:  ü         Place-­‐based  digital  screens  ü         Retail  digital  screens  ü         Interac=ve  digital  screens      ü         Retail  radio  ü         Retail  Bluetooth  ü         Retail  Wi-­‐Fi  ü         Mobile  applica=ons  ü         Digital  projec=ons  ü         Interac=ve  storefront  displays    Plan:  ü  Na=onally  ü  Regionally  ü  Locally  ü  By  category  and  network  ü  By  demographic  profile  ü  By  geography,  reach  and  frequency    
  3. 3. Toronto  |  New  York  |  Calgary    |  London    |  |    Digital  OOH  Categories    How  Is  The  Media  Categorized?  Digital   OOH   (DOOH)   media   is   made   up   of   LCD  screens   placed   in   premium   consumer   viewing  posi=ons  inside  venues.  The  screen  is  controlled  by  a   so`ware   system   that   plays   a   closed-­‐loop   of  content.  The  content  on  the  screen  is  intended  to  provide   informa=on   and/or   entertainment.   As   a  medium  used  for  adver=sing,  the  opportunity  exists  to   have   a   highly   effec=ve,   direct   communica=on  with   viewers.   There   are   three   main   segments   of  digital  out-­‐of-­‐home  media  which  include:  Place  Based  Environments   ranging   from   restaurants/bars   and  office   buildings   to   doctors   offices.   These   screens  are   usually   located   in   areas   that   have   the   best  opportunity  to  be  viewed  and/or  are  in  an  area  that  has  the  highest  dwell  =me.  Retail  Posi=oned   in   key   loca=ons   inside   retail  environments   from   grocery   store   aisles   to  convenience   store   check-­‐outs   and   pharmacies.  Typically,  retail  screens  are  found  close  to  the  cash  as  well  as  areas  where  there  may  be  a  longer  dwell  =me  i.e.  the  deli  counter.  Interac<ve  Screens   that   provide   and   deepen   brand  opportunity   to   engagement.   Viewers   have   the  opportunity  to  play  a  game,  answer  a  survey,  enter  a  comment  etc.      Airports                                Grocery                        Entertainment  Transporta=on              Educa=on                          Hospitality    Medical                                  Fitness                                    Gaming  Gas  Sta=ons                Retail    Personal  Care    and  more…          C-­‐Stores    Shopping          
  4. 4. Toronto  |  New  York  |  Calgary    |  London    |  |    Addi=onal  Engaging  Media  Op=ons  Mobile  Applica<ons  –  In  App  Adver<sing  Currently   available   on   the   following   apps;  CP24,   CTV   Morning   Live   Traffic   Alert,   York  Region   Traffic   Alert,   Rock   95   and   Green   Owl  Traffic.  Sponsor  a  Wi-­‐Fi  Loca<on  Target   customers   in   a   relaxing   cap=ve  environment   while   they’re   surfing   the   web.  Loca=ons   include;   a   na=onal   café   brand,  select  major  shopping  centres  and  airports.  Taxi-­‐  Interac<ve  Screens  In-­‐taxi   screens   provide   op=on   for   audio   and  interac=vity,  are  geo-­‐addressable  and  have  a  cap=ve  audience  with  an  average  dwell  of  15  minutes.  In-­‐Store  Radio  Get  your  message  to  consumers  as  they  walk  through  the  aisles  using  audio  reach  them  on  a  different  touch  point.  Bluetooth  and  Wi-­‐Fi  –  Mobile  Messaging  Proximity-­‐based,   unique   and   real-­‐=me  messaging  that  can  be  effec=vely  tracked  and  measured.          Digital  Projec<ons  Wall   projec=ons   and   3D   wall   mapping  installa=ons   provide   high   impact   and   buzz.  Create  an  experience,  measure  response  and  engage  consumers  via  mobile  integra=on.  Interac<ve  Installa<ons  Provide   engagement   and   interac=ve  opportuni=es   to   consumers   in   a   specified  geographic   area   to   drive   buzz,   social  interac=on,  unique  experiences  and  an  overall  fun  and  tech-­‐savvy  execu=on.  Gain  analy=cs,  drive   social   media   and   provide   mobile  engagement  through  this  media.         “The   LBMA   is   currently   working   with  ADCentricity  and  its  partners  across  North  America   and   Europe   and   is   extremely  excited  about  our  rela=onship  as  they  have  the   vision,   products   and   services   to  deliver.”  -  Asif  Khan,  President  and  Founder,  Loca=on  Based  Marke=ng  Associa=on  
  5. 5. Toronto  |  New  York  |  Calgary    |  London    |  |    ADCentricity’s  ADCentral  solu=on  is  a  loca=on-­‐based  digital  media  management  plaporm.  ADCentral  provides  end-­‐to-­‐end  adver=sing  campaign  management  and  consolidates  the  highly  fragmented  digital  media  asset  landscape.  For  local  adver=sers  seeking  reach,  frequency,  and  a  par=cular   geography   and   na=onal   adver=sers   pursuing   relevance,   demography   and   a   specific  customer  segment.      ADCentricity  connects  the  strong  demand  from  adver=sers  to  reach  “on  the  go”  consumers,  to  influence,  promote,  and  facilitate  purchase.    ADCentricity  provides  media  buyers  the  ability  to  plan,  create  and  deliver  relevant,  contextual  and  targeted  loca=on-­‐specific  content  via  mobile,  tradi=onal  digital  assets  and  emerging  technologies.  •  Drive   store   revenue,   promo<onal   effec<veness   and   shopper   engagement   by   reinforcing  print,  radio  and  television  media  messaging  via  “out  of  home”  loca=on-­‐based  digital  media.  •  Create  loca<on  relevant  marke<ng  messaging  that  will  resonate  with  customers  due  to  “who  they  are”  and  “where  they  are”  on  the  Path  to  Purchase.  •  Target   your   marke<ng   messages   based   on   consumer   shopping   and   buying   behavior   using  psychographic  data  from  Nielsen,  Polk,  Simmons,  Environics  Analy=cs  and  more.  •  Distribute  targeted  messages  to  a  network  of  over  16  categories  and  55  subcategories  –  100  networks,  250,000+  digital  media  assets,  71,000+  venues  –  delivering  hundreds  of  millions  of  impressions.  •  Analyze  and  report  on  customer  response  to  further  messaging  and  increasing  response  rate.    ADCentral  Bluetooth  Digital  Place  Based  Screens  In-­‐Store  Digital  Screens  In-­‐Window  Digital  Interac=ve  Mobile  Shopping  Applica=ons  In-­‐Store  Radio   Digital  Projec=on  Wi-­‐Fi  
  6. 6. Toronto  |  New  York  |  Calgary    |  London    |  |    Research   Lite   is   an   extended   service   that   includes   pre-­‐packaged   and   fully  customized  research  studies  to  measure  digital  out-­‐of-­‐home  campaigns.    With  this  turn-­‐key  solu=on,  adver=sers  can  take  advantage  of  narrow  focus  campaign  research  to  gain  deeper  insight  on  the  efficacy  of  the  media  impact.  Working  directly  with  a  peoplecount  research  engineer,  a  customized  intercept  survey   is   designed   taking   in   to   considera=on;   objec=ves,   market   defini=on,  venue  selec=ons  and  cri=cal  =me  lines.    Upon   comple=on   of   the   study,   an   in-­‐depth   analysis   and   dissemina=on   of   the  collected  campaign/consumer  data  is  formaued  within  two  to  three  weeks  for  strategic  insight  into  your  ini=a=ve.  Accountability  and  Sta=s=cs  
  7. 7. Toronto  |  New  York  |  Calgary    |  London    |  |    Market  Breakdown  
  8. 8. Toronto  |  New  York  |  Calgary    |  London    |  |    Venue  Breakdown  
  9. 9. Toronto  |  New  York  |  Calgary    |  London    |  |    “U=lizing   ADCentricity,   we   found   digital   out-­‐of-­‐home  to   be   a   very   effec=ve   vehicle   in   planning   and  understanding  the  en=re  landscape  (of  the  medium).  We  found  digital  out-­‐of-­‐home  to  be  the  most  efficient  media.”  -­‐  Dan   Jester,   GMMB   for   the   Barak   Obama  Presiden=al  Campaign  “Time–and  =ming–is  money.  For  an  industry  trying  to  make  sense  of  a  complex  digital  out-­‐of-­‐home  world  at  a   =me   when   budgets   and   human   resources   are  limited,   the   =ming   for   ADCentricitys   ADCentral  product  seems  ideal.”  -­‐    Marke=ng  Magazine,  April  2009  “Ladies   and   Gentlemen   -­‐   This   ADCentral   is   the   REAL  DEAL   -­‐   and   not   just   marke=ng   hype.   The   applica=on  gets   high   marks   from   me   for   its   usability   but   its   real  power  is  in  the  database  that  holds  ALL  the  details  of  ADCentricitys  partner  networks.  ADCentral  integrates  the   process   with   some   extremely   clever   condi=onal  logic   that   automa=cally   filters   the   out   only   the   most  relevant  DOOH  network  partners.”  -­‐  Manolo  Almagro,  former  Publicis  Planner  and  Editor  for  “Organic  now  includes  this  plaporm  in  every  planning  discussion  for  clients  and  new  business  pitches.”  -­‐    Conor  Brady,  Chief  Crea=ve  Officer,  Organic  What  Others  are  Saying