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Weird, Wonderful & WTF


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Weird, Wonderful & WTF is all about how ideas move across the web.

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Weird, Wonderful & WTF

  1. 1.
  2. 2. GOOD IS SUBJECTIVE.Good content is subject, while wemention good content, we’re actuallyreferring to content that spreadsnaturally.
  3. 3. Agenda1. Look At Stuff2. Lesson3. More Stuff4. Another Lesson4. Q&A
  4. 4. WEIRD: Robocop on a unicorn was ameme in 2008. A basic image searchreveals many more instances of thismeme.
  5. 5. WEIRD: Tom Selleck, a sandwich anda waterfall was a 2010 meme that gotsome traction. for all the details.
  6. 6. WEIRD: The Gotye meme is morerecent. It’s another weird example ofpop culture becoming mutated content.
  7. 7. Wonderful ImageWONDERFUL: The Kenguruwheelchair car is one for the wonderfulfile.
  8. 8. WONDERFUL: There are plenty of amazing human feats online. Photography and visuals are one of the most popular thing on the web.© 2011 Inferno Ltd | Internal Confidential
  9. 9. WONDERFUL: An American mothermade headlines online when she madeher son wear a sign of all the things hedid wrong.
  10. 10. WONDERFUL: Everyday, someoneon Facebook makes other peoplesmile. Some people are better at it thanothers.
  11. 11. WTF: There is no shortage of randomcontent online that make you cringe orwonder if it’s real. These are just someexamples.
  12. 12. WTF: No big deal, just a bunch dudes on the couch with their crotch on fire.© 2011 Inferno Ltd | Internal Confidential
  13. 13. WEIRD, WONDERFUL & WTF:Muscle music from Old Spice. It’s anice way to combine all three.
  14. 14. Good Content Spreads Naturally
  15. 15. If someone threw a brick through a boardroom window, there’s not a single person in that room who would be able to hold that in. Each person has the natural tendency to tell someone else. It’s built into who we are. Why do you think it’s so difficult to keep a secret. If something disruptive happens, you have to tell someone else. Technology comes second in this equation. Disruptive Content = Must Share The sharing use to happen only in person, now it happens by phone, text, Facebook, etc…© 2011 Inferno Ltd | Internal Confidential
  16. 16. Most people don’t notice the number of Ford focuses that they see each day, but if they see the Batmobile, they might point, take pictures and talk about it. Good disruptive experience prompt people to take action or document the experience. Unique events get special relevance and are held in the mind longer.© 2011 Inferno Ltd | Internal Confidential
  17. 17. Those same disruptions spread a lot further if you disrupt a large group of people. If the brick was thrown at a concert or the Batmobile was in the the parking lot post concert, the disruption would spread much further. In addition to helping spread content, the web is full of “gathered” people. All you have to do in find them and give them a pleasant disruption.© 2011 Inferno Ltd | Internal Confidential
  18. 18. Good Content Generates a Physical Reaction
  19. 19. Weird Useful Timely Valuable Funny Spectacular Random Unexpected Better Wonderful ShockingWeird, Wonderful & WTF are only a few Sexy Urgentways to create a disruption. All these wordrepresent a form of disruption. The more ofthese you can own well, the more likely you Emotionalare to spread you content organically.Each one of these words makes you have a Illuminating WTFphysical reaction, it could be laughter,stopping to think, smiling, blushing, crying,gasping, etc… Unique
  20. 20. WEIRD: is a web site with alate 90’s feel. It’s very much real. Ling isvery successful, she made a name forherself with this persistently weird website.It’s weird, but unique.
  21. 21. WEIRD: Now this is just silly. It’s just likeCraigslist, but everything is spelled with alisp.
  22. 22. WONDERFUL: There’s abeautiful idea here. A dog willlove you no matter what, it’sdifficult to live up to theirexpectations, but if we did, we’dbe better for it.
  23. 23. WTF: These Russian youthsare playing a dangerous gamein these high rises. The contentis so WTF that there’s an agerestriction on YouTube to watchit. atch?v=kdsryZINo3Y&feat ure=related
  24. 24. WEIRD, WONDERFUL &WTF:This classic IKEA ad is about 7years old, but definitely ticks allthe boxes. http://www.yo atch?v=tetO SMilRKg
  25. 25. Good Content is Timely© 2012 Inferno Ltd | Internal Confidential
  26. 26. TRENDJACKINGZeitgeist means the spirit of the times. It’s also anInferno blog that aims to capture instances oftrendjacking and rapid responses. WEIRD: This example features guys showing their nipples in support of Kate Middleton. A Tumblr was created within 48 hours of events unfolding.© 2011 Inferno Ltd | Internal Confidential
  27. 27. WONDERFUL: This wass a brilliant rapidresponse, trendjacking job by Lynx.
  28. 28. WTF: Apple Maps! Enough Said.
  29. 29. Viral Isn’t Something You Make, But Good Content Is
  30. 30. CHOOSE ALL WORDS THAT YOUR CONTENT OWNSWhen making content it’s a good idea to usea score card. First choose which words youcontent owns well. Next, have people whodon’t work with you rate the content 1-10 in RATE THEM 1-10those areas.The higher you score, by strangers, themore likely it is that your content couldspread organically.
  31. 31. Content rating will only get you sofar, because making content isonly part of the equation.You have to consider theaudience, the distribution, andhow it will propagate.If you do all of these well, westand a better chance ofspreading organically, but it’s stillno guarantee.Alternatively there’s luck.
  32. 32. People Who Make GoodContent Are Proactive & Have Fun Making Things
  33. 33. I’d like to end on one of Inferno’s Weird, Wonderful and potentially WTF project. Please visit the Facebook page and join our movement to get David Cameron and Nick Clegg to grow moustaches for Movember.© 2011 Inferno Ltd | Internal Confidential
  34. 34. INTERESTED IN A CONTENT WORKSHOP? Call Tim at +44 (0) 20 7092 0300 or Email: