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Evaluation Question 4


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Evaluation Question 4

  1. 1. Technologies<br />
  2. 2. Technology and the internet in particularly is a very valuable recourse when researching. It is good for both researching existing products and your target audience. I used youtube a lot to look at existing videos within my chosen genre and it was also a helpful way of gaining feedback from your target audience. I used the DSLR camera to create a short trial stop motion sequence and i used the editing program “premier pro” to edit it before uploading it onto youtube. There is a link to the video below...<br /><br />After putting the video on youtube I posted it on a facebook page I had created for audience research along with some photographs showing ideas for the miseenscene of the video. Below is a link to the page...<br />!/group.php?gid=178295495943&ref=ts<br />The feedback we got on this page was minimal but the idea of being able to interact with and gain a push/pull audience this easily is a very good one for the media industry. It allows you to run your ideas past your audience before actually committing to anything.<br />Research...<br />
  3. 3. The production was the process that required the most technology obviously. During the creation of the video we used the obvious: digital camera, DSLR camera and lighting kit and then in the post production we used both premier pro and photoshop. We used photoshop in our video production as well as our print work as we needed to edit some of the still images from the stop motion sequences such as the garage sequence. Speaking of stop motion animation; this turned out to be the most difficult aspect in creating our video as every time we tried to use the stop motion facility on the cameras an error occurred which caused us to transfer all of the images to another camera and restart the process. We then realised that there was no way of getting the stop motion sequences to fit in with the time of the music as we wanted so we had to import each individual frame and lay it in time with the music. Although this ended up looking very effective it was extremely time consuming. Other than this the production of our video went relatively smoothly and we had no difficulties using premier pro. Saying that, I did find using photoshop a lot more satisfying and for this reason I am a lot more happy with my print work . I think my use of photoshop has given my print work a higher quality finish than my video.<br />Production...<br />
  4. 4. For my print work I used a good variety of techniques and I combined hand done work with computer work. For example I drew the glassyouth title and scanned it in and I also scanned in the torn edges on the advert. I think that combining media and methods like this worked really well and it makes the product look a lot more professional. Although I was more than able to use premier pro I would definitely say I was more comfortable using photoshop.<br />
  5. 5. For the evaluation I have used a variety of technologies ranging from screen grabs, embedded videos and links , right up to recorded interviews using the digital camera and embedded power point presentations. I have also used facebook and youtube largely and I think that the introduction of these social networking and hosting sites have helped the media industry develop greatly. It has been easy to gain feedback on my products from a range of people and the idea of the interactive push/pull audience and media 2.0 allows for a product to be properly suited to its audience. More than even the audience are having a part in the creation of media products and this is largely thanks to the internet and the interactive media that it allows for.<br />Evaluation...<br />