English Poetry Book


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This is my "poetry book" that I've created for my English III class. Of course, it was actually cut out and pasted onto construction paper on the final copy, but otherwise this was the "main" part of it all.

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English Poetry Book

  1. 1. Senses Poem Slant Rhyme Free VerseClassmate Dream Poem Ballad Song Poem Exemplum Choice Poem Reflection
  2. 2. Blue BookmarkIn-between of all these old pages,I’ve been writing down all our memories.There’s just one page that I’ve left empty;How the story goes, I’ve forgotten.Looking at the bookmark that we placed there;Suddenly, we were riding a bike we found in the streets.Rushing to a place where we buriedOur memories of a simpler time.The path seems so different but we can see the ocean here.The sky, so high, so fearfully shining.My right hand holds a soda, but there’s an ache in my left.My left is reaching for you.You used to come search for me way back then.You used to ask so much more of me then.I know that you’re still here, you still see me, and you’re still with me.Yet why do I pray to see the old you again?Maybe there’s just something wrong with me.
  3. 3. Another Day Watching as the days go by, Telling myself another lie That I’ll see you once again From the Heavens you will descend. I can’t bear the thought of you Not being along my side, too. I wish that you were still here; Someone that I truly hold dear. Once again, the days go by. Still telling myself another lie. Hopefully I will see you, And maybe you will see me, too.
  4. 4. Rainbow RoadWell, son, I’ll tell you:Life for me ain’t been no rainbow road.It’s had shells in it,And bomb-ombs,And bananas scattered all around,And places with no mushrooms on the track.Go!But all the timeI’ve been driving on,And drifting,And using items,
  5. 5. And sometimes goin’ off the corner,Where there ain’t been no shells to toss.So boy, don’t you turn back.Don’t you not accelerate,‘Cause you finds it’s kind-of hard.Don’t you fall now –For I’se still racin’, honey,I’se still boostin’,And life for me ain’t been no rainbow road.Rawley Cadenhead Motorcyclist, tall, ginger, and strong This man could probably never go wrong. An outdoor’s man, wanting out of high school; Sarcastic and funny, he must be cool. His passion? To only be ultimate. Do not attempt to underestimate. Once he sets records for none to carry,
  6. 6. A Godly woman is his to marry.Better To Have Loved Once Since the age of six had we felt The closeness between us. Something inside us felt so special;
  7. 7. Together, dawn to dusk. Love was what held us forever, But little did we know, That, together, we would not last. Her death would come as so. Shattered, lost, without any hope; Forever missing her.The love we shared was like no other; Innocent and just, pure. Memories of her last within, Playing inside my head. Her warm complexion and smile, And how she was so kind.The thought of our great, bright future; Will never forget it. A home, marriage, a kid or two, However we saw it.
  8. 8. It was better to have loved once Than to not love at all. Together, forever, our love Will last, no matter how.
  9. 9. The Little, Blue HomeLong ago, just a few blocks away,Stood a house that belonged to my friend.Many years since I last visited,Spending time with my childhood friend.What used to be warm and full of life,Now holds sadness and gloomy lights.The time I spent with her those long yearsQuickly vanished one November night.Alone, I walk into the blue house.Memories of her will guide me the way.Thought empty and dull, none to counsel,I will forever remember her.
  10. 10. Forgive, Forget Once ago, back in my childhood years, I met a girl to whom I hold so dear. Back in those days, life was a bit too rough, Though she was by me, no matter how tough. Back then, I seemed to be hated by most. A faithful reminder of my own ghost. Surprisingly, she always seemed to help. No matter how hard people tried to dealt. When everyone made me at my lowest, The love she shown for me was the nearest. One day, she taught me what none else had said, About forgiving those who I most dread. To forget the wrong they have caused on me,
  11. 11. And strive for whom I truly want to be. To this day, nothing about that has changed. Though the feeling feels just as much strange. Without her, I still hold onto her words. As my world feels yet divided by thirds. I will forgive all and keep moving on; I will forget her for now she is gone.Ten Years LaterIll never forget being with you at the end of summerWith our dreams of the future and big hopes.I believe that ten years later in August,Well meet again.Such great memories.We met in a sudden instant at the intersection on the way home,And you called out to me, and said "Lets go home together."I was so bashful that I hid my face with my bag,But I was so very, very happy.The fireworks burst in the night sky so nicely, it kinda hurts.The wind flows by with the time.
  12. 12. We had so many happy, fun adventures,Together in our secret base.I knew that, until the end, you were shouting,"Thank you" from the bottom of your heart.Farewell, while smiling and holding back tears, is so hard.Such great memories.