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C:\fakepath\blog post action plan


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Published in: Education
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C:\fakepath\blog post action plan

  1. 1. Tool 7.1 – Action Planning Template Goal: To implement C-Scope curriculum in order to increase TAKS math scores at Spearman High School.
  2. 2. Action Steps Persons Timeline Needed Evaluation Responsible Resources Survey regarding Alexis Beck August 2010 Survey Return of scores, E-mail and surveys curriculum, and mailing course passing addresses rates Create survey for comparable districts E-mail and mail surveys Follow up before due date with districts to ensure return of surveys Data analysis of Alexis Beck August 2010 Data from Data compiled comparable TEA website in a neat districts in manner Region 16 Data from Disaggregate returned TAKS data surveys Compile survey results Course passing rates Analyze course from other passing rates districts Disaggregate Alexis Beck August 2010 Local data Data compiled local data in a neat manner Disagregate TAKS Teacher data lesson plans Analyze course passing rates Analyze local lesson plans Create and Alexis Beck August 2010 Program to Feedback from present create graphs presentations presentations for various stakeholders