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Action Plan


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Action Plan

  1. 1. School Board Superintendent Principal SBDM Technology Committee Teacher Director School Board – The school board is responsible for allocating funds for technology and professional development. The school board also approves the District Technology Plan as well as the District and Campus Improvement Plan. Superintendent – The superintendent sets goals using the district technology plan. He/she should also ensure that the vision in the plan is shared by all stakeholders. Principal – The principal shares the vision for technology with staff. He/she should model the vision by using technology. The principal should be educated about technology and share resources available with staff. He/she also plans staff development sessions based on data and on individual teacher needs. The principal also communicates needs of staff to technology director and superintendent. The principal is a vital part of the organizational chart because he is in contact with three of the other stakeholders on the chart. If the principal fails to do his job in any way, the system will not be effective. In such a small district, principals have many responsibilities regarding technology integration. Technology director – The technology director works with the network and available hardware and software. The technology director troubleshoots and sets network blocks.
  2. 2. The technology director works with both the principal and teacher to help implement technology. SBDM committee – The site based decision making committee sets goals for campus improvement. This often includes goals related to technology integration. Teacher - Teachers implement technology in order to increase student engagement and success. Teachers also use technology to enhance instruction for 21st century learners. Teachers should communicate with the principal and technology director about technology needs in the classroom. .
  3. 3. Action Plan According to Spearman High School principal Bill Belger a small, rural school district like Spearman ISD is very lucky to have access to great 21st century technology such as SmartBoards. Mr. Belger believes that all student subpopulations can benefit from the interactive nature of the SmartBoard. Teachers simply need more direction on class implementation of the SmartBoards. A goal in Spearman ISD’s district and campus improvement plan is for all teachers to attend professional development on the implementation of the SmartBoard in their classrooms. All staff members have participated in a beginning and intermediate SmartBoard training session. Professional development must be based on the individual needs of the teachers. Due to differing levels of knowledge and use, two levels of training will be provided. The campus principal will assign participants to a training based on the attached survey and by the principal’s knowledge of teacher’s level through informal evaluations. The campus STaR chart for Spearman High School in 2007-2008 indicated that educator preparation and development was a weakness. Access to professional development was rated extremely low. Therefore, the professional development sessions will be offered on campus. Professional development must be evaluated to determine its effectiveness. Teachers will be given a survey after completion of the professional development session. This will provide feedback on the actual session. Participants will be given a follow up survey after approximately one month to determine the long term effects of the session. Examples of the survey are below. The principal will compile results from evaluations in order to determine the effectiveness of the professional development session. The summative and formative evaluations will give the principal data about eh success of the training sessions. To assess the progress toward success, the principal will ensure that all staff members participate in the training. If there is a need, additional sessions will be provided at a later date. This will meet the goal of the District and Campus Improvement Plans that states teachers will attend professional development on the implementation of the SmartBoard in their classrooms. The principal will also review the 2009-2010 STaR chart results and gauge improvement based on the educator and professional development section. Results will also be measured by evaluation of teacher lesson plans. Teachers will turn in lesson plans and the principal will monitor technology use in the plans. The principal currently conducts informal walk-throughs on a weekly basis and will continue to do so in order to evaluate SmartBoard integration.
  4. 4. SmartBoard Technology Integration Survey Name:______________________________ Current teaching assignment: ____________________________ Check the statements that apply to you: _____ I have attended beginning SmartBoard training. _____ I have attended intermediate SmartBoard training. I use my SmartBoard: _____ Every day _____ At least once a week ______At least once every two weeks _____ At least once a month _____ I do not use my SmartBoard When I use my SmartBoard: _____ I touch the SmartBoard _____ My students occasionally use the SmartBoard ______My students and I use the SmartBoard equally. _____My students are the main users of the SmartBoard. For office use only: Principal notes: _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________
  5. 5. _______________________________________________________________________ ____ Professional Development Session 1 Title Summary Rationale Setting Information Session will Student This Monday, SmartBoard review engagement session December 13, Training - SmartBoard is key to will take 2009 technology student place in the Advanced presented in success. high High School former sessions SmartBoards school Computer Room and expand on are provided technology 1 that in all core classroom. knowledge. classrooms. Teachers 8:00 – 4:00 Session will Teachers will work focus on need to be with Smart Presenter: Alexis improving comfortable Products Beck student working with on the engagement the desktop through SmartBoards. computers. interactive Many lessons practices. are available Teachers will on-line that be shown teachers can SmartExchange adapt for website where their own other teachers classroom have shared use. lessons in order to see what is possible. Teachers will be asked to pick one activity from the website and adapt it to their own classroom
  6. 6. before leaving the session. Professional Development Session 2 Title Summary Rationale Setting Information SmartBoard Teachers will Once teachers This session Tuesday, bring two to know what will take place December 14, Training – three SmartBoards in the high 2009 Integration classroom are capable of school with topics of their they need to be technology High School choice. The able to classroom. Computer Room Content goal for the integrate the Teachers will 1 session is for technology work with teachers to with their Smart 8:00 – 4:00 create two classroom Products on SmartBoard content. the desktop Presenter: Lori lessons over Teachers need computers. Reed, Smart the content to create Technology they bring. lessons while Specialist – Teachers will an expert on Kress ISD be encouraged the technology to implement is available to video clips and help and sounds when answer appropriate. questions.
  7. 7. SmartBoard Professional Development Evaluation Session Attended: Advanced or Integration with Content The session was applicable to my current teaching assignment. Yes No The session was well organized and worth my time Yes No I created a lesson in the session that I can apply into my classroom. Yes No The presenter was organized and knowledgeable on SmartBoard technology. Yes No I am interested in more SmartBoard training. Yes No
  8. 8. SmartBoard Professional Development Follow Up This survey is given to session participants approximately one month after the training. 1. What concepts taught in your professional development session have you implemented in your class? 2. Did you use the lesson created in the session? (For advanced training this is the lesson from SmartExchange. For content integration this is the teacher created lesson.) 3. Since the session have you utilized the SmartBoard more frequently in your classroom? Explain. 4. Has student engagement increased due to the integration of SmartBoard technology? 5. Are there any areas that you would like further training or assistance in regards to SmartBoard integration? 6. List three possible dates for a principal observation where you plan to incorporate your SmartBoard in class.