Trends Assessment Presentation #1 - Mobile Payments Using NFC, 2-14-12


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Presentation deck on trend assessment of NFC-enabled mobile payment systems

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  • 10% of country’s 100 million mobile subscribers
  • Trends Assessment Presentation #1 - Mobile Payments Using NFC, 2-14-12

    1. 1. 1 What’s In Your Wallet?NFC-Enabled Mobile Payment Systems #NFC Andrew Baird 14 February 2012
    2. 2. Presentation Outline NFC Ramps Up Frequency of Mobile Payments Applications Using Google Wallet: - NJ Transit - Jamba Juice Future Potential in Retail, Vending Location Levels the Playing Field #NFC 1
    3. 3. Near Field Communication (NFC) Developed in 1990s by Philips and Sony Acknowledged by ISO in 2003 to allow secure contactless communication Source: “The Future of Mobile Payments” *INFOGRAPHIC+ by G+. Ben Parr. July 8, 2011 #NFC 2
    4. 4. NFC: “I’m Huge in Japan” comScore: 9.8 million Japanese mobile users carried out purchases with mobile wallets in Dec. 2010 Source: “Mobile Payments 2012: My mobile, my wallet?” (Whitepaper) Jeroen del Bel and Monica Gàza. September 2011 #NFC 3
    5. 5. The Growing NFC Mobile Market Source: “Mobile Payments 2012: My mobile, my wallet?” (Whitepaper) Jeroen del Bel and Monica Gàza. September 2011 Source: “The Future of Mobile Payments” *INFOGRAPHIC+ by G+. Ben Parr. July 8, 2011#NFC 4
    6. 6. U.S. Contenders#NFC Source: “The Future of Mobile Payments” *INFOGRAPHIC+ by G+. Ben Parr. July 8, 2011 5
    7. 7. Transportation Application: NJ TransitCurrent Use: Third-largest public U.S. transport system allows passengers to purchase paper tickets with Google WalletOpportunities to Improve: Mobile ticketing Alerts/notifications based on multi-mode transportation Partnerships with airlines, car rental companies, other transit systems #NFC 6
    8. 8. Google Wallet in Action: Jamba Juice#NFC 7
    9. 9. QSR Application: Jamba JuiceCurrent Use: Initial launch kicked off at > 200 locations in NY, SF, LA, CHI, and DC in Sept. 2011 SingleTap feature integrates Google Offers for $2 couponOpportunities to Improve: Further integrate with Google using Places reviews - Deliver coupon to customers after writing a review for each Jamba Juice location - Improve local SEO, customer feedback/participation, and customer loyalty - Make more informed decisions about customers and tailor products to tastes #NFC 8
    10. 10. Potential Industry ApplicationsIndependent Retail: Vending: Opportunity for emerging  Integrate GPS on phones to send payment systems to partner tailored deals and offers with small businesses  Integrate account customer Create loyalty programs to information between partners for leverage collective resources quick and easy purchasing Deliver relevant products and offers in exchange for rewards  Track customer use over time and gain better data on behavior #NFC 9
    11. 11. NFC’s Future: Moving Away from Physical Currency More transactions benefit small/medium and Warner Siebert local businesses CEO, BuzzTable Mobile merges digital and real world Security Issues: February 2012 Google Wallet Hack “Mobile unleashed a whole new element to Marketing…location. Marketers will be able to take advantage of individual consumers’ GPS coordinates and guide them to their nearest vendor location.” #NFC 10
    12. 12. NFC’s Future: Location Levels Playing Field Restaurants, retailers, transportation, and most local business stand to benefit most Consumers’ change in behavior – mobile payments will become the ‘norm’ Warner Siebert Access to existing customer account CEO, BuzzTable information will help brands ensure greater customer intimacy Lower processing fees = level playing field for local businesses #NFC 11
    13. 13. Summary NFC technology on mobile phones gaining momentum United States playing catch up to Asia and European markets for mobile payments Google leads the way with competition heating up Transportation, QSR Industries provide glimpse into future state Localization aspect of NFC-enabled mobile payment helps level the playing field for small and local businesses Customer data and purchase behavior are key resources for Marketers in coming years #NFC 12
    14. 14. Q&A#NFC 13