Why do MBA?


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http://yournextleap.com/blog/why-mba/ Tips from career experts as to why you should or should not do MBA.

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  • "‘Why MBA’ may be one of the shortest questions in the professional world, but it is also one of the most important ones. For one, you will be making numerous sacrifices on your professional and personal fronts in order to get the MBA tag. An MBA, or a Master of Business Administration, is a very hot topic nowadays. For more details regarding MBA and benefits of choosing MBA after graduation, visit - http://www.slideshare.net/VaishnaviBhalekar1/why-to-choose-mba"
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Why do MBA?

  1. 1. Common Reasons For Doing MBA Higher Salary Switching Careers Starting a business Currently jobless. Pursuing MBA for a job! Social influence Better career opportunities
  2. 2. Which Reason Applies To You?Identify exactly why you want to do your MBA. This will not only helpyou during the interview process, but justify one of the biggest career moves in your life to
  3. 3. Reason #1: Higher Salary?Are you looking to do MBA for higher salary? Takethe below points into consideration Does spending 5-15 lakhs or more for a MBA justify the salary hike you will get? If you are taking education loan, factor the interest you need to pay for your loan. Does it still give a good ROI? Are you sure more experience in your current job will not give you a higher salary without actually taking MBA?
  4. 4. Reason #2: Switching Careers? Are you looking to do MBA for switching careers? Can you not get a job in your desired functional area without MBA? How can a MBA specifically help you break into the industry?
  5. 5. Reason #3: Starting a BusinessDo you want to do MBA so that one day you can start your own business? Most MBA’s do not teach you real world issues of running a business. So how do you think that a MBA will help you? How can you counter the argument that “Entrepreneurship cannot be learned in school. You need to get your hands dirty to become a real entrepreneur”
  6. 6. Reason #4: Doing MBA to Get JobThere are many students who pursue MBA since they couldn’t find a job after graduation.While this may not be a wrong move, make sure that you canget a job after MBA. Unless you do MBA from a good college, placements are hard to come by.If you couldn’t get job after graduation, how are you going to improve yourself to make yourself employable?
  7. 7. Reason #5: Social InfluenceAre you pressured to take up MBA because someone else youknow is taking it up? Or maybe it’s a custom in your family to do MBA?If you say this to your interview board, they’ll outright reject you. B schools want strong decision makers who can makecorrect decisions and not someone who gets swayed easily by what others do.
  8. 8. How Will a MBA Help You? Are you looking to do MBA so that you can get better career opportunities? You must have a clear idea about how exactly a MBA can help you.This will help you during your MBA interview process as well as plan your career.
  9. 9. For more MBA queries, Log on to- YourNextLeap.com