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Mba in hr


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Slide describing the various aspects of MBA in HR in India

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Mba in hr

  1. 1. MBA in HR
  2. 2. Why MBA in HR?
  3. 3.  Human resources management covers a wide spectrum of inter and intra personal communication and behavior of the organization. If you are interested in management of employees, their well-being; pursue MBA in Human Resources.
  4. 4. What is the syllabus and course structure like?
  5. 5.  In most Universities in India, the course structure for the first year is common for all students. The subjects are general management, financial accounting, laws of management, business economics and some others. The second year includes subjects like human resource planning, industrial relations, organization behavior and organizational development.
  6. 6. Prospects in Future With new start ups, expanding businesses and soaring nation’s economy; the role of a human resource manager is significant. It covers a broad spectrum of workforce management, employee and company relationship, organizational psychology and development, performance and rewards, management applications etc
  7. 7. Some Skills you need to have- Team management skills Proficiency in decision making Great communication and interaction expertise Understanding the employee and company relationship Creation of programs and execution Fairly good with numbers and a pleasing
  8. 8. How does an HR help acompany?
  9. 9.  Employee engagement Ensuing job satisfaction Training and Development Stress management Ensuring quality of work life Managing recruitment life cycle
  10. 10. For detailed information on MBA in HR, please log on to-