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Education in India


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Career experts discuss the current scenario of education system in India.

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Education in India

  1. 1. Importance of Education in India
  2. 2. Education in India is… No more an option but a basic necessity Tool to confront the competitive world Teaches values, cultures and explores unintended opportunities
  3. 3. Statistics of Education in India 1561 schools have just one teacher to teach! In class 8, 1% of students don’t know how to read even a single English letter
  4. 4. School Curriculum in India Stream #1 – International Curriculum. includes all high class schools andfacilities, with premium fees and global standards.
  5. 5. Stream #2 – National Curriculum.includes CBSE/ICSE boards which are tougher than State Board Curriculum.
  6. 6. Stream #3 – State Curriculum.Most Govt. schools have State Board Curriculum.
  7. 7. Why is education important? Plays a very important role in increasing our knowledge Helps us socialize and attain belongingness in the society Helps us get employment opportunities
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