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Adarsh credit helps a budding floorball champ, ajay nehra


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Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society never takes a step back to help the youth to flourish. For more info:

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Adarsh credit helps a budding floorball champ, ajay nehra

  1. 1. Adarsh Credit helps a budding floorball champ Ajay Nehra
  2. 2.  Welfare of the society and contribution to construct a better future for the nation, these are the aspects that are under Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society’s constant efforts.  On the similar lines, Adarsh Credit has taken initiative to invest in youth of the nation and help them achieve success.
  3. 3.  Recently, Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society offered a financial help to one of the budding and highly enthusiastic floorball player, Ajay Nehra.  Ajay Nehra wanted to go for the under- 19 international floorball championship that will be held in Singapore and Adarsh Credit decided to make this dream come true.
  4. 4.  In an interview with Adarsh Sahkar Sarita, Ajay Nehra gave various insights about floorball as a game and about the championship that is going to be held in Singapore.  Ajay specially mentioned immense happiness and gratitude towards Mr. Rahul Modi, Managing Director, Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society.
  5. 5.  Expressing his happiness, Ajay shared that he would like to thank Mr. Rahul Modi for giving inspiration and support to take part in the international floorball championship at Singapore.  This championship is going to be held from 24th July 2018 in Singapore and Ajay is all set to give his best.
  6. 6.  Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society would like to wish Ajay Nehra good luck for the upcoming championship as well as to achieve all that he has dreamt of.  Adarsh Credit will continue to help such budding stars and motivate them to make the nation proud.
  7. 7. Visit: To get access to all the activities of Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society