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Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz 2013 (Gurgaon)


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Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz - 2013 (Gurgaon)

Complete Preliminary Round and Final Round questions with detailed analysis of questions and participants.

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Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz 2013 (Gurgaon)

  1. 1. TATA CRUCIBLE CORPORATE QUIZ - 2013 The Business Quiz (14th September, 2013 – Taj Vivanta, Gurgaon) Final Round Results  Winners  Genpact Rohan Khanna Leo Thomas  Runners up  Reckitt Benckiser Mohit Rajeev Preliminary Round Results  Team - 1  Reckitt Benckiser Mohit Rajeev  Team – 2  Genpact Rohan Khanna Leo Thomas  Team – 3  DY Works Parthash Kaul Ashish Jain  Team – 4  Bacardi Ali Imran Rishan Chatterjee  Team – 5  Reckitt Benckiser Gautham Rajagopalan Tanmay Shrist  Team – 6  Google Anurag Khandelwal Jatin Nagpal Remarks: This is a new team from Reckitt Benckiser. They battled till last to get the Runners up title. Team – 1 and Team – 6 were tied at 30 points each before the last question of the event. Remarks: Rohan is a well known quizzer and has won TCBQ (Gurgaon) last year too. Leo is the reigning Tata Crucible Campus Quiz champion. He got placed in Genpact this year. Remarks: This is a new team from a Branding company (DY Works) As they were new to national level quizzing, they panicked and couldn’t give out their best. Remarks: This is a promising quiz team. Both started out good in the event, but lost their track in the later rounds. Remarks: This is the old team from Reckitt Benckiser. This team was runner up for the Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz – 2012. They couldn’t give out their best. Remarks: This was the most balanced team. They gave out the best answers. This team lost the runners up title to Team – 1 at the last question. Team – 1 and Team – 6 were tied at 30 points each and Team – 1 gave out right answer for last question of the event and bagged Runners up title.
  2. 2. Crucible Quotient: Team – 1: Reckitt Benckiser - 40 Points (Runners up) Team – 2: Genpact - 65 Points (Winner) Team – 3: DY Works - (-)05 Points Team – 4: Bacardi - 15 Points Team – 5: Reckitt Benckiser - 05 Points Team – 6: Google - 30 Points
  3. 3. Preliminary Round Total Questions – 25 Q1. Which economist was Finance Minister Chidambaram quoting in his 2013 budget speech when he said "There is a compelling moral case for equity; but it is also necessary if there is to be sustained growth. A country's most important resource is its people.” (Clue: Finance Minister Chidambaram often quotes this famous economist) Answer: Joseph Stiglitz Q2. Which idea originated with the school of Salamanca in the 16th century and was developed in its modern form by Gustav Cassel in 1918? (Clue: Very important for Nations around the world) Answer: Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) Q3. After Christian Dior’s untimely death in 1957, who succeeded him as the head designer of the House of Christian Dior? (Clue: Short form the person would be suffice) Answer: YSL - Yves Saint Laurent (Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent) Q4. Which cosmetics billionaire notorious for creating lipstick Index, has given New York city’s Metropolitan Museum of Art for creation of research centre for Modern art, which he supported by donating $ 1 Billion in August, 2013? (Clue: Known for art philanthrophy) Answer: Leonard Lauder Q5. Which European automobile giant has advertised with the following image? (The following image suggests “Don’t text and drive”) Answer: FIAT
  4. 4. Q6. Which Gurgaon based cola giant has entered into a one year strategic partnership with the Asain Football Development Project under the theme “Live for Now”? (Tricky Question: Both Pepsi Co. and Coca Cola have their India headquarters in Gurgaon) Answer: Pepsi Co. Q7. Which iconic brand had a memorable slogan “The road starts here, it never ends”? (Clue: It’s a cult brand in it’s industry (segment) all over the world.) Answer: Harley Davidson Q8. If A stands for Afghanistan, P stands for Pakistan and I stands for India in the proposed TAPI pipeline project, what does T stand for? Answer: Turkmenistan - Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) gas pipeline Q9. Which internet company was co-founded in 2006 by developers Fabric Grinda and Alex Oxenford? (Clue: It’s making huge sound in India in its segment. Related to e-commerce) Answer: OLX Q10. Identify the company with this image as their advertisement. (Clue: It says coming soon to India) Answer: IKEA
  5. 5. Q.11 Which car maker has roped in golfer Jeev Milkha Singh as its brand ambassador in India? (Clue: This company manufactures Cars, Trucks and Buses) Answer: Volvo Q.12 Which famous Miss Universe owns the Bollywood production company “Bheegi Basanti Entertainment”? (Clue: Her husband is a famous celebrity) Answer: Lara Dutta Q13. Which company has launched a restorative water drink called “B’Lue” with the tag line “At your Best, Hamesha”? (Clue: This company is making huge sound in India in it’s segment) Answer: Danone Q14. Which diamond brand from Gitanjali Jewelers is endorsed by Sanjay Dutt and his wife Manyata? Answer: Sangini Diamonds Q15. Identify the co-author of this famous book. Answer: Frederick Angels Q16. Which FMCQ company has decided to exit the branded rice segment with “Arise”? (Clue: This company wanted to create a brand of rice “Arise” but failed to do so and decided to quit) Answer: Marico (Saffola Arise)
  6. 6. Q17. Which English football club is owned by Fenway Sports group and has the anthem “You’ll never walk alone”? Answer: Liverpool Q18. Which company was founded in 1994, spurred by what it’s founder called “regret minimization framework”? Answer: Amazon ( Q19. What is the term used to describe an office organization system which involves multiple workers using a single physical work station or surface during different time periods? Answer: Hot seat (Hot seating) Q20. Identify this gentleman from India in the following image? (Clue: Extremely important gentleman in finance sector of India) Answer: Rajiv Takru (Advisor to Finance Minister of India) Q21. Which country’s intelligence agency has taken to social media for recruiting its members and the ad reads “ If you possess daring wits & finesse, and think you can make and impact and perform ….” Answer: Israel (Mossad – Israeli Intelligence agency) Q22. GZ-19, GZ-20, GZ-22 …… Who’s airships are these? Answer: Goodyear (Goodyear Blimps) Q23. This “sexy bread’ maker was the first in India to pack break in hygienic and convenient poly wrapping? Who are we talking about? Answer: Great Harvest Bread Company (US based bread company)
  7. 7. Q24. Rana Kapoor: Yes Bank Radha Kapoor: X ? (Clue: Live Clean) Answer: Pressto (Dry cleaning and laundry service company) Q25. Identify this person from the following image. (Clue: He is in the news recently) Answer: Rohan Murthy (Son of Narayan Murthy) Audience Questions (Total questions – 2) Q1. Recently a mall in Mumbai, a free store showcased many items and asked people to take away any number of products for free, but people couldn’t take out one product. What is this about? Answer: It’s a brand campaign about Fevicol. Q2. Connect persons: Graham Gooch, Greg Mathew, Martin Crowe, Shane Warne. Answer: Advanced Hair Studios
  8. 8. Final Round (External track) Round 1: Think Global (Total questions – 6; +10 for each question) Q1. What in the world of automobiles is a concept called “Cross badging”? Answer: Cross-badging or badge engineering, a strategy used globally in the auto sector by group companies or partners sharing the same car or platform with minor engineering changes. (e.g., Renault and Nissan share the same platform, make the same car with minimal changes and sell those cars with different brand names ….like Renault Pulse and Nissan Micra) Q2. He is a globe trotter, philanthropist …Last year his company WIndrush Ventures Ltd , one of his nine companies donated 16 million pounds. He’s also has a role in JP Morgan Chase…and JP Morgan Chase has paid him since 2002. Identify this person? Answer: Tony Blair Q3. This Indian conglomerate has the largest market in chairs and tables business in Afghanistan. It thought of selling bicycles in India. But World War II broke out and a ship carrying manufacturing equipments of bicycles sunk and thus they backed out of the Bicycles selling idea. Answer: Godrej Q4. This term is known as “Mordida” in Spain, “Winport” in France, “Butterbread” in Scandinavian countries. This term is current estimated around 1 Trillion dollars around the world. What is this in India? Answer: Bribe (Mordida Briba – Illegal bites) Q5. Caxirolla is an instrument based in Caxissi. It’s also known as Idiophone.This is banned in Brazil. What are we talking about? (Clue: It’s in news recently) Answer: Vuvuzela (Caxirolla is a type of Vuvuzela) Q6. This place has had the following companies who bid for the naming rights. Fosters, AMP, Brit, KIA were the companies who bid for naming rights of this famous place. Answer: Oval Cricket Ground (Fosters Oval Cricket Ground, AMP Oval Cricket Ground, Brit Oval Cricket Ground, KIA Oval Cricket Ground)
  9. 9. Round 2: Think Pictorial (Total questions – 6; +10 for each question) Q1. Who is this Indian? Answer: Viren Shah (CMD – Mukund) (former West Bengal Governor) Q2. What is found here? This is the entrance. Answer: Lego Secret Vault (It contains all the products manufactured by Lego till date)
  10. 10. Q3. What’s the logic behind this? Answer: It’s the McDonald’s store in Australia. In Australia, a local brand has the same sounding name as McDonald’s and local company has the naming rights. So, McDonalds branded itself as Macca’s - a slang term by which it is popularly known in Australia. Q4. What significance is this book to business? “The Big Ditch” Answer: Construction of Panama Canal which transformed the world business. Panama Canal is the big ditch.
  11. 11. Q5. Who’s this person? (Clue: Started very important in the world of Finance.) Answer: Shripal Morakhia (Founded Share Khan) Q6. Identify the missing word? A Answer: Ajax (Water closet – Ajax. It’s a flushing system used in toilets)
  12. 12. Round 3: Think TATA (Total questions – 4; +10, -5 for each question) Q1. Which TATA Company is an authorized distributer for Piageo’s “Aero” aircraft – P180 Avanthi in India, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh . Answer: Taj Air (Private aviation company with tagline “The best suite in the world”.) Q2. One of the TATA brand – Tata Shudh, a cement brand is manufactured by which company? Answer: TATA Chemicals Q3. Which brand of TATA invited it’s Facebook fans to get ideas and suggestions or products? Answer: Fastrack (Titan Industries) Q4. This TATA partner was also a partner of Manchester United. Answer: AIG (TATA AIG insurance) Round 4: Think Cryptic (Total questions – 4; +10, -5 for each question). Q1. Find the specific connect. Answer: Amarchitrakatha (G K Anantharam is a person from Karnataka. He was the first person who had idea to convey stories in Kannada using Amarchitrakatha. Vodafone has recently launched a commercial promoting to tell stories to dear ones on the phone. Oxford Bookstores which is owned by India Bookstores has rights for Amarchitrakatha) G K Anantharam Image of a person Video: Vodafone Commercial for stories over the phone. Oxford Book Store
  13. 13. Q2 Find the specific connect. Answer: Marilyn Monroe (Marilyn Monroe with Hugh Hefner inside a car. Nicole Kidman impersonating Marilyn Monroe in a song Diamonds are girl’s best friend. 6126 is clothing line by Lindsay Lohan. It is famous for stockings and leggings. 6126 is the birth date of Marilyn Monroe. Monroe was born on 1st June, 1926. Marilyn Monroe is present inside a inverted triangle print art.) . Image: Black white picture of Marilyn Monroe and Hugh Hefner inside a car Video: Nicole Kidman in a song, previously performed by Marilyn Monroe. (Diamonds are girls best friend is the song). ?
  14. 14. Q3. Find the specific connect. Answer: Doonesbury (Garry Trudeau is the creator of Doonesbury on the top left. Doonesbury, the cartoon strip won Garry Trudeau the Pulitser Prize. Warren Buffet and Donald Trump appear on Doonesbury. Doonesbury has ‘bury’ common with Pillsbury.) Video: Pillbury commercial
  15. 15. Q4. Find the specific connect. Answer: Bird Group. (Eastern Investments Ltd is a Govt enterprise company. The BISLA Stone Lime Company Limited is a part of Bird Group. Amitabh Bachchan started his job in Bird Group. The BISLA Stone Lime Company comes under Ministry of Steel. Ministry of Steel is headed by Beni Prasad Verma.) Video: Commercial of Amitabh Bachchan. The BISRA Stone Lime Company Limited.
  16. 16. Round 5: Think Rapid (Total questions – 3; +15, +10, -5 for each question) Q1. First plant at ‘Sankar Nagar’. Answer: India Cements (India Cements started their first plant at Sankar Nagar in Tamil Nadu in 1949. Hence the Sankar Cement is a product from them) Q2. This Indian organization came with their very first TV ad in their 157 years in Common Wealth Games 2010. Answer: Indian Railways Q3. This company publishes the global innovation barometer which examines state of business innovation in a volatile global economy. Answer: General Electric Compiled by Adarsh Abhinav (Mechanical Engineer by profession, Part time excessive drinker, Dreamer, Movie/Anime buff, Adventure sports enthusiast, Insomniac.) Facebook: Twitter: @AdarshAbhinav LinkedIn: