Brick masonry


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Brick masonry

  1. 1. Wall Masonry and Reinforcement WorksEntire project work assimilates use of non-modular (230mm x 110mm x 70mm )fly-ash bricks, made mandatory by the statutory order. This is in accordance withthe green building concept, on which the whole construction is based.Bricks undergo three tests in the quality control lab 1. Dimension Check 2. Water Absorption Test 3. Compressive Strength Test 4. Efflorescence Test Brick works in this project included primarily twokinds of bonds1. English Bond2. Stretcher BondEnglish BondThis bond can be explained well through plan beside.It consists of alternate layers of headers and stretchers.These are joined together by a 1:6 mortar mix.All 9’’ walls are measured by cubical content.Such walls are worked up in the same algorithm as the stretcher bondStretcher BondThis is laid according to following plan.
  2. 2. It consists of continuous work of stretchers. These are strengthened by a 1:4mortar mix.All 4’’ walls are measured by area and any wall longer than 3.5m is provided withstub column.Here a horizontal reinforcement is also provided by laying continuous rods of8mm. diameter to take the entire shear.This layer consists of two free equal sized rods place at a distance of 2” placedafter three layers of brick work.Algorithm for laying bricksBricks are laid according to following algorithm.1. After Site clearance setting out of works is done.2. Lay the base course for leveling with M7.5.3. Now lay the brick according to the respective bond and perform vertical checkthrough a plumb and a horizontal check through a level pipe. Distance betweentwo bricks should not be more than ½”.4. Fill the mortar in a layer measuring again not more than ½”.5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 and go-to step 6 for 4” wall.6. While constructing a 4” wall, lay the horizontal reinforcements after everythree layers.Notable Points-Stub Columns, for 4”wall, and Seismic Bands, for both types of walls, areprovided all along the construction. Both constitute of 4 – 16mm dia.reinforcements. The stub columns come from the slab reinforcements and holdtogether the longer walls. Seismic Bands are in compliance with the seismicdesign of this Zone II building.
  3. 3. -Curing of brick wall is done for 24 hours for 7 days. Here the use of “wetted”gunny bags was also observed.-While Red Bricks were not at all used, in accordance with the order passed bySupreme Court. This order states that amount of Red bricks should not be morethan 20% of the total bricks used in any government project.-The aforementioned tests on bricks were conducted and trial values verified asper se.