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Case exposition of a case of organized medical crime. This exposition is meant for criminal report.

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Case exposition

  1. 1. Case Exposition with selections from material available being worked out earlier.Lectori Salutem! In addition to the extensive medical pieces of research being worked out,included you will find a exposition of the case put together, based upon selections from earlierresearches. At each selection the source is mentioned with the page number of the orignalresearch. Like as A-48 stands for page bladzijde 48 of the research in part A, B-2 is referingto page 2 of the rearch after fraude in part B, and I-11 is standing for page 11 from the e[istelMedical Initiation. The total reserach resulted in 3 writings where from selections underneath.In some cases a selection from a (medical) report has been made, which has not been used inthe research forgoing after unallowed medical actions, and will be mentioned separately.Situation: I have fist-wide cyst stituated in between the brain-membrane, in the left lowerquadrant of the backside of the head. The cyst came gradually into excistance after a fall froma climbing-tower when I was at the age of three pon the concrete floor. Hereafter arose aminor bleeding. It is not unthinkable that next to a severe brain concussion also a of the skullbone was there, in any case I lost consciousness after the fall. As result about that bleeding achalk deposition arose with, that started to hold back water (brainfluid), and likewise the cyststarted at first with. I never underwent trouble from that cyste before in the past, I did noteven knew that such a large cyst was situated there ...Scan extractions of the cyst seen from three sides. The cyste is shown here in mirror image,but is situated on the left side of the head between the brain-membrains which are coveringthe brain just under the skull. In order to treat the cyst from growing further only cutting ahole through the covering brain membrane was needed in order to make a connection with thebrainfluid underneath. (Source I-2 . and at the most right A-45). Acter the second operationthe cyst also stretching beyond the –brain-halfs- separating brainseparaying walls (falx). Takea look at the photo at the middle.(Source: report Dr. Strack Van Schijndel – Van Hanswijk 5 mei 2008)1
  2. 2. Translation of selection of the report Dr. Strack Van Schijndel – Van Hanswijk 5 mei 2008:The patient is familiar with the medical status after neurosurgical intervention because of a large arachnoidalecyst in the posterior fossa being diagnosed in the past by MRI scans being performed because of complaints ofdizzyness, an anoying tinitus and a strongly diminished hearing capacity. The cyst was located at the left sideand was pushing the cerebellum to the front. Because of this the VII/VIII (nervus) course is some more comlex,and nextto this also the a. Carotis Interna went some more streched under the schedelbasis what might explainthe sensation of tinitus. After this (edoscopic fenestration) treatment there was no improovement from thecomplaints. By now several other researched have been performed after that treatment and it seems there is apersisting subarachnoid cyst, where a reduced flow is to be seen inespecially in the sinus transversus, by whichwe may think that that sinus transversus has no patency anymore. The cyst now measures 7,5 by 4,5 by 7 cm. Animpression remains visible of the left cerebelair henisphere from the mid-line (to the right). The ventrikels aswell as the cisternas are slender.There were two surgical treatments at hand, which in principle should be equal to eachother,but where at the second operation other handlings were performed then was agreed. Thereafter a fals medical report was given that actions were performed conform agreement.•(Bron: AMC rapportage Neurochirurgie 21 december 2000 (Zie ook KNO: A-56 en A-57)Translation of the selections from AMC rapportage Neurochirurgie 21 december 2000:In februari 2000 an endoscopic fenestration took place of sub-arachnoid cyst from the posterior fossa. At first thecomplaints reduced in dizzyness, disturbance of equilibrium, and loss of hearing at the left ear. However aftertwo months again there is a increase of complaints as mentioned above. The loss of hearing has beenobjectivised by a medical specialist (otorhinolaryngologist). Tract history: no cardial or pulmonaty complaints.Allergic reactions: unknown. Medication: none. Intoxications: alcohol 2 units a day. Smoking: no.Course:2
  3. 3. On 30.10.2000 a fenestration took place from the cyst to the cysterna magna by craniotomic surgery. Patient wasable to remobilize quickly without disturbance of equilibrium. On 09.11.2000 patient could be dismissed in goodcondition. The further course on the complaints will be evaluated during policlinical control in three months.Besides from the medical fraud in reports about the operations, I also got confronted with ageneral cult of silence. Docters are allowed to perform ‘truthfully’ with what had been put onpaper fraudelent... (Likewise ms. Dr. Strack Van Schijndel – Van Hanswijk was not able towrite something about this after finding in her medical referral letter see page 1.)(Source: Report advisor medical injury of harm mr. Drs. Wolthuis 06 augustus 2008)Translation of the report from the medical injury of harm advisor mr. Drs. Wolthuis 06 august 2008:On 30-09-07 I received from client concerned an email with supporting documents from concerned himself date04-08-06 with adjustments date 15-06-07 and 26-09-07. One and another had to do with partly very technicaldetails because of in special the second surgical operation.Because there was no further question form your side regarding (the assigning lawyer) I just took a rough noticeof certain matters. On account of your current request I’ve looked through one and another more closely.Then I confine myself to state in this with the affirmation that during that second operation apparently quietsome went wrong meaning that a major (drainage) vein (Sinus Rectus?) has been hit. There was a considerableloss of blood during during that surgical operation, hartrythm failures. Apparantly they indeed got technicallyspeaking the situation under control, but for that purpose the concerning sinus has been removed or disconnectedand also certain other local changes were applied. The comcerning patient is pointing at the fact that after thatoperation a complete different anatomic situation arose, with an altered and and a hindered passage of thedraining venes and possible concequences comparable with abrainconcussion. There are consciderablereproaches in regard to the neurosurgeons in that way that unquestionable they have been acting careless. Oneand another is also because after they acted in mysterious drawing concealment towards the concerning.About the illegal implant thus was not written by mr. drs. Wolthuis, but prof. Dr. Seibel didackowledge this indeed, after his collegue Dr. Stückle had performed an enhanced research inMRI scans. (The office Joosten advocaten mentioned not to be strong enough for such a case.)3
  4. 4. Source: medical report from prof Dr Seibel 26 november 2007. (See also A-6)Translation of bi-lingual report from prof. Seibel 26 november 2007:In the cervical vertebral (spinal) column is at the height of the C2/3 an extintionartefact to be seen in thetransversal layers with partly an extinction of the spinal canal to the right. The complete cause for this artefactcan not be described MR-morphologically, in case needed a conventional X-ray photo should give an exclusion,because also from the surgery report there cannot be deprived from, what intervention as been done. The cervicalspinal column shows a stretching deformation. Image of a medial protrusion in segment C6/7 with medial bothsided neuroforamine stricture and direct affection of the neural roots. Stricture of the spinal canal for ca 20%.Medial slight protrusion in segment C5/6 without relevant neuroforaminal stricture. The Myelon shows a normconform signal character, likewise the liquor spaces. No catheter material has been seen.Inspite of that problematical issue of silence the UWV social income for sick peopledidacknowledge my researches, even as the medical injury of harm advisor mr. Drs. Wolthuisrelated to the office Joosten advocaten at Amsterdam:(Source: UWV writing 4 december 2008 head assurance physician Drs. P.C.M. Kok.Translation of UWV writing 4 december 2008 head assurance physician Drs. P.C.M. Kok:Dear sir (concerning patient), we have received your writing mentioned above in good order. Your bill has beenadded to your medical file. By this addition your annotation has become an integral part of your medical file.This writing I received during a juridical procedure because of entitlement of a social incomefor sick people, because of the cult of silence regarding medical blameable activities I alsowas being harmed in my interests in this. There even was tried to harm me even more, but thatis another (proven) matter.)We were able to read from selections of reports mentioned above, that with the violation ofthe main vein called vene Sinus Rectus, and with this also the brain separation walls, (afterhaving made a hole on the left side and starting to cut underneath just passing the middle lineat the right side,) and above with illegally implanting a damage-causing system of artefacts in4
  5. 5. the neck: this isnot ver good at all and is not in favour of the patient his welbeing.(Bron A-17) (Bron A-18) (Bron A-30) (Zie ook B-2!)The image Source A-17 shows the missing of the vene sinus rectus (arrow), as well as thatoperation matarial was left behind in the backside of the head (oval circel). On the image atthe middle we see the cyst with underneath a image disturbance in the neck (Source A-18).On the photo to the right we see a selction from the image of Source A-30, which is showingclearly that the artefact is consisting with several parts. (On page A-31 we see that mostprobably the upper part of the artefact stelsel might be a tie-wrap, which is stringed around thesecond vertebra.) The handlings were ment causing damage in kind. There is no issue ofperforming surgery in the neck by accident and without my knowledge and permission. It isalso proveable that these handlings took place only in the AMC. The offender behaviouroccurring afterwards with forgery of documents, but also x-ray fraude in notable even proveninternational cooperation in grouping of interests is speaking for it self already…By the AMC it was suggested that a vainclip located in the head –being a closed area from therest of the body-, sagged downwards from into the neck within a month time, and to remainthere for more then 10 years then after? (See B-4 and B-5) Note: Professor Seibel gave theadvise to have a regular x-ray being made in order to point out clearly about that system ofartifacts further. It is of importance to remark that he also stated a sagging of the sixt vertebra(old age wear) in his diagnosis... Th e X-ray-photo’s being made there upon were frauded.Already excisting scans from other people were used for this. (Source B-6)There have been two x-ray reseraches. One was performed by the Medisch Centrum Jan vanGooyen, which has a commercial interest with the AMC, and at the second were equally tothe first serie frauded scans with covered overwritten nametags, including variating lovationsof the so called vainclip in the neck vervaardigd: the second hospital has made similar imagemanipulations as act of imitation. I refer to the complete reserach what is showing this like aswuth images in part B. But the second German Hospital wrote no report, the Jan Van Gooyenclinic however did write a false medical declaration, where at the seventh vertebral suddenlywas called the vertebral being sagged in (iso the sixth C-6).5
  6. 6. (Source: report radiologist Dr. H.J. Wieringa 16 november 2007)Translation of the report of Dr. H.J. Wieringa 16 november 2007:Stretching position fitting with hypertension. There is some loss oh height of the corpus C7 an some arthritichook forming on that level and an ibtervertebral arthrosis on C6-C7. A little clip is projecting dorsal somewhatmore to the right side in the myleumcanal (....) at the hight of C3. That clip is showing strong resemblance withthe clip shown in the occipint CT neck scan in 2000, (frauded Ct scan AMC dec 2000).For further substantiation of the case I point to my three reserach epistles, this concernsserious medical ill-treating with apparantly predicided mind. This writing aims only to reportthe case summarized in easy-veiew into a compact form with various selections.Because I knew I had to deal with a misdrijf, allthough the kind and character and the extentbecame clear to me only at the end of 2007, I understood that asking for a copy of my medicalfile would not have of much use, for there were already given false declarations in report tomy generalist. By consequence I had to perform research in privat. First I had made scans atDia Sana scans, but besides from good scans made by Dr. P.H. Haarbrink, I did receive areport from Dr. D.J. Venderink without content. There was even stated that the cyst hadbecome even smaller after the second surgical operation.(Source: Dia Sana radiologisch verslag 18 augustus 2006)Translation of the radiologic report from Dia Sana august 18th 2006:In relation to the scanning by the OLVG(2006) there is no increase shown, and a declibe t.o.v. AMC (2001). Thesinus transversus to the left is showing no flow en has presumably no has no patency anymore (see anamnesis).(Bron: Dia Sana radiologisch verslag 18 augustus 2006)But the OLVG MRI report from 08 juni 2006 contradicted this completely and all:(Source: Dr. Franssen-Franken OLVG 08 juni 2006)Translation of the report by Dr. Franssen-Franken OLVG 08 juni 2006:MR brain:On the MR reserach presented only sagittal scans and scouts are to be seen. A very large cyst infratentioneelwith a transversal diameter of 7,5 cm and a maximal sagittal diameter of 4,5 cm is located to be seen. This islocated infratentorieel at the left side the cranio-caudal diameter sizes 7 cm. The image is conform the researchfrom the AMC of february 8th2000. Unchanged some impression on the left cerebellum with a lichtdisplacement from the midline in this place. Hence normal foramen, normal configuaration and signal intensityof the medulla oblongata, pons, mid-brain and supratentorial. There is a slender ventrical and cisterne system.6
  7. 7. Supra tentorieel no midline shift. Some very small white matter laesies paraventricular namely at the left side.Slender sulci and gyri. Conclusion:Syze of the arachnoidale cyst is in essence unchanged to the scan from februari 8th2000.With the scan material from Dia Sana I started to study anatomy, in order to be able to explainthe scans. I did understand that I was going to get to see something that is not as it should be,but at that time I had no idear what was to be found in conclusion with these scans. After ayear of study the epistle Medical initiation arose with, (which ms. Dr. Strack Van Schijndel –Van Hanswijk during a consult stated to me as being an impressive piece of work.,) I was ableto formulate my assignment for reserach for prof Seibel, where his report and the epistlemedical reserach part A came forth out. After that, only after the fraude with x-ray photo’swas determined en resulted regarding the research after image manipulations being comittedas a crime into a part B concerning the medical reserach.Hereafter it became of importance to request for the medical file from the AMC as yet,conform on the law on agreement of medical treatment (WGBO) in order to see if we stillcould find additional information, although there was already a frauded excisting serie.During a poli-clinic visit upon my 1st confrontation with the suspicion of improper acts wasreacted negatively, but I did receive a surgical report from Dr. Leenstra to take home with,what in spite of its infirmity of report meant for concealment in still gave indications inagreement with my findings. Ik refer in short to the file-pages A-20 until A-23 and A-53.(There was no declaration-billl available of that consult according to the health-insurancecompagny CZ Tilburg).From Dr. Schuurmans I only received only the reports that were sent already to my generalistexcluding reports of research, surgery and nursing reports, while these conform the WGBOdefinitly should be supplied. We already know this, at the AMC they keep a different opinionand likewise also in respect to legislation and protocols themselves.(Source: writing of Dr. P.R. Schuurman 14 september 2009 see also A-58)Translation of the writing of Dr. P.R. Schuurman 14 september 2009Attached you will find a copy of the letters that have been sent regarding you, where upon indeed you have theright to receive them based on the WGBO. A full copy of your medical file including all annotations is howevernot meant under this. If you want you may just look through the file, but here for you have to make anappointment for with the secretariat of the department neurosurgery of the AMC.Resuming. In itself cutting through the falx cerebelli, the lower brain separation wall betweenboth halfs of the little brains would have been a better solution, then just aking a hole in thecovering brain mambranes towards the large left brain-fluid-chamber (as had been reportedafter), but for this it was not needed to violate the vcene sinus rectus. Further implantingillegally into the neck –according to prof Seibel a damage-causing artifact (extinction meanskilling), and also comitting fraud perpetually about afterwards, is obviously pointing out, thatwe are dealing with a crime in natably organized cooperative connection. S. van Hoek.7
  8. 8. PLIGHT BLOODY - PLIGHT MESSY (Copy Source A-48 en B-26)Cutting through of the falx cerebelli in stead of the spoken and to the generalist reported phenestralcutting through the lowest layers brain membrain into the direction of left cisterna magna being thesub-arachnoid layer and the Pia Mater. The more they report this violation as if it is the most commonthing in the world, under ignorance of basic knowledge of the anatomy according to this surgeryreport. But the falx cerebelli is the separation wall between the left and the right half of the littlebrains. The tentorium is the horizontal separation wall separating the larger brains form the littlebrains, the larger brains also have a separation wall falx cerebellum which is situated in the lengthenedof the falx cerebelli. In the cross point of the falx cerebelli / -cerebellum and the tentorium is enclosedthe unanimous major vene sinus rectus. (In case the cyst was situated on both halfs at start, instead ofthe left half only in the left quadrant underneath, then maybe there was a deviating anatomic situation,but not in this case.) The single vene sinus rectus is draining away as a vene the inner brain fluid fromthe left and right venes sagittalis inferior and the underneath situated venes cerebri magna. The venesinus rectus is in the confluence continuum connected to the vene sinus sagittalis superioris which isending up via the vene transverses into the vene jugelaris which is leading to the hart. To report tohave hit a vain so-called by surprise, (with conversion of the report being the vene sinus rectus) isfalse. The vene sinus rectus is the fifth vein counting from the hart, which in its existence withknowledge from the anatomy notably under neuro-navigation reference (with the untold use ofcontrast fluid) can be found. Venes are by the way visible through the membrane. Next this that venehas not been named, and also it has not been reported if the vain was repaired; only the staunching ofthe bleeding has been reported. Hereafter they even cut further into the falx cerebelli, where they thinknot to see a vain. They suggest as if they operate in a dangerous area; Ambush!They might think of course that under the flag of ignorance, and a surprise everything is allowed forthem? The surgery report is significant insufficient. The vein being hit is not named, neither if that onewas repaired. The use of a clip in the head has not been reported as well, and neither the incision thatrunning down half way the neck, neither the illegal implant. An incision of that dimensions was notneeded for the proposed operation. A hart operation is also not done ‘funny’ with an incision from thenavel, Harakiri! Thus, a crime concealed in medical terms…The parables underneath give a comparing in non medical parole:- In stead of the demanded hole into the floor a hole has been made into the wall. There weresome electricity-plugs known, and likewise they hit so called by surprise a wiring not to becalled. This one they remove just ‘eyes wide shut’, under the excuse not to see that one, wherein result the wiring hit is also not existing anymore: problem solved for the wiring being hit.Fact remains: the demanded hole in the floor has not been made, but the undertaking has beenreported and billed such as being done.- Operation target: opening backseat trunk and taking out sport bag (with the car key belongingto…!): To open the trunk we crash the back-window, and take the suitcase (!?) from thebackseat… We put the suitcase back again, and we enter the trunk by pulling forward thebackseat. We grab the sport bag and put the backseat back in its place. For closing we glue athin plastic layer in front of the smashed in window. Conclusion: miniscule operation (withsledgehammer) successful. (Was there something inside that suitcase?)- A bank robber does not grab in the cash-desk where he is not thinking to see money, but healso does not give a copy of his passport while performing his violating way of reign. And incase he does leave something behind, (identification) this will certainly not be correctinformation. We also do not ask the robber to cooperate in the investigation, to point out someresponsible for this. In the medical branch however this is such as happening in the judgmentof cases. One judges primary with the report of treatment without external expertise…The above stated parables are mend as a comparison to point out my findings in other ways bydeduction of the juridical and medical facts and nomenclature. Unfortunately the parables are to be8
  9. 9. recognized back from the facts in the research file. What they have been experimenting underway isnot complete clear, but the final results of the treatment are far going pointed out, and here is acteddefinitely unacceptable. Reason to bring up this matter in the service for honorable doctor and honestpatient. Make the System Work! Siegfried van Hoek.9