Product Manager to General Manager - Building a Career path Trajectory


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Adaptive Marketing hosted Dr. Parveen Jain for a networking session in Bangalore with the theme being Product Management and Product Marketing Career path. How can

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Product Manager to General Manager - Building a Career path Trajectory

  1. 1. PM to GMBuilding a Successful Career TrajectoryParveen JainFebruary 26-27, 2011<br />
  2. 2. Career Goals<br />February 26-27, 2011<br />Slide-2<br />WHY<br />Corporate<br />Management<br />(GM, CEO, ??)<br />WHY<br />Product<br />Management<br />
  3. 3. Product Manager’s Role in a Company<br />February 26-27, 2011<br />Slide-3<br />Without a PM<br />With a PM<br />Internal Forces<br />(Engineering, Marketing, ??)<br />Market Forces<br />(Customers, Analysts, ??)<br />
  4. 4. Product Manager<br />February 26-27, 2011<br />Slide-4<br />CEO of Product or Product Line<br />Works with multiple corporate departments<br />Sales – Marketing – Engineering – Finance <br />Understands market dynamics<br />Works with all market influencers<br />Understands customers and their needs<br />
  5. 5. Bringing Order to a Chaotic Process<br />February 26-27, 2011<br />Slide-5<br />Sales<br />Enablement<br />Most<br />Effective Selling<br />Go-To-<br />Market<br />Marketing <br />it Right<br />Product Planning<br />Building it Right<br />Strategic Planning<br />Optimum<br />Dev Plan<br />Market Analysis<br />Build vs Buy<br />Market Drivers<br />Product Requirements<br />
  6. 6. PMM and PM are NOT the Same<br />February 26-27, 2011<br />Slide-6<br />Product<br />Marketing<br />Product<br />Management<br />Vs<br />
  7. 7. CEO’s Role in a Company<br />February 26-27, 2011<br />Slide-7<br />Maximize Shareholder Value<br />Define Corporate Mission<br />Create Internal & External Excitement<br />Create Quality Corporate Culture<br />Manage Investor Relations<br />Set Corporate Goals<br />Responsive to Customers & Market<br />A CEO is Internal & External Face of the Company<br />Create Strategic & Tactical Plans<br />Build Great Team and Foster Teamwork<br />Motivate Teams to Achieve Goals<br />Be the<br />Chief Sales Officer<br />
  8. 8. CEO Attributes in a Tech Company<br />February 26-27, 2011<br />Slide-8<br />Leadership<br />Network<br />Domain Knowledge<br />Functional Knowledge<br />
  9. 9. Skills & Traits of a Corporate Leader<br />Visionary<br />Inspirational<br />Courageous<br />Intelligent<br />Passion to Succeed<br />Perseverant<br />Honest & Ethical<br />Strategic<br />Competent<br />Goal Oriented<br />Disciplined<br />Adaptable<br />Domain Knowledge<br />Level 5 Leadership<br />(Humble + Strong willed)<br />Open-minded<br />Strong Team Spirit<br />(Cross-Functional Synergies)<br />Skilled Communicator<br />Listener<br />Controlled Emotions<br />The only discipline in a tech company that has this opportunity<br />Born with<br />Acquired & Enhanced with Experience<br />A good Product Manager develops these skills while working with external (customers, analysts, etc.) and internal teams (engineering, sales, marketing, finance) <br />February 26-27, 2011<br />Slide-9<br />
  10. 10. PM Experience is Invaluable<br />February 26-27, 2011<br />Slide-10<br />Building a Technology Company<br />Finance<br />&<br />Administration<br />Foundation Functions<br />Sales<br />Direct-Indirect & BD<br />Marketing<br />Inbound & Outbound<br />Technology<br />Product Engineering<br />A PM has good understanding of all three key functions<br />
  11. 11. Skill-set to Climb Corporate Ladder<br />February 26-27, 2011<br />Slide-11<br />Corporate<br />Leader<br />Leadership<br />Single<br />Contributor<br />Network<br />Functional Expertise<br />Domain<br />Expertise<br />Functional Expertise<br />Domain<br />Expertise<br />Network<br />Leadership<br />
  12. 12. Big Picture<br />(Vision & Strategy)<br />People Management – Motivation & Incentives<br />(Internal & External)<br />Financial Management<br />(Corp Planning)<br />Investor Management<br /> (Fundraising &<br />Shareholder Value)<br />Fiducial Responsibility<br />Sales Management<br />(Always Selling) <br />Corporate<br />Level - Highly<br />Diverse<br />Strategy<br />Financial<br />Sales<br />Engineering<br />Limited to<br />Product<br />PM<br />Customers<br />Planning<br />Marketing<br />Analysts &<br />Industry Experts<br />GM (CEO)<br />Much More Structured & Disciplined<br />PM to GM (CEO)<br />February 26-27, 2011<br />Slide-12<br />
  13. 13. February 26-27, 2011<br />Slide-13<br />Very<br />Prevalent<br />In Tech<br />Industry<br />GM &<br />CEO<br />PM<br />
  14. 14. Thank You !!!Parveen Jain<br />February 26-27, 2011<br />Slide-14<br />