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  • Q4 2010 Earnings report comes out tomorrow, so we can have information that came out the day of in our presentation. A+ extremely useful (3) Market Share general information demographics location Strategy (1) better coverage map of coverage coverage will face problems with increased data from millions of new iphones (2) better hardware OS selection more phone options iPhone stock shot up Lots of Android options Tablets (1) Monthly Contracts more people more devices (3) Data Plans  Types of Plans unlimited data for iPhone make more phones require data plans recent experience cite percentages VOIP skype reduce international calls   Technology (3) Hardware Phones top phones iPhone Tablets iPad Samsung Galaxy Motorola xoom Laptops Netbooks 4G cards built in MIMI (2) Network New Network LTE Network Global Current Network 3G CDMA (5) Growth Potential Hardware Smartphones iPhone Android    Tablets & Laptops Network LTE different hardware global connectivity Geographic Locations current growth Content Prioritization hulu other "official" apps converging wired internet and only have mobile subscription   Q4 2010 Earnings report comes out tomorrow, so we can have information that came out the day of in our presentation. A+  
  •   Verizon 92.1 million AT&T’s 90.1 million as of June   US Smartphone Market 31% overall    U.S. smartphone market 24.1 Verizon 41.9% ATT   Data will contribute between 35% and 40% of revenue within the next three to four years," says Horan.      "Wireless revenues from data services have doubled in the last 18 months." 
  • An estimate that now puts a cellular phone in the hand of more than 80% of every man, woman and child in the United State   targeting parents of young children and people over 65 as core market is almost saturated
  • continental US, Alaska, and Hawaiii, and Puerto Rico offers subscribers only in the US, however it offers global phones that are GSM and CDMA compatible
  • verizon has an image of being the network with the best coverage from ads     AT&T would need to spend close to $5 billion to match verizon's coverage available to 289 million Americans. 
  • push smartphones   android represents 80%   it is taking the places of other OS's but not competing against the iPhone 4
  • OS selection and options more vendors but they aren't growing their smartphone market proving the importance of the iPhone   no longer just about phones expanding to mifi, tablets, and laptops
  • iPad monthy contracts fundamentally changes the way phone companies are thought of also offers pay as you go data for cell phones move away from just the contract model brings in business that they previously wouldn't have had
  • congestion increased on AT&T with iPhone, but verizon thinks they can handle it   verizon is offering unlimited data plans for the iphone and all android phones in contrast with AT&T for $30 followed their lead by offering tiered data plans that are $15 for 150mb satisfies most hard core consumers and gives lowers entry prices for users who use less data
  • many phones require them and hard to find decent phone without one However as of last fall verizon dropped data requirement on many phones this will create a further gap between phones and push consumers to get fully on board with data while pacifying those who are not ready yet "Wireless revenues from data services have doubled in the last 18 months."  Data will contribute between 35% and 40% of revenue within the next three to four years,"  
  • reduce international call revenue, but increase net  revenue from more data plans verizon was first to allow skype calls over their 3G network   the next version of android will offer native VOIP calling that may encourage tablet users and other non phone devices to get data plans landlines are going this direction and wireless will all eventually become VIOP as well
  • Here are some the smart phones that Verizon will be banking on in the next year to carry on the 4g launch later to be joined by the iPhone 5 rumored to be released in July, 2011. Verizon is boasting 4, 4g phones in 2011 with the  android OS and Verizon is launching the iPhone 4 in Febuary.
  • Verizon is focusing on more than just selling smart phones.   Currently Verizon offers the Samsung Galaxy, the iPad and the Motorola Xoom. The highly anticipated Xoom will be released Feb. 17th.   In 2010 there was a decline in PC sales as tablets competed for consumer interest. AT&T only allows you a max of 2gb on their data plans for tablets. Verizon allows you to buy 1, 3, 5, and topping out at 10 gb for $80.00.
  • Verizon offers 2 different netbooks, both produced by HP. They are essentially sold like phones are with the initial purpose and then a 2 year contract. They have a sim card that is both CDMA and GSM ready so unlike all the phones but the blackberry, you can take these netbooks abroad with 3g speed.The netbooks will be able to be used in over 200 countries.
  • Verizon's projections to unleash LTE's 4G technology in up to 38 markets in December 2010 and in through its entire 3G coverage network in 2013 will make mobile Internet access faster and increase multimedia's consumer-friendliness, driving data revenues per customer even higher once LTE-based smartphones are offered in 2011
  • The current network boasts the most coverage of any network in the US. This includes the most 3G and CDMA Beyond just the hardware that verizon offers they also offer the network with the fewest dropped calls. Transition: With the coming new technology of Verizon there is high growth potential in the coming months and years. Verizon plans on securing your business by pushing its technology.
  • Verizon is pushing a lot of new hardware to try and put itself over the top and firmly establish itself as the future of mobile device networks. As shown in an above slide 80% of verizons smartphones are running the android OS which is growing faster than any other OS and out performed projections for 2010. Android only held 17% in July and shows no signs of slowing. With verizons addition of the 4g Xoom tablet, and eventually the 4g cisco cius tablet , verizon looks to move ahead with more and more 4g ready devices beyond just phones and will continue to retail the iPad with MiFi.
  • As mentioned before, Verizon opened 4g LTE to 38 markets in 2010 and will continue to grow it's 4g coverage until the current 3g market in its entirety is 4g LTE by 2013 In 2012 all major highways and interstates and all cities within an approximate radius of 30 miles from the interstates/highways will receive 4G coverage.   Verizon is pushing their 4g LTE usb modems to regain some of the ground in the pipe wars for internet providers. 
  • Verizon's biggest potential for growth is in their development of their 4G LTE network.   4G LTE is quickly becoming the global standard for mobile devices.    90% of the world is already using the GSM standard that the LTE network is based on. Currently 56 countries are investing in LTE. Verizon is leading the charge to follow a standard that the rest of the world is going to.    Finally a U.S. company will have a majority of customers that will be able to take their phones abroad.
  • With the recent ruling by the FCC on net neutrality, while content prioritization was made illegal for anything else, mobile was exempt from this ban. This means that potentially verizon can prioritize  it's customers connections depending on their content opening up many business opportunities. Opens up the opportunity for verizon to sell Aps for content providers like  Hulu, Netflix, or ESPN as well as making money off of the contracts necessary for such prioritized connectivity.
  • A huge business opportunity for growth is the convergence of 4g and today's wired connections.    While wired is not stagnant, 4g LTE provides download speeds of up to 12 mbps that rival many of today's broadband providers.    Businesses could thus converge services and cut costs getting rid of majority of it's wired connections   Wired is looking to push it's speed significantly in the near future but 4g lte offers the potential for internet in rural areas that never had it before and at broadband speeds or better.
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    1. 1. Verizon Wireless Market share, Strategy, Technology, Growth Potential
    2. 2. Market Share - General Information Total Mobile Market Smart Phone Market
    3. 3. Market Share - Demographics
    4. 4. Market Share - Location
    5. 5. Strategy - Coverage
    6. 6. Strategy - Hardware
    7. 7. Strategy - Hardware
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    9. 9. Strategy - Data Plans - Types of Plans
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    12. 12. Technology - Hardware - Phones
    13. 13. Technology - Tablets
    14. 14. Technology - Laptops
    15. 15. An Evolving Network <ul><li>  </li></ul>
    16. 16. Technology - Current Network
    17. 17. Growth Potiential - Hardware
    18. 18. Growth Potential - Network LTE
    19. 19. Growth Potential - Global Presence <ul><li>  </li></ul><ul><li>  </li></ul><ul><li>  </li></ul><ul><li>  </li></ul><ul><li>  </li></ul><ul><li>  </li></ul><ul><li>  </li></ul><ul><li>  </li></ul><ul><li> </li></ul>
    20. 20. Growth Potential - Content Prioritization <ul><li> </li></ul>
    21. 21. Growth Potential - Convergence of Wired Network