Zwcad+ 3rd party solution partner program


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Zwcad+ 3rd party solution partner program

  1. 1. ZWCAD+ THIRD PARTY SOLUTION PARTNER PROGRAM 1. What is ZWCAD+ third party solution partner program? ZWCAD+ 3rd party solution partner program is open to any 3rd party solution providers who need CAD platform product/ technology to be bundled or integrated with their software or hardware solutions as a full solution package with a competitive pricing. Don't miss this program if you are: • Third party application developers • Product data and lifecycle management solution providers • Hardware solution providers (Integrate with CAD technology) 2. Why choose ZWCAD+ as the CAD platform solution? ZWCAD+ is a cost-effective, DWG file format compatible CAD solution. It is a proven CAD solution with over 320,000 satisfied users across 80 countries. • Easy porting and maintaining work The code-level compatible APIs to make your porting work without little or no efforts and you only need to maintain one source code steam for Autocad and ZWCAD+. • Opens and saves the latest DWG files
  2. 2. All drawing files are based on the industry standard.DWG format. This means that users can open, edit, and save.DWG files including the very latest. DWG format. • The unrivalled compatibility and familiar interface let users start work with little or no training. The windows-style user interface of ZWCAD+ arranges the menus, toolbars, and command line and dialog boxes in a way that is familiar to Windows users. Any Aucad user will find ZWCAD+ interface to be familiar and comfortable with which to work. • Better value for your money At less than a quarter of the price of full Autocad, it is an extremely cost-effective alternative. We offer not just a compelling price, but also a friendly upgrade policy. ZWCAD+ helps to significantly lower user's CAD budget. 3. Your benefits Since ZWCAD+ can meet the full needs of CAD users at an affordable price, there are more and more 3rd party applications are adopting ZWCAD+ as their another CAD platform or their solution component for their bundle, OEM and integrating solutions. Here are your key benefits to join the program: • Minimize your full solution cost and sell more • Maximize your profit without any quality sacrifice
  3. 3. • Offer you the flexible and simple rule to startup without much burden • Obtain the quick and professional support by ZWCAD API experts all the way) • Utilizing ZWCAD existing good marketing resources for the quick startup 3. How to Start? - Get your full package ready with ZWCAD+ platform and go to market • Integrate ZWCAD+ with your solution • Get your ZWCAD+ price based on your solution/project • Promote the all in one solution in your way. 4. Start today Please contact our developer partner manager Joy Deng at to learn more. For detail product information, please visit us at