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  2. 2. Computer is an electronic devicewhich takes input as data and afterprocessing gives output asinformation. INP UT PROC ESS OUTP UT
  3. 3. Charles Babbage is known as “TheFather of Computer”. The first useof the word "computer" wasrecorded in 1613 referring to aperson who carried out calculations,or computations, and the wordcontinued with the same meaninguntil the middle of the 20th century.ENIAC was the 1st computer ofworld.
  4. 4. Data is a collection of rawfacts, figures and symbols suchasnumbers, words, images, videowhich is given to the computeras the input. Computersmanipulate data to createinformation. Information is data that is
  5. 5. Software is a set ofprograms, procedures, algorithmsand its documentation concernedwith the operation of a dataprocessing system.
  6. 6. TYPES OF SOFTWARE System software System software is designed tooperate computer hardware toprovide basic functionality and toprovide a platform for runningapplication software. Application software Application Software isdeveloped to perform in any taskthat benefits from computation.
  7. 7. The term hardware covers all of those parts of a computerthat are tangible objects.
  8. 8. INPUT DEVICESThe devices which takes input are called Input Device.Example : Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick etc.OUTPUT DEVICESThe devices which gives output are called Output Devices.Example : Printer, Speaker, Headphone etc.
  9. 9. TYPES OF HARDWAREStorage DevicesThe devices used to store informationare called Storage Devices.Example : Pan drive, Floppy etc.Processing DevicesThe devices used for processing are calledProcessing Devices.
  10. 10. The central processing unit (CPU)contains electronic circuits that causeprocessing to occur. The CPUinterprets instructions to thecomputer, performs the logical andarithmetic processing operations, andcauses the input and outputoperations to occur. It is consideredthe “brain” of the computer.