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A reality game show about today\'s paparazzi craze and obsession with celebrities, gossip, and scandals. Contestants will compete and reveal to the audience the harsh reality of the paparazzi life and celebrity craze of today.

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  1. 3. Paparazzi-celebrities, a love-hate relationship <ul><li>The paparazzi celebrity love-hate relationship is so bizarre and extreme that it seems like a world of its own. A world so appealing that it is constantly attracting millions of viewers to waste their time and money to get an inside scoop on the latest craze and a glimpse of the lives of celebrities. </li></ul>
  2. 4. Percent of people who update themselves with celebrity gossip and news on a daily basis Graph 1
  3. 5. Stalkerazzi:Reality Show <ul><li>Stalkerazzi will be a reality game show of 14 contestants,chosen randomly, in which they will compete in a series of challenges consisting of paparazzi-like tasks until one contestant with true talent in the paparazzi business is discovered. The winner will take home a grand prize of 500,000 dollars cash! </li></ul>
  4. 6. C ontestants
  5. 7. Examples of real life paparazzi-celebrity situations that went out of hand. Photos like these will be prize-winning shots in the competition. The juicier the better!  RULES  The contestants will play the role as the paparazzi in which they must go to the extremes to complete a challenge, whether its through nasty scheming, disguises, lies…etc. They need to invade the space of celebrities to prove to the judges they are the best Stalkerazzi! *8
  6. 8. Graph 2
  7. 9. 50 MINUTES OF GUILTY PLEASURE Indulge yourself… See what really goes on behind the lens! As nasty and entertaining the contestants may be, through their lenses they will give us a real experience of the world of the rich and famous and uncover the secret lives of celebrities, proving they are just regular people…or not. Stalkerazzi sends the message that all the media surrounding the celebrity culture is creating an obsession in people, resulting in us to be blinded by the fact that they are ordinary people.Though we pity the lack of freedom they get from the paparazzi we still guiltily support and indulge ourselves with the the news they provide us.
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