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0754543 Female Graffiti Artists


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This presentation is about women in the world of graffiti. There have been many influential ladies that have allowed for the female graffiti scene to grow and prosper. A few of these women are introduced in this presentation, as well as examples of their artworks. Also the controversial question is posed, is graffiti art or crime? In my opinion graffiti is a legitimate form of artistic expression, what do you think?

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0754543 Female Graffiti Artists

  1. 2. Female Graffiti Artists and the Controversial Question The female graffiti artist scene started developing in the 1970’s by the help of women such as Barbara and Eva 62. It is because of many influential women like these that the female street art culture is alive in today’s modern society. A few of these women and their art will be introduced. As we know, the controversial question about graffiti goes as follows, is graffiti an art form or a crime? It is a question that many people have heard and either agreed, disagreed, or are indifferent about. My opinion is that graffiti is a valid form of artistic expression.
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  3. 5. 2. This is the graffiti artist known as “Fafi” who is notorious for her female characters on the streets of France. Fafi explores femininity through stereotypes in her art, and also participates in the fine arts scene.
  4. 6. 3. This graffiti artist referred to as “Claw” is from New York and started writing graffiti in the late 80’s. Her signature is a claw tag that has been put on clothing and accessories for her friends and fans. Claw is also a shoe designer and collector with well over 100 pairs of shoes!
  5. 7. 4. Lady Pink was originally from Ecuador and is known as one of the most influential women in the female graffiti scene. Lady Pink started exhibiting paintings when she was in high school, and currently owns a mural company that holds graffiti workshops.
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