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Cleaning Out Your IT Closet - SPSRED 2013


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Cleaning out your IT Closet - Offloading Infrastructure and Headaches to Windows Azure IaaS. SharePoint Saturday Redmond Presentation. Learn how an Azure Virtual Private Network can help you move your servers into the cloud, including entire SharePoint farms.

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Cleaning Out Your IT Closet - SPSRED 2013

  2. 2. Servers on the Floor. Space enough for one old used rack.
  3. 3. Soooo. How old are you, anyway?
  4. 4. Servers ♡ Dust.
  5. 5. House fan. On a box of wine. Home AC units. Hand crafted ventilation system.
  6. 6. At least it vents outside.
  7. 7. SMALL BUSINESSES • No more room in the closet! • Lease is up – what do we do now? • SharePoint 2013 needs HOW MUCH RAM??? • External Collaboration • Licensing headaches LARGE BUSINESSES • Didn’t budget for dev, test, stage, DR farms • Lots of hardware sitting under-utilized • IT department is an obstacle • IT budgets getting slashed • Licensing headaches
  8. 8. WINDOWS AZURE • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). • Host VMs on someone else’s hardware. • Pay by the minute, shut them down when not in use. • Use pre-made images, or upload your own VHDs. • License costs are rolled into the pre- made images.
  9. 9. SOME GOOD CANDIDATES • ADFS • IRM / ADRMS • On-Prem SharePoint • Source Control Systems (TFS, SVN) • LOB App Servers that don’t need to be on the LAN NOT SO GOOD CANDIDATES • Lync Server • Exchange Server • Servers that need to be on the LAN
  10. 10. • Site2Site IPSEC Persistent VPN Tunnel Between On-Prem and Azure • Can define the address space in Azure (prevent conflicts with on-prem) • A virtual extension of an office network
  11. 11. • Microsoft is adding new devices all the time as they test them • Anything that supports modern IPSEC may work • Have an open-source firewall like pfSense, Racoon, FreeBSD? Try it! • Just announced partnership with AT&T will provide other VPN opportunities over private MPLS networks Vendor Device Family CISCO ASA/ASR/ISR Juniper J Series/ISG/SSG Watchguard All F5 BIG-IP Series Citrix CloudBridge MPX/VPX Microsoft RRAS Windows Server 2012
  12. 12. • Create an Azure Virtual Network • Setup Azure subnets and IP Addressing • Setup the VPN • Configure connection to local network • Establish the gateway • Test the connection • Install R/W Domain Controllers + DNS • Join to the corporate domain • Replicate / test replication • Setup AD Replication Site for Azure Subnets • Install Member Servers • ADFS / ADRMS / SharePoint Etc. • Join to the Domain • Ensure IaaS DNS servers are used for name resolution • GOAL – Reduce traffic over the VPN • Ideally only replication traffic • Test! Test! Test! • Take the VPN Down. Can users still use your applications?
  13. 13. • Use Availability Sets • Use SQL Availability Groups • Configure ProbePorts for EndPoints • Don’t depend on the VPN connection, it can go down! • Use Read/Write Domain Controllers
  14. 14. • Not a good idea in general • Lots of things are broken with an RODC: • Can’t run the configuration wizard • Can’t create new site collections • People Picker won’t resolve new users • User Profile property export • Problems w/ Managed Service Accounts with automatic password expiration • Incoming mail services
  15. 15. • Prezi Presentation
  16. 16. • On-prem footprints present challenges for small and large businesses • Azure IaaS can reduce on-prem footprints • Key is the Azure Virtual Private Network • Plan for resiliency • Great for labs or real workloads like SharePoint