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Media evaluation powerpoint

  1. 1. MEDIA EVALUATIONQuestion 1:‘In what ways does your media product use,develop or challenge forms and conventionsof real media products?’
  2. 2. AnswerThe media product that I have created is a music magazine.The title of the magazine that I have created to use in mymedia product is directly linked to the music industry, I namedit ‘Stereo’ as this has connotations to music and it is short; thismeans that it is easy to read and direct to the reader. Idesigned a colour scheme of black, white and grey, this helpsbring out the modern appeal of the magazine- I discoveredthat during my market research, people wanted a modernmagazine. I have kept the overall appeal of the magazine asclear and concise as possible in order to simplify what thetarget audience reads. A sans serif font was used for my maintext as this also related to the modern texture that I was after,this helped the magazine become easily readable.
  3. 3. For the media product that I have created, Ihave used the Guttenberg Design Principleand a professional house style to give theeffect of a well-made magazine. To use theGuttenberg Design Principle I placed mymost important text- being my masthead inthe top left hand corner of the page, this isso it strikes the reader instantly. Therefore,in the bottom right hand corner, I haveinserted the barcode. As important as this isto complete the overall look of a realmagazine, it isn’t important to themagazines main content for the reader.Once again, this was all typed in a sans seriffont. The house style of my music magazineuses a modern triage of colours being black,white and grey incorporated into a gradientacross the page. I found these types ofcolours during my market research, in othermusic magazines such as NME that uses Image Demonstrating the Guttenberg Design Principlethese types of colours to reflect on theirtarget audience.
  4. 4. I professionally took photos in aphotography studio to give me a highgrade of good quality photos. Using therule of thirds technique, I made surethat my photos were well balanced andthat the entire main points of interestwere included. The photos of theperson being photographed were givenprops selected by me such as awooden guitar that helped me gain themost out of the photos. I discoveredthat during my market research, thesetypes of props would have been usedin a band image; this is along with theuse of the rule of thirds which I found tobe used in many of the magazines Ilooked at. After looking at previousexamples of music magazines such asNME and Q I discovered that many oftheir artists used props in their images.
  5. 5. The image editing that I have usedon my images are things such as thecolour replacement tool and thesport removal tool. I firstly used thecolour replacement tool in order tochange the colour of the clothing onthe person I photographed. Ichanged the colour of his jumperfrom a red to grey; this was done soit would match my main house stylecolours of black, white and grey. Thisalso helped me to encompass thesleek and modern look of mymagazine as preferred during mymarket research. I finally used thesport removal tool to remove anyblemishes or spots to give the imagea much cleaner and professionallook.
  6. 6. Overall, I feel that I have been successful in developing many of the conventions used in my media product and that I have been able to learn a lot from developing a magazine through thecreating and market research that I conducted in order to create a successful media product.
  7. 7. QUESTION 2‘How does your media productrepresent particular socialgroups?’
  8. 8. AnswerFor the media product that I have created, I wanted to create amagazine that was aimed at a target audience of teenagers toyoung adults as I discovered during my market research that thisis what was most wanted by participants. I also wanted themagazine to be aimed at these particular social groups as this iswho would be most likely to listen and be interested in the genreof Indie-Rock; the type of magazine I was creating. I would saythat this music magazine is preferably aimed at men; I believethat this gender would gain the most out of the magazine. Tohelp me create this music magazine, I used a young person totake my photos of. This was the focal point of creating my mainpiece for my magazine. Furthermore, I used a young male totake photos of; this helped me create a music magazine aimedat a young target audience for men.