iPad Apps: Collaboration & Comprehension


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Presentation at California State University Northridge (CSUN) for teachers of deaf and hard-of-hearing children. Emphasis is on Common Core State Standards (CCSS)'s Speaking and Listening Standard 1

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  • \n\n
  • Introduce TodaysMeet\n\nTake a picture of this. \n
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  • Engagement: \nKids are just naturally fascinated with the iPad. It's a digital tool. We're teaching digital natives. \n\nDurability:\nNo moving parts. Hard to break. Long battery life. Easy to charge.\n\nEase of Use:\nJust install an app. Apps take care of file management - there's no need to learn how to "save" to a specific part of the computer. Very forgiving for mistakes - and parental controls can be customized so you can't delete apps or change system settings. \n\nPrice:\nIt's half the price of a Mac laptop. Means you can get twice as many iPads as you can get laptops.\n
  • Management:\nApp management can be complicated if you're managing many iPads - installing apps on each is not easy! Or changing settings, things like that. Enterprise tools haven't matured yet. \n\nTyping:\nTyping is harder on iPads (and it's different than keyboards). Easier to make mistakes, and students need to learn to use the autocorrect system.\n\nCaptioning:\nYouTube, Hulu, etc. have captioning on PCs but not on iPads. Still catching up.\n\nSharing:\nIt's a bit tougher to get things "off" the iPad - can via e-mail, iCloud, Dropbox. But some apps don't work with certain solutions (e.g. Pages and Dropbox)\n
  • See how the beginning grade level standards evolve to become the CCR anchor standard. \n\nWe want students to engage in:\n-collaborative conversations\n-with diverse partners\n-about grade-level topics and texts\n\n\n\n
  • Common core app!\n
  • Non-fiction text\n
  • Take photographs of \n\nCOVER\nFirst two or three pages\n
  • for 1:1\niCloud can be useful here if you're using a lot of iPads - sync contacts\n\nyou need to set up rules - ask before facetiming so you don't interrupt other people who are trying to facetime or do other work on their ipads\n\nfor 1:many, try Google Hangouts. Accessible via the Google app\n\nSkype is a good solution if you want to call other people who don't have iOS devices\n
  • iMessage - can be 1:1 or 1:many \n\nYou can send videos, text, pictures. \n
  • Dropbox useful for two things:\n\nFile sharing - you can upload photos, screenshots, videos to Dropbox\n\nVideo library - host a library of ASL videos\n
  • Whiteboard\n\nYou can do networked, real-time whiteboard drawing with somebody else (as many as you want, actually)\n
  • Using the groups feature in Lino, you can have many people post to the same bulletin board - they can post photos, make color-coded stickies for types of reactions, things like that...\n
  • VoiceThread - great for voice-overs, ASL-overs, or responses to text/books\n
  • Many ways to make videos. \n\nI believe video is an important literacy tool - look how many young people now create and share videos on their mobile phones, YouTube, etc. \n\nSome argue that knowing how to shoot, edit, publish a video is equally as important as writing a paper\n\niMovie is a must-use. \n\n8mm HD is a fun tool \n\nCollabraCam - havne't tried it but if you've got lots of iOS devices try it!\n
  • Pages is the best word processor for iPad so far. \n\nScribble Press is amazing! Drawing, making books, sharing on a gallery, even publishing it!!\n\nComicBook! - my MA thesis was focused on comic books. I think they are wonderful literacy tools for children and especially for D/HH children--the pictures supplement the text. Enable students to make their own comic books!\n
  • "Puppet shows" - unfortunately they only use voiceovers but students could use "silent shows" and narrate them live in ASL\n
  • \n\n
  • both iBooks and Kindle offer access to lots of free ebooks, and there's another eBook app just for free books. Check them out, they're all free anyway. \n
  • MeeGenius is what I use with my students - it has read aloud features. Also can sync them across several iPads so you only buy a book once\n\nComics\n\nJibJab - you put yourself in the book!\n
  • Google - great for searching images too!\nGoogle Earth - very captivating\n\nQwiki - a quick, narrated story about a topic. Good starting point for a research project (but the info is from Wikipedia)\n\nNations - like an atlas of all the countries on Earth\n
  • Science 360 - app with lots of science videos and articles. the videos are not captioned.\n\nNASA - fun app\n\nEra of Dino - quick search through dinosaurs\n
  • Project Noah - take pictures of organisms and people will tell you what it is!\n\nHow Stuff Works - articles and videos, like Science 360\n\nSkySafari - astronomy app\n
  • MathBoard - quiz app. Can use with a projector and show class how to solve problems. \n\nCalcbot - one of many many calculator apps\n\nMcGraw-Hill makes lots of math game apps\n
  • Educreations - you can create your own video lessons. Caveat - voice-over only. They will see if they can add video support in a later version. You could make quick math lessons and the kids can watch them at home or on their own later to review. Like Khan Academy (which is totally captioned!)\n\nBoardCam - like a document camera or ELMO but you can draw on it, make labels and even make short recorded videos\n
  • \n\n
  • TeachMe - all-inclusive app by grade level, tests sight words, spelling, math, etc, self-directed\n\nBig Words\n\nPBS Kids - great videos, educational. Not CC. \n
  • Find My iPhone - turn this on for ALL iOS devices (it's also part of iCloud).\n
  • \n\n
  • iPad Apps: Collaboration & Comprehension

    1. 1. iPad Apps:Comprehension and Collaboration Adam Stone February 25, 2012
    2. 2. Two Things...1. Backchannel at TodaysMeet: go to todaysmeet.com/csun2. Take a photo of this slide! www.foundinblank.com adamstone@gmail.com
    3. 3. About Me• From San Diego, CA• RIT, UCSD (M.A. in ASL/English Bilingual Ed.)• 1st Grade Teacher at P.S. 347 The ASL and English Lower School www.47lowerschool.org• iPads at 347
    4. 4. What is an iPad?
    5. 5. Why iPads? Pros:
    6. 6. Why iPads? Pros:Engagement DurabilityEase of Use Price
    7. 7. Why iPads? Cons:
    8. 8. Why iPads? Cons:Management TypingCaptioning Sharing
    9. 9. Comprehension & Collaboration College & Career Ready (CCR) Anchor Standard 1Prepare for and participate effectively in a range of conversations and collaborations with diverse partners, building on others ideas and expressing their own clearly and persuasively Speaking & Listening Standard 1 (K-5) Participate in collaborative conversations with diverse partners about grade-level topics and texts • Follow agreed-upon rules for discussions • Continue a conversation through multiple exchanges • Ask questions for clarification or follow-up
    10. 10. Common Core
    11. 11. Two Parts1. App demonstrations that align with SL 12. Catalog of fun/interesting Grade Literary Nonfiction apps to use in the classroom • Many of those apps 4 50% 50% provide access to informative/nonfiction 8 45% 55% text 12 30% 70% • Remember - 50% (or more) of all classroom text is to be nonfiction
    12. 12. Collaborating• Any app/task can be turned into a collaborative activity simply by: • sharing one iPad among partners or a team • using apps that network with each other• Lets find a grade-level text!
    13. 13. FaceTime Alternatives:Google Hangout (Google App), Skype
    14. 14. iMessage
    15. 15. Dropbox File Sharing Video Library Alternatives:Evernote - especially for shared research
    16. 16. Whiteboard Lite Alternatives:Doodle Buddy, Scribble Press (neither do networking)
    17. 17. Lino
    18. 18. VoiceThread
    19. 19. Making VideosiMovie 8mm HD CollabraCam
    20. 20. Writing ResponsesPages Scribble Press ComicBook!
    21. 21. e-DioramasPuppet Pals HD ToonTastic
    22. 22. More Apps• Now lets look at more apps!• Categorized by subject
    23. 23. BooksiBooks Kindle Free Books
    24. 24. BooksMeeGenius Comics JibJab Jr.
    25. 25. ReferenceGoogle Google EarthQwiki Nations
    26. 26. ScienceScience 360 NASA Era of Dino
    27. 27. ScienceProject Noah HowStuffWorks SkySafari
    28. 28. MathMath Board CalcBot McGraw-Hill Math Apps
    29. 29. DemonstrationEducreations BoardCam
    30. 30. MiscellaneousGeoPop Doodle BuddyToy Story Rainbow Sentences
    31. 31. MiscellaneousTeachMe Big Words PBSKids
    32. 32. Last But Not Least Find My iPhone
    33. 33. Review• Turn anything into a collaborative activity by: • sharing one iPad among partners or a team • using apps that network with each other